Xiaomi Poco F4 GT

Xiaomi Poco F4 GT

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  • babak
  • 8tw
  • 23 Jun 2022

idk, 14 Jun 2022have any of u guys tested if this is water resistant?why we should use a gaming phone under water?if you want for taking picture but a samsung a series phone

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    • Anonymous
    • 64i
    • 21 Jun 2022

    Too expensive, not attractive enough
    They should stop releasing too many models, too confusing

      William, 19 Jun 2022Where did you got this for that price i live in the Netherl... moreAvailable in beirut-Lebanon


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        • William
        • Agg
        • 19 Jun 2022

        Ren, 08 Jun 2022I got the phone for 490 euros. It'll get it's pri... moreWhere did you got this for that price i live in the Netherlands can't find it

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          • maataker
          • MGp
          • 18 Jun 2022

          this phone looks good but needs to be more cheaper

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            • K7i
            • 16 Jun 2022

            How long does the battery can last if u play games

              idk, 14 Jun 2022have any of u guys tested if this is water resistant?Never do that, even Sammy can't guarantee whether all rated devices will survive under water.

                drake, 15 Jun 2022When will this phone came to Indonesia?Soon, stay tune in Insta and Twitter

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                  • drake
                  • IWV
                  • 15 Jun 2022

                  When will this phone came to Indonesia?

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                    • idk
                    • K7i
                    • 14 Jun 2022

                    have any of u guys tested if this is water resistant?

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                      • Ren
                      • snR
                      • 13 Jun 2022

                      sq2013, 09 Jun 2022Seems a bit pricey for a phone without ois. I'd really... moreNah, S22 ain't worth it. If you want a better camera and an IP rating, go for it. Otherwise you lose out on 120W charger, not an exynoss processor if you're in the EU, bigger battery, much higher quality speakers. If you don't want something in between, go for Xiaomi 11T Pro. It's much better value over S22 and you get a 120W charger, unlike Samsung.

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                        • 7XH
                        • 13 Jun 2022

                        can this make genshin impact reach 60fps?
                        and does it throttle often?
                        and how long is its battery can last when youre gaming?
                        and is the 120w fast charging a good compensator?

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                          • crypto89
                          • psY
                          • 12 Jun 2022

                          Amazing features and very good phone, however, needs some improvements.
                          Next releases must have a wireless charging, a bigger battery and 6.8 inch display size

                            Aquario Studios, 10 Jun 2022Cyberpunk 2077 colour Bumblebee colors

                              Cyberpunk 2077 colour

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                                • ashuezy
                                • vG9
                                • 10 Jun 2022

                                With the price point better to buy an Old iPhone.

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                                  • sq2013
                                  • smQ
                                  • 09 Jun 2022

                                  Seems a bit pricey for a phone without ois. I'd really expect anything over 400 to have ois. I don't think this is quite what we're used to value wise from Poco. Seems they're beginning to go the same way as OnePlus. The Poco F3 was 280 euros. Had fast charging, decent cameras (No ois) , pretty much a flagship CPU with the sd870 and an amoled E4 Samsung display with a variable refresh rate up to 120hz I think. This is not far off twice as much. It's only a year later. The Snapdragon 8 gen 1 is obviously stronger but the F3 still gets 700,000 on antutu. The F4 GT hits 1000000 but in 99% of usage cases, that difference is pretty imperceptible to people in everyday use. This is not as good in terms of value for money. Disappointing but they are clearly moving away from that flagship killer image and aspiring to become premium range like OnePlus. I think I'd just save and get a Samsung s22 really especially when they drop it's price slightly around black Friday.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • KRV
                                    • 09 Jun 2022

                                    Quadroon, 09 Jun 2022I received mine a couple of weeks back. Not a bad phone; ha... more"I'm using this phone and in Real Racing 3, when the game starts, a message appears saying "UINPUT-Goodix controller is connected". This causes controls do not work as I can't control the car. In asphalt 8, gamepad mode is activated but i'm not using one. Some people says this is due to a bug in MIUI 13. how to fix this?"
                                    So do you face this issue?

                                      I received mine a couple of weeks back. Not a bad phone; have yet to have any issues with it. Feels solid, like the design (I got the cyber yellow, I think it's called), and the triggers are fun. Great replacement for my Poco X3 GT (which I'm keeping as a back up).

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                                        • Bilim
                                        • sxs
                                        • 09 Jun 2022

                                        Domagoj, 08 Jun 2022Should i buy Poco F4 GT if i dont play games? You can game on any phone as well as you can game on any computer as long as it can handle it. SO YES YOU CAN BUY THIS PHONE