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  • QuieroComprarF5
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  • 19 Feb 2024


Is it worth buying Xiaomi Poco F5 on this date for €289.00 or better another mobile phone?

I really like this mobile, but after reading comments I'm not so sure, I'm afraid of paying for a paperweight :/

Thanks :D

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    • Akame
    • Nut
    • 18 Feb 2024

    Anonymous, 17 Feb 2024Mine also updated to HyperOs. Found one issue: when the cal... moreI have the same issue, it also happens when you unlock the phone by going to the camera.

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      • Fugazi
      • PsR
      • 18 Feb 2024

      How the battery in this phone? Is there major idle battery drain problema? I read that the pocos have really bad baterry optimization is that true? Im thinkiing of buying one i dont care about gaming at all , but i dont want a phone that just drain battery even on standby

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        • Anonymous
        • uNV
        • 17 Feb 2024

        Sergio, 17 Feb 2024The issue with the (lack of) icons in the status bar has an... moreMine also updated to HyperOs. Found one issue: when the calling screen ends, phone automatically goes to 60hz refresh rate. Not everytime but happens multiple time in a day. Already changed the refresh rate to custom mode as well as set to 120hz refresh rate. But failed to correct the Issue. Will you guys let me know if anyone facing this kind of issue???

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          • Sergio
          • d%{
          • 17 Feb 2024

          PepeHands, 17 Feb 2024These bugs apeared after updating to hyperos?? Becasue the ... moreThe issue with the (lack of) icons in the status bar has annoyed a lot of users, so a fix is already underway in the Chinese ROM, at least that's what I read in a couple of forums.
          The freezing may be related to using third-party launchers, so that issue could remain as is.
          As for the fingerprint sensor not lighting up the screen, that may be intentional, so there's no guarantee that Xiaomi will consider it a bug or an issue.

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            • PepeHands
            • PsR
            • 17 Feb 2024

            Sergio, 14 Feb 2024My 2 cents on this phone, after using it for a while and si... moreThese bugs apeared after updating to hyperos?? Becasue the phone is like almost 1 year old at this point so i dont think they gonna fix these bugs tbh

              pl2rts, 06 Feb 202413T and 13T Pro are like Samsung S class FE version. Can b... moreFlagship is the main top end line only, I don't know why people keep insisting on adding flagship to the midrange or budget line even though it is a performance / flagship killer line, it obviously cut costs elsewhere. Xiaomi 13 would be the flagship line, like in Samsung S series and iPhone 15, not SE series or something else, you want to think a brand's main line with flagship features not the cheaper midrange line.

                Anonymous, 13 Feb 2024Do not install the HyperOS update!!! My phone is so much... moreI bet the reason is the filter that is holding the phone.
                I have the 8GB ram version and i dont have any issues or feel any different then it was on android 13 and miui

                  Spanky, 12 Feb 2024According to OFFICIAL GSMArena benchmarks, the battery time... moreX6 Pro uses Mediatek chip which is a big NO. From my knowledge finding custom roms for Mediatek devices is a pain. Snapdragon is the way to go.

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                    • Sergio
                    • mnS
                    • 14 Feb 2024

                    My 2 cents on this phone, after using it for a while and since the update to HyperOS Global. There is a GSMArena review on this phone, so I won't go into too much detail, and will instead focus on the most important points.

                    First of all, it truly is a power beast, it's insanely fast, definitely on par with the iPhone 14 Pro in terms of app/game launch speed.

                    The main camera is actually very good, produces rather sharp pictures with a good dynamic range. It sort of lacks in exposing very dark surfaces, but that can be fixed with a decent Gcam build, if you consider it a dealbreaker.

                    I've only found 3 issues/bugs that tend to get in the way:
                    * Not all icons (notifications or other icons) are shown in the left-hand side of the status bar. In fact, only a couple are, while the rest are represented with small dots. There is plenty of space in the status bar to house at least 7 icons. This may lead to missed notifications, which can be a problem if they happen to be important ones.
                    * In the ‘Recents’ page, applications freeze when long-tapped on, instead of showing the side dialog with split-screen, lock, app info, and other options. The options are usually restored after a phone reboot, but the freezing behaviour returns after a while. Anyway, this doesn't affect the performance of the apps, it's just that it becomes impossible to use split screen for active apps.
                    * When the screen gets dimmed a few seconds before turning off, tapping on the fingerprint sensor doesn’t light it up, which should be the case. The only way to light up the dimmed screen is to tap somewhere on it, which may trigger an undesirable action as it’s hard to see where exactly you’re tapping.

                    So, all in all, these are no major or critical bugs but are annoying enough to be reported, and may cause problems in certain situations. My advice is - report to POCO any issue you may experiance, as that would speed up their bug-fixing efforts.

                    Other than that, this is a fantastic phone, probably the best bang-for-buck model in the last couple of years, and definitely a future-proof phone in terms of raw power, excellent screen, long battery life, and a very good main camera.

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                      • Sam
                      • Kxb
                      • 14 Feb 2024

                      Anonymous, 13 Feb 2024Do not install the HyperOS update!!! My phone is so much... moreForget hyper os...xiaomi known for this with their every devices & push future buggy updates surely decrease day to day performance instead of fixing issues will get more problems with their updates thats y most of the people now shifting towards other brands even if they provide less major os updates still provide stable updates with no compromise with the peformance & added features but with this stupid xiaomi claims provide 3 years major os updates but whats the benifit with that if we get only buggy updates also compromise with performance no point...!!!

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                        • Anonymous
                        • MFQ
                        • 13 Feb 2024

                        Do not install the HyperOS update!!!

                        My phone is so much worse after it and it doesn't get better with time. It becomes a laggy mess every hour for no reason and I need to constantly clean the RAM and storage cache to make it work normally again. Pathetic honestly.

                          zanezonair, 13 Feb 2024Minus the curved screen that I thought I could deal with. .... moreSo far the best looking phone for my needs is the redmi note 12 pro.
                          Only others so far are moto think phone and nothing phone 2a

                            CamoGeko-XDA, 13 Feb 2024What kind of issues are you having? I'm just curious. Minus the curved screen that I thought I could deal with. ....turns out I can't. I want to protect it but tpu feels. Eugh.... Not good to my fingers. And any tempted glass ones have major issues I'm not even gonna deal with.

                            Massive heating issues after updates. (Especially after the new trinity engine came out that they added, and no reseting the phone does not help. "Hyper efficient Snapdragon 8 gen 2" at work my lovers moto edge 2021 5g uw that I used to own but gave to her about a year ago has better temperatures than this thing and that has a 778g with stock andorid with extra steps (moto UI))

                            (Might be the USB I use might be the phone. I'll know on the 14th when a different USB arrives) but all music I copy out of my phone ends up corrupted nearly 80% of the time.

                            Minor issue here but it won't show up on universal android debloater anymore so I can't remove the stuff I'm never gonna use to help lighten the load on the phone.

                            While this phone has the best screen in a phone I've ever had (and the best ui as well as I love Oxygen os as I've the best I've used so far. I've used Samsung and moto so far. And oxygen os is by far the one I like the most with Samsung being the UI I hate the most so far) also side note. I hate Samsung's super amoled screens. Color temp is way to freaking warm even at the coolest setting for that.) the issues above are just making me mad. And I'm at the point where it's starting to get on my nerves tbh.

                            Tablet wise OnePlus is doing amazingly and I'm gonna stick with them as my tablet brand From here on in.

                            Phone wise though? (At least from my op11 experience?)

                            They could improve on a lot...

                            And at this point. I just wanna get a mid ranger from a brand I've tried before or haven't tried yet.

                            As I'm probably just gonna be getting a new phone each year and I don't need flagship specs so. Might as well just get a new mid ranger every year till I find one that's perfect for me.

                            I honestly can't tell if your going to laugh at me or not or get mad at me or not or understand my reasons or not. So. I'm just gonna ask that if you don't understand any of my reasons then please don't judge me for them

                            And sorry for the rant it was kinda needed

                              zanezonair, 11 Feb 2024Because i just can't deal with it's issues anymor... moreWhat kind of issues are you having? I'm just curious.

                                Anonymous, 12 Feb 2024i just watch some YouTuber the phone cant stand bend test u... moreWell if you set your phone in back pocket and sat on it then maybe it will bend but in front pockets i dont see how this scenario can be possible.
                                And it still needs a lot of pressure to be bent. Never mind that we have seen other phones bend before from brands like apple and samsung and so on but thats not the issue of build quality.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • XTA
                                  • 12 Feb 2024

                                  pl2rts, 12 Feb 2024All of you that you just said can be said to any phone espe... morei just watch some YouTuber the phone cant stand bend test unlike F5 so its a big no for me since i always put my phone on pants i dont wana see my phone like soap in the future

                                    Anonymous, 11 Feb 2024just wait for poco f6....i dont recomended x6 pro since it ... moreAll of you that you just said can be said to any phone especially when for some reason you have some serious hate.
                                    Build quality is as good as any phone at 300-400 euro range for X6 Pro

                                    On build quality the question needs to be how easy it is to repair it and not like some that have a lot of clue on parts that makes it harder to repair

                                      zanezonair, 10 Feb 2024Looking to have some questions answered about this phone if... moreAs far as i know F5 will have 2 OS updates and it have got 1 OS update already so 1 left at least more but who knows as the phones coming out in 2024 xiomi promises 3 updates even on weak redmi note series. Si who knows maybe F5 get 3rd OS update too.

                                      Yes F5 have Google Play support and also have all the European 4G band and 5G bands.
                                      I dont know what is support visible.

                                      Yes screen is flat

                                      Every phone heats up on heavy load. I cant comment on that part as my F5 have not got heavy loads and i have not feel any heating with it.

                                        Anonymous, 11 Feb 2024just wait for poco f6....i dont recomended x6 pro since it ... moreAccording to OFFICIAL GSMArena benchmarks, the battery times are almost the same.

                                        The materials used are similar. In fact, the Poco X6 Pro has the faux leather back too, which might be to many peoples’ liking.

                                        And it’s much more than „just 1 more OS update“: The Poco X6 Pro has a higher resolution screen, brighter screen, much faster memory, faster RAM, significantly better gaming performance, in-display fingerprint reader, much better touch sampling, 360 degrees ambient light sensor and the list goes on.