Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro

Xiaomi Poco M2 Pro

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Sneha reddy, 28 Apr 2021Please dont buy this mobile.. The reciver will not work aft... moreredmi note 9 pro is better : only one thing to keep better forever , never proceed for software update xiaomi smartphone

  • Blast

Sneha reddy, 28 Apr 2021Please dont buy this mobile.. The reciver will not work aft... moreBut my reciver automatically started working again

  • Clashing abhi99

Ashraful, 26 Apr 2021When room temperature getting higher the device charge it s... moreThe phone is awesome the main issue is heating issue

  • Sneha reddy

Please dont buy this mobile.. The reciver will not work after few days of buying.. Redmi note 9 pro is 100% better than this.

  • Ashraful

Karthick, 05 Jan 2021For my device it's takes about 2 hours for complete ch... moreWhen room temperature getting higher the device charge it self slowly.

  • Anonymous

This is the vary bad system in this device. Poco is not comfortable phone. Redmi note 9 batter than poco m2 pro.πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  • keyboard warrior

Ashik, 07 Apr 2021Self power off sometimes poco m2 pro.....why??Processor overloading issue

  • Aromak

Abir, 10 Mar 2021Mine tooMinetoπŸ₯Ί

  • Ashik

Self power off sometimes poco m2 pro.....why??

  • Mozart

Please is poco m2 pro a global version

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Mar 2021Poco problem phone call problem...I also have same problem. Won't be able to call sometimes. The problem will be resolved on restart

  • Arun

Abir, 10 Mar 20212 months ago,I installed GTA San Andreas from an unknown so... moreReset your device first of all backup all files photo messages and account but dont backul settings of the device then format it

Then see if any lag comes same think happening with me lots of lag when i opens quick setting panel but after reset good lag free performance

This mobile says 'Water-repellent coating' but when accidently some water is splashed on it , it died. Just yesterday I was watering plants and some water got splashed on it which I dried immediately and then put it under sun. When I turned it on in evening it didn't respond.

  • AD

Which phone alternative to M2 Pro at similar price and quality?Please recommend?

  • Anonymous

Poco problem phone call problem...

  • Gk

Tusherx, 09 Feb 2021I'm using the phone for about 2 months. But not yet an... moreAfter update of version 12.0.3 speaker sound beomes very low .

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2021Latest POCO M2 PRO SOFTWARE update I done. After that turbo... moreturn off device for charging

  • Nitin

Abir, 10 Mar 2021Mine tooSame happens with me but after restarting the phone it works.
I have used many phones. This is the worst phone of my life.

  • hari

Am using Oneplus z bluetooth headset with poco m2 pro, facing noise sound while talking in calls in both whatsapp & normal calls, i checked with both newly opened headset.. still both headset are same having noise problem, its making disturbance in both our side & recever end also........... Any solution... headset replaced with new oneplus also same issue

  • Hyderabad

Group video call using WhatsApp.
Microphone doesn't work.
People cannot hear my voice.
Voice breaks.