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Xiaomi Poco X2

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  • Anonymous

poco f2 wich is a flagship has only lcd
so there is no reason to make the midrange with oled
I prefer 60hz lcd good quality 700nits 120hz over a midrange oled 400 or 300nits it is not usable with this brightness and has burn in

  • Labi

Why Xiaomi is not puting black colour in line?

Why would one buy this over a Redmi K30 unless it will be cheaper? The rest is all the same.

  • Anant

Why the hell the processor is downgraded

Anonymous, 05 Feb 2020Realme X2 over either of these.. easily. Now: rn8p will ... moreRealme x2 has a 4000 mAh batterry only and a Super AMOLED display , on top of that the display is 120 Hz as you said , that screams poor on screen time , I am either gonna get the note 8 Pro is A found it for a cheap price or wait

  • Anonymous

olone, 05 Feb 2020IPS LCD? shit, i'm not gonna buy it, it's better to have 60... moreall amoled at this price point are so bad, not to mention burn in problem

  • Saeed

wanna more power? wait for poco f2 . i have f1 and its amazing for only 300$ (last year price)

  • Anonymous

507AMS, 05 Feb 2020...for more than 95% of owners the primary use of the phone... moreAnd you are a xiaomi researcher who convince us that amoled pannels are useless and that xiaomi's cheap lcds are good for social media ................why I don't use amoled from samsung at the same price for that and releif my eyes from blue rays and lcds bach lamp? .............its even not a good lcd like nokia's or apple's ......its xiaomi's lcd which mean the cheapest and worst lcd ever in samart phones.

Which is the point to make an exact copy phone of K30 with just another name?? P.S. Mi 9T or Pro are still better with no notches or holes in display.

olone, 05 Feb 2020IPS LCD? shit, i'm not gonna buy it, it's better to have 60... more...for more than 95% of owners the primary use of the phone is for social media consumption, watch email and play online/offline music. Less than 3% are real gamers, "die hard" youtube video consumers & photo addicts and less than 2% are really a media creators...having AMOLED screens will be far better for only 5% of the consumers...

  • Anonymous

I was about to put aside all the negative words from everyone and just go with it, but then i realised this thing is huge .. 6.67 .. i don't think i have enough pocket for that ..

  • olone

IPS LCD? shit, i'm not gonna buy it, it's better to have 60 Hz with Amoled screen or they can raise the price for 120 Hz Amoled screen

So they offered the introductory phone with better specs and now downgraded a lot? Pretty much a familiar gimmick

Tommy, 04 Feb 2020Actually, no. 730 is less power hungry. Sure, you won't be... moreU can play pubg even with Helio a22,and experience is not bad. This is not PC and phones don't need new amd ryzen 7-9 and Intel i5-7-9 for fluid and high res playing.

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2020Realme X2 is not 300+ and has OLED and fast fingerprint sca... moreWhich many market's? I can't se it in nowhere in Europe.

  • Anonymous

too tall !!!!!! Redmi k20(9T) with 10mm lower size & 20gr lower weight
Still Rock

it has just 389ppi

the display will be not as good as other phones it
it also has larger display , so low pixel quality will be horrible

  • Anonymous

noureddinemerra, 04 Feb 2020I wanna get the Xiaomi redmi note 8 Pro , but then I see th... moreRealme X2 over either of these.. easily. Now:

rn8p will not crack in half in a bend test and is actually a little faster than the poco x2.

The poco x2 very likely will get future upgrades due to snapdragon, the g90t processor if I am not mistaken was only used in the rn8p and no other, long term updates are not likely as mediatek is coming out with new 7-8 nm chips that will run cooler. Besides poco has the 120Hz display and a sony main camera sensor, if those are important to you. As long as you are not sitting on it probably poco is a better buy.

Quite disappointed with ips lcd even if the refresh rate is 120hz and the finger print sensor placing. Seems, lefties have to lift the phone everytime.

The camera is too good as it has Sony sensor. The colors are very natural.

Overall the build quality is perfect.
A perfect budget phone.

  • AverageUSerWORLD

In the presentation, Poco representative said OLED Display, Always on Display, Waterproofing is not necessary.