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Xiaomi Poco X2

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  • Wewe

Triparadox, 29 Jan 2020This is just sad. Most Pocophone users don't care about rea... moreYes i agree

  • yodick

LittleWhole, 29 Jan 2020Dude, you realize this phone is just the Redmi K30? What do... moreUnofficial preliminary specifications
image Redmi K30

kindly read it carefully bro

  • Mumble

No 5G? Shame, love my Poco but will have to give this one a miss

  • Anonymous

In 2020, A company still using IPS display with flagship one...So funny.... Samsung still rocks

  • Devil

Pocophone is "independent" brand selling Xiaomi phones haha.

  • Anonymous

The pressure on Xiaomi / Redmi / Poco is showing in their recent moves and compromises on quality. K30 / Poco X2 bends like cardboard. DXOmark says Redmi Note 8 Pro camera subpar. Redmi on a price reduction spree in India offering massive discounts.

I have had Redmi phones since Note 3 which was a wonderful device. I dropped it 3-4 times and with its aluminium build it was still working. Hope Redmi doesnt cut corners on product quality to be competitive. I have seen their recent phones in showrooms and they feel very fragile. Makes me want to go back to Samsung.

Pocofan, 29 Jan 2020POCO f1 was best because of its top end features with budge... moreAbsltly right

Shubham, 29 Jan 2020where poco f2 Not anymore, there will be no POCO F2 according to POCO

  • Rahul

Shubham, 29 Jan 2020where poco f2 No f2 is coming officially confirmed

  • Pocofan

POCO f1 was best because of its top end features with budget cost... main feature is removed they are using 730G... POCO fans don't need glossy things, they need powerful phone as POCO F1. It should have been 865 or atleast 855+. That could have been justified. :(

Dude, you realize this phone is just the Redmi K30? What does the name matter? The Redmi K30 is a great phone. It's only called Poco X2 because Xiaomi is notoriously bad at naming their products outside of China. This is just the Redmi K30.

  • Shubham

where poco f2

  • Triparadox

This is just sad. Most Pocophone users don't care about rear-facing cameras, or some other gimmicky features (at least not the main concern). Users who want great build materials and cameras will look elsewhere. One aspect that is not found on other phones are raw performance for gaming on a phone that's relatively affordable. SD730G is just the overclocked version of SD730. That cannot even beat the performance of the 2-year-old SD845 found on the first Pocophone. This is sad. This is a joke.

  • Sk

Price is under 15k then good otherwise realme X2 is better.....all smartphone brand should provide amoled display more than 13k range

  • SK

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020First Pocofone: Snapdragon 845 Next Pocofone: Snapdragon 7... moreIt is not successor of poco F1 ....poco will launch 4-5 smartphone in 2020 so they price around 15k to 25k so wait for poco flagship price around 25k... don't expect flagship under 20k

It's plastic frame, not aluminium

  • Akib

Not gonna lie but 730g is not good enough!
Would have liked if they gave 855 . I am not saying that 730g is bad but 855 or 855+ would be better . But this supposed to be a budget phone i am not expecting too much . Hope they launch poco f2 in Q2! . And i have a question poco is only available in India is it going to get called pocophone again?

  • İlham Muxta

Why did't 5G?

  • I'mPhone

Anonymous, 28 Jan 2020I think it is rebranded K30. Watch the You Tube video on K3... moreWill wait JerryRigEverything's systematic bend test instead. Maybe will have scratches at level 3 with deeper grooves at level 4.

  • Anonymous

Venkat_maq, 28 Jan 2020Poco fone s d last 2years best flagship killer one.. Y poco... morePoco no longer exists, lol