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bring back SCreen time since last fully charge in security app
instead of last 24 hours.

braing back high sterio sound.
kikout google dialer.

otherwise we will root our pocoX3 and discouraging ppl to buy ur poco phone in near feature.

  • Boombastic

KUIVER12, 25 Nov 20201.POCO X3 COMMITTED SUICIDE with one their USP that is LOUD... moreHahaha 3rd point...
I don't have/want this phone
many people know with stereo sound, vibration comes naturally
But these cheap youtubers brainwashed people thinking thats its a defect. Numerous people might have returned the product because of that. Or flooded Xiaomi with complaints.

  • Raihan A

Bought in a week ago, now I'm forced to back it to retailer :
1. Earpiece speaker problem, sometimes it's louder and sometimes it's Lower.
2. Not habituated with Google dialer and messaging. While typing a new message and it is long, I need to scroll down to what I'm writing. I'm very disappointed with it. The writing window should've been bigger simultaneously while writing.
3. In many web contents pictures are a little bit cropped on both side.

  • gringo

Anjan, 02 Dec 2020Bro these youtubers are a bunch of idiots. I am using lg g7... moreindeed, even flagship oled tv from sony come with vibration sound in the screen ... yt is full of idiots of course users and reviewers !


  • gringo

Chinga, 05 Dec 2020Phone won't work in us?no, onlt global version can work in the usa ... indian version has limited 4g bands !!!

  • Chinga

Kabuto, 24 Nov 2020This variant is exclusive for India onlyPhone won't work in us?

  • Anjan

KUIVER12, 25 Nov 20201.POCO X3 COMMITTED SUICIDE with one their USP that is LOUD... moreBro these youtubers are a bunch of idiots. I am using lg g7 thinq and poco x3. Both were amazing in sound and both were vibrating. So it was not a big issue at all. Now poco lost the charm.

  • KUIVER12

1.POCO X3 COMMITTED SUICIDE with one their USP that is LOUD STEREO AND BASS wala SOUND with the latest update of miui just to minimise some vibrations in the back.
2. This is because the so called self claimed YouTube reviewers/self claimed techie brainwashed the customer about the back cover vibrations while playing music or video. But they never tells about the excellent stereo audio that comes along with the vibrations.
3. So far nobody is reported dead, injured or gone insane because of the vibrations.
4. YouTube reviewers or techie will never help you now because they will be busy now monkeying with other new products. They don't use specific phone for long term.
5. So everybody who missed the loud stereo sound with good bass please write on product feedback and tweet and post on feed back. Or just copy pasted it. To poco to bring optional sound bug fix most of the customer will compromise the vibrations for louder stereo sound.
6. Those who bought phone recently might not have the taste the good old stereo effect sound bass thumbing sound and still think that device is all good but the old users still miss the good loud bass stereo sound.

  • Kabuto

Urzus, 27 Oct 2020Hellow, I can't find this in online shop like Lazada.p... moreThis variant is exclusive for India only

  • KUIVER12

Anonymous, 22 Nov 2020Does it have ads?@poco team!Tell me the process to downgrade or update with fix please! May be with option to choose good sound with vibrations on back or to go with little less sound and less vibrations... Customer will choose according to their preference hence all customer will be satisfied. poco please release update fix with this option.i ditch realme 7 pro because poco x3 have much better sound but it's useless now after update to

  • Anonymous

deva.noah, 03 Nov 2020I got MIUI 12.0.5 update POCO X3 (Indian variant) today!Does it have ads?

  • Anonymous

Selvaa, 14 Nov 2020Poco x3 I'm in 2 month use , problem , vibration no on... moreIt have not auto call recorder

  • Selvaa

Poco x3 I'm in 2 month use , problem , vibration no on,charging problem
Please update the phone correction

  • Anjan

I am using this phone. Quite buggy. But sound is too good.

  • sayabosanhidup

perfect yet very cheap smart phone
but still waiting for the ip68 version

  • potchi

mohammed Esam, 12 Nov 2020should i buy this version or the NFC version BTW am from Egypt do you use NFC at all? if not go for this one, else the other.
in my case I don't use NFC at all sooo I go for this one.

  • mohammed Esam

should i buy this version or the NFC version BTW am from Egypt

  • Anonymous

James Faction, 03 Nov 2020Xiaomi's range of phones is funny. This looks just lik... morepoco x3 uses SD 732G not 720G

  • rider1221

nopoco, 28 Oct 2020poco is a not real-life phone very thic and heavy i dont... moreWhat is it then? a fantasy? a myth? are you really that mad? lol