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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2021If you already have Redmi Note 8 Pro, it's not a huge ... moreR u dumb 50fps in low graphics of g90t, really? Sir try checking benchmarks, and to inform u the kryo cores that sd732g r also 2-a76/6-a55 which is the same for note8 pro. Why do u also limit comparing phones to their hardware. U should also factor their OS optimization if its buggy, support updates, etc.

I would also like to point out what u said about mi10 and iphone x. In the first place they should never be compared to midrangers, cause they r for all around use wether its for gaming, multitasking or for photography. It's much premium even if a year old than ur new shiny phone x3.

About the dislay quality im dumbfounded of ur ignorance. Ever heard of the feature HDR10, do note that even if there r diff types of display out there, are also different manufacturers of it and the best in the market are (1)samsung; provides display even for apple (2) Lg; even if no one is usually interested in their phone the quality of it is 3rd to none (3) last is xiaomi; even their mid rangers' screen r very satisfying.

Heh what u said about pubg, its a dumb game for trying out ur soc limit tbh. Sd732g features r 2019, the only 2020 thing about it is AI and build node*because it was popularly used for midrangers soc. Another thing I noticed was u using gfx tool with shadows (on)whats to boast about that? Recently released SOC's have 5g integrated modem and also support for ray tracing* which soon will be available to android games. Not to mention gfx tool never messes with ur kernels it only unlocks u feature the game devs forgot ur device to support.

  • Anonymous

Pleh, 17 Feb 2021I usually get average around 8 - 10 hours sot with 120hz an... moreKindly details of apps which causes drain of Poco X3 battery.

  • Pleh

poco x3 user, 16 Feb 2021My phone's battery drops to 98% without any uses. Also... moreI usually get average around 8 - 10 hours sot with 120hz and always on mobile data on 4G . With 1 day standby time.

Just uninstall useless apps that come with the phone.. some of those apps drain the battery & running in the background and eventually slow down the phone that already heavy with Miui.

  • Gul

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2021Yes, exactly! I'm also looking forward to 12.5. The... moreAhan the Xiaomi.eu rom alright i'll have that in mind if my phone still causes problems even after the reset, which i have'nt done till now as i indicated, hoping the problem goes away on its own. Well fingers crossed again although the performance without the stuttering is good coming from a lower end phone, i really like that during multitasking, the 120hz display gives you smoothness and faster sample rate, i'll tell the shop keeper from where i bought the phone about the eu. rom to flash it if the problem persists after reset, thanks!

  • Anonymous

Muzungo, 17 Feb 2021Thank you very much! But I couldn't find the FPS meter... moreMaybe Note 8 Pro doesn't have it. In Poco X3, it's called "Frame Rate Monitor Tools". It's in Power monitor, which is above "Don't keep activities" & below "Profile HWUI rendering".

Alternatively, you can use gamebench but it's a hassle. See if you can find a not-too-old Game Bench FPS test of 8 Pro on YouTube.

About heating. I don't have any complaints. It gets a little warm but not much. The weather is not that hot either, so note that.
Longest I've played PUBG is for about 2.5-3 hours. I play on HD with Shadows, getting 60FPS using Gamers GLTool Pro. FPS remain consistent throughout.

It also only gets slightly warm after charging, which is impressive. I've heard it has a cooling system that extends to its battery as well.

And remember, heating is not an issue unless your game starts lagging - apart from being uncomfortable to hold phone.
If your game lags after your phone heats up, it's called "Throttling". Basically, software restricts your chipset power in order to cool down the device & prevent damage to hardware. Sometimes, it causes phone to restart as well.

  • Muzungo

Anonymous, 17 Feb 2021If you already have Redmi Note 8 Pro, it's not a huge ... moreThank you very much! But I couldn't find the FPS meter in developer option I checked like 3-5 times from top to bottom and can't find the option , maybe I don't have it or I'm just blind! Tried to look for Power monitor but can't find it in developer option! Maybe I'm blind! And I don't really care about camera I barely take any ! And how's the temp when gaming for long hours doesn't heat?

  • Anonymous

Muzungo, 16 Feb 2021Thank you for your big explaination of the phone. I'm... morei mean if it phones not giving ya problems u don't have to upgrade. that is unless u simply want 120hz

  • Anonymous

Gul, 16 Feb 2021Ahan man, thanks for these good tips and things to look out... moreYes, exactly! I'm also looking forward to 12.5.

There is another solution as well. I heard about stuttering & camera app issues from multiple Mi 10T users. They claimed to have fixed it by installing/flashing "Xiaomi.eu" ROM.

I haven't tried it myself. It's supposedly a official ROM by Xiaomi, but with less bloatwares & no ads.
Flashing ROMs voids warranty. Not sure if this will too as it's official, but it's a probability.

  • Anonymous

Muzungo, 16 Feb 2021Thank you for your big explaination of the phone. I'm... moreIf you already have Redmi Note 8 Pro, it's not a huge upgrade for you.
It's much more impressive but it depends on if what it offers is something you specifically look for in a phone. In which case, you might find it to be a decent upgrade.

I think here's what you can expect:
- Stereo speaker

- More accurate voice recording (as compared to Redmi Note 8, not sure about Pro & it's still just 96kbps)

- Some extra camera features (stabilised 4K from ultra wide & main camera, stabilised 1080p@60FPS, stabilised 1080p from ultra wide camera).
Its camera also has many fun features like VLOG, Dual Video, Clone Video & Picture, Macro video recording and more. I don't which ones Redmi Note 8 Pro has.

- If you play games then enable Developers Options, find Power Monitor & enable FPS Meter.
Try playing PUBG/other games & observe FPS fluctuations. Unlock Extreme/60FPS frame rate with GFX Tool.

If the FPS fluctuates or drops a lot, then you'll get better gaming performance in Poco X3. I'm playing PUBG on HD Graphics with Shadows using Gamers GLTool Pro, and I get stable 60FPS.
At best, it drops to 57,58 even with screen recorder.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think Helio G90T can manage around 50-55FPS on low graphics, right?

- Very good touch response. It has 240Hz touch sampling rate, which is very high compared to other phones - mainly good for gamers.

- Lower Screen Brightness, but it's still good.

- Faster charging. Almost twice as fast.
It charges 50-60% in 30min. I absolutely love this as a heavy user.

- The chipset is more battery efficient as well, so you should get somewhat better battery timing with same settings.

- A little heavier due to bigger battery, but you'll get used to it in 1-2 days.

If I had Redmi Note 8 Pro, I would probably look for a phone with:
1. More capable camera. Like the cameras of Samsung Galaxy A71, A70 (bad in low light & no EIS) & Vivo V20. They record better quality videos & pictures are more appealing in terms of faces/skin/people. And have lower sharpness.
I don't think Poco X3 camera quality is that much better than Note 8 Pro, just that it's more capable at video recording due to stabilisation.

If the camera has OIS, then even better. Something like OnePlus phones, especially OnePlus 7T & 7 Pro which have everything I'd like in a phone.

2. Better display quality, if I usually watch videos/movies on my phone.
Mainly a good quality OLED/AMOLED display as they show about a billion colors while IPS shows about 16 million colors.

3. Gaming performance, if I'm a gamer. In future, playing PUBG on 90 & 120FPS is going to be goal of midrange gamers, like Mi 10T (but it's bad other than for gaming). Stable 60FPS will slowly become a norm among midrange gamers.
Poco X3 definitely shocked me with its gaming performance. I honestly feel that it's better than iPhone X for gaming, as:
- It already gives 60FPS on HD Graphics with Shadows, same as iPhone X.
- It has very high touch sampling rate, so its touch response is better than iPhone X, or in worst case it's similar. (I felt it was similar when I played on iPhone X).
- Bigger screen, which makes spotting enemies easier.
- Way better battery timing. iPhone X lasts around 3-4 matches.

  • Muzungo

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021Further Detailed Review: Performance: Performance wis... moreThank you for your big explaination of the phone.
I'm using a 'Redmi Note 8 pro' is it worth to upgrade to Poco X3 ? It's like will I feel a different better performance compared to the Redmi note 8 pro ? Thank in Advance!

  • Gul

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021Your software version will remain as it is on hard reset. J... moreAhan man, thanks for these good tips and things to look out for. Im definitely going to keep this in mind once i plan to hard reset my phone in the coming days or so, will update over here then. Fingers crossed meanwhile, you're right its vital to not allow any process/scanning applications, they're just using up our ram in the bakcground.
Also 120hz is smooth like you said but then again i face stuttering most on 120hz, rest gaming is fine and performance before this hard reset is around 7.5-8 with daily usage and gaming ocassionally, i just hope a hard reset makes my phone smooth forever with 120 hz, even if the refresh rates switches, i just hate the stuttering and everything.
Also i have reduced the animation and transition scale to 0.5 each..

  • Gul

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021I forgot to mention. I don't recommend installing upda... moreYeah noted man thanks about that tip, im also beware of the updates now and really do not want to download those updates which take away more than what they give. As a first time user of xiaomi phones im starting to appreciate this tip more and more :) just looking forward to mui 12.5 though..hoping its going to bring major upgrades

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Feb 2021Your software version will remain as it is on hard reset. J... moreI forgot to mention. I don't recommend installing updates as faulty adaptation of update often causes these bugs/issues.
That's also why sometimes only some user experience the problem while others don't.

I only update my phone if:
1. The update brings a specific feature I want. For example, Android 10 brought internal sound recording feature. Otherwise, Android 8 & 10 are practically same to me.

2. The update specifically mentions in its "Change log" that it'll fix a certain problem that *I'm facing*.

  • Anonymous

Gul, 16 Feb 2021I want to know that as i've commented here on the foru... moreYour software version will remain as it is on hard reset. Just your data & settings will be gone. And yes, hard reset does fix issues/bugs caused by update most of the time.

For settings, I usually spend like 30+ minutes every time I buy a phone to set them properly - so I can't specifically write it down as I don't remember. My Poco X3 loses 50% battery in about 7 hours of continuous use - if I make it 60Hz. But I love its smoothness at 120Hz, so I keep it at that.

You should follow 1 generic rule for settings. Don't turn on/allow anything that'll require any "activity" to take place. On the contrary, disable things that are performing activities you don't need as well.

For example, I turned off face recognition, different kinds of scannings (Google Play Protect is also scanning process if you think about it), never log into Xiaomi account, some sync tasks & unnecessary/trivial AI processes and such.
You can also enable Developers Options & Disable App Monitoring. Also lower animation scales to make UI faster.

  • Ariel

DT, 19 Jan 2021Yes. I'm facing the same issue as well which at first ... moreSame issue with me. bluetooth always disconnect to car or earbuds

  • Alalala

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021I fully agree. I have the poco x3 since 3 months and I boug... moreIts because it keep changing between 60 hz and 120 hz to avoid baterry drain too much thats why it keep stuttering when you in the same page too long

  • Gul

I want to know that as i've commented here on the forum before about my stuttering experience and slow animations of poco x3 nfc after around 2 weeks of use. So i have decided to factory reset the device for the first time since i bought it..Can anyone here recommend which settings to keep off and which to keep on which might had make my device behave like this when the shopkeeper set it up for me. Also will factory resetting flash the ram of my device as well? Will i still get to keep the mui 12.7 which i currently have on my x3. I'm using the global variant, 6/128..thanks

  • Gul

Anonymous, 15 Feb 2021I fully agree. I have the poco x3 since 3 months and I boug... moreI have the same issue with my poco x3 nfc , been having it for more than 3 months now..the stuttering and slower animations really makes me disappointed but gaming performance and multi tasking goes well, however the stuttering remains weird in settings application, and whatsapp, like theres alot of stuttering even at 90 hz!;[

  • poco x3 user

My phone's battery drops to 98% without any uses. Also, I have read reviews where people say their phone reaches 50% at around 6-7 hours. But mine drops to 30% with just 4-5 hours of browsing and youtube at 50% brightness.
At what percentage is it better to charge the phone?
Can anyone tell me what is the average hours of battery and how to stop the battery drain without any uses?
My phone is just 1 week old btw.
Thank you.

  • Anonymous

Bro, 08 Feb 2021The refresh rate is nothing. It's feels like any other... moreI fully agree. I have the poco x3 since 3 months and I bought the Tecno Pova ( 60 hertz )2 weeks ago it is way much smoother than the poco on both 60 and 120hz Like there is some "stuttering " when scrolling no smoothness at all.