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Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

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  • Anonymous

The specs are really great though for me the camera's style and design looks... horrid. Sorry about that. It looks like a toy for kids. Maybe they intend to target teenagers and young adults ages 16 - 25 years old. I also watched the unboxing review and found out that it has included stickers and a fake tattoo, only kids would want that. If I were to have a phone that I would be using for many years, I'd choose a decent spec phone with a sophisticated design where I'll be proud to bring anywhere. This company needs a lot of improvement in terms of design.

  • Anonymous

Please, If you have the device, could you tell me the screen protector is already fixed on the screen or not.

No, i m not referring to those peel off cover plastic on the screen.

  • Dichou

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020The Poco X3 didn't need a hype campaign months before ... moreWell...obviously the guy meant to cover it for privacy reasons...not for protection...duh...
Just check the dudes nickname...-

  • Anonymous

before buy it, try look look poco x2, so much bad review

Zaq, 09 Sep 2020Give us feed back afterwards hehe.. want to know about this... moreWhen comparing phone weights, you must account for the battery capacity, as a big battery would add a lot of weight to it. The battery in all of the phones you mentioned is smaller 4500mAh, while the latest Redmi and POCO phones' batteries are greater than 5000mAh.

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Obviously the Mi 10 Lite 5G, if you wan good gaming perform... moreAMOLED can suffer from burn ins, yellow tints, black spots etc. IPS is free from that. Also the 732G is 5G capable just like 865. The 732G also performs the same as 765G (317,000 vs 310,000 in Antutu). Compared with Poco X3, the Mi 10 Lite doesn't have 120hz display or stereo speakers or great big battery (4160mAh vs 5160mAh).

Poco X3 wins, by a long shot.

  • Anonymous

Wish they made a pro version, with ufs 3.0 or 3.1, and a amoled screen. I don't care much for 120hz, I guess 90hz should be good enough for a phone in the mid-budget range

  • Ben

viachy, 09 Sep 2020Can anyone give me hope that there will be a Mini Poco phon... moreOlder models of Xiaomi has it. The MI A3 is 6.01" only. Old model but OS is upgradable up to Android 11 since this is an Android One phone

  • Anonymous

sng, 09 Sep 2020Guys! Which one do I go with between Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G o... moreObviously the Mi 10 Lite 5G, if you wan good gaming performance, AMOLED Screen and 5G Future Proofing

Guys! Which one do I go with between Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G or POCO X3 NFC???

  • yay

wellwellwell, 06 Sep 2020Why IPS?? its 2020, we want super AMOLED!!Amoled for gaming is really bad idea

  • Anonymous

I hope to get reliable, fast 4G speed.
Whit sticker and case i can hide the logo.

  • Zaq

kushyree, 09 Sep 2020i bought 1 the global version for rm799 and see if it can c... moreGive us feed back afterwards hehe.. want to know about this as well

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi don't you want to decrease the weight of ur new products

oppo reno4 pro>>>161gr
oppo f17>>>>163gr
zte axon 11 5G>>>>168gr
vivo s7 5G>>>170gr
vivo x50>>>>173gr

i bought 1 the global version for rm799 and see if it can compete with 9s in emulator gaming, just forget about the 120hz in gaming on pubgm or cod, weather it a good upgrade ... let see

  • Danail

Question how much memory space left for the internal storage after downloading the software and so on

  • Steve

With some coupons and stuff, i got it down to 162€ (192$) for the 64GB, a real steal !

  • Nope

PiotrM, 09 Sep 2020Well, it's really heavy and thick, not so handy in eve... moreNot the same camera sensor. The X3 using same IMX682 like the K30 Ultra. Poco F2 Pro/ K30 Pro is using IMX686.

  • Smh

spycam, 09 Sep 2020very bad to have front camera inside display. how you cover... moreI don't know you are serious or kidding. Screen protector makers are not that foolish to make their products without testing on a real phone first. And the Poco X3 already has a screen protector from factory, WITH CUTOUT FOR THE FRONT CAMERA. I put that in all caps in case you still thinking of any screen protector will cover the front camera. Seriously, common sense.

We should really appreciate what it offers for the price. Definitely getting this one.