Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC

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  • Anonymous

Fyi : This phone have 8/128 variant in Indonesia

  • Kath

Gul, 15 Oct 2020yes man you're right..glad to know that honste reviewe... moreScreen flickering because of sunlight?

  • einzburg

some stupid question
can it run Genshin Impact smoothly? without any heat issue

  • Anonymous

Only app drawer option is available
No regular home screen option available in
Poco x3 nfc.
Anyone knows about this issue ?

  • Haine Swertz

120Hz LCD display or 60Hz AMOLED display?

  • Rizan

Many, 15 Oct 2020Some durability tests uncover, that aluminium frame is fake... moreSource?

  • Judaz

The Boy with Red Hat, 15 Oct 2020Yep, indian version have that versionIndonesia 8/128 $235

  • Anonymous

Dinkaftac, 15 Oct 2020Really? 8/128gb Yes poco x3 nfc 8/128 for around IDR 3,6 millon which is around INR 17999

  • Anonymous

Only app drawer option is available and no regular home screen option is available in poco x2
Anyone knows about this

Dinkaftac, 15 Oct 2020Really? 8/128gb Yep, indian version have that version

  • Anonymous

Floryn, 14 Oct 2020Are these issues on 64 GB storage version? because I don�... moreThey are probably the Xiaomi haters! I'm using this and I play PUBG daily, yesterday I played for 6:30 hours straight and 13% battery was still left... There is not a single major issue is present in this phone, yeah some bugs are there there like notification panel sometimes collapse, screen flickering at minimum brightness (Only on Auto Colour Scheme and can be solved my changing it to Standard), on WhatsApp call phones doesn't vibrate properly etc... Yeah,Snapdragon 732G can be more optimized with updates, Xiaomi should pay attention to this beast phone... As per experience, this phone is just superb in this price, it below away competitors especially Samsung, Realme (Overpriced in my country), Vivo, Oppo bla bla... I haven't seen a lag or even screen ghosting... Front camera needs major improvements and it doesn't look like 20mp, it took pictures same as 13mp from Oppo or Realme... Fingerprint scanner is slow (Common Xiaomi I wasn't expecting that)... As per my conclusion, You can't buy better phone than Poco X3 NFC (price per ratio matters) and it's a perfect phone...

  • Dinkaftac

Lololol, 15 Oct 2020Today This device lauch in my country Indonesia. Have 8/128... moreReally? 8/128gb

  • Azan

Anonymous, 14 Oct 2020I dont know about you guys but this mobile is not worth at ... morei just bought the phone tomorrow and i got a SOT of 8+ hours on 120Hz high usage and this too was from 100 to 9 percent.

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2020You should know that people who are using the device are fa... moreThis is a random MIUI issue not exclusive to Poco X3 NFC. I also ever experienced this random battery drain by android system with my Mi 9T. A lot of people at reddit was also complained abiut this issue in their Xiaomi phones, usually happened right after a software update. My solution at that time was just a simple reboot. Wait for 10-15 minutes and the drain is gone for weeks, and sometime it randomly happen but not very frequently. Now, I'm using MIUI 12 and there's 0 battery drain happened since July. I'm just confused on what actually caused this because this is clearly a MIUI issue.

  • Many

Some durability tests uncover, that aluminium frame is fake... :(

  • Lololol

Today This device lauch in my country Indonesia. Have 8/128 varian. I was shocked 🤣🤣🤣

  • Poco Poco

i dont know why you guys keep talking negative about this phone. i have this phone for few days tho. no lag. no bugs. everything is fine. i update the latest software. no problem at all.
i have to say this phone much better compares to oneplus nord ... its more cheaper than for those want to feel the 120hz....

seriously guys.. with the price i cant complain much..

  • Loy

Which should I go with? Poco x3, Redmi Note 9 pro or Mi 10.

  • Anonymous

Amad, 12 Oct 2020My poco X3 camera stuck at ultra wide camera on video and p... moreMight be bug on the update, report it to the dev

  • Anonymous

Gul, 15 Oct 2020yes man you're right..glad to know that honste reviewe... moreYou should know that people who are using the device are facing the problems with the device , if they are speaking against this device that doesn't make them bad they are honest too.
This device is a garbage until and unless xiaomi fixes the issues that came along with their 2 updates . For me this will be my last comment in this X3 nfc forum as i am dispatching my device to some other person. Price wise this device is unbeatable but the reality is this device will give you a hard time using it .
Charged 100 percent in the morning and after 6 hours the battery has come down to 37 percent . Active time is only 2 hours and 22 mins.