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Xiaomi Poco X3 Pro

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Don´t buy it, yes its a good phone for the price, but just die after a year of use, thanks xiaomi

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    • Dean
    • g07
    • 13 Jul 2022

    Scarredabb, 09 Jul 2022It's a great phone if it wasn't for the fact that... moreThe Poco 3 dies because of a program glitch, maybe in the power saving program. I installed Google 6 pro on my Poco 3 Pro and it's running like a champ

      • k
      • klesk85
      • IV@
      • 13 Jul 2022

      Trip, 10 Jul 2022Dead after a year, never again Poco xiaomiSame happened to me, dead 1 month before hitting 1 year, it was functioning fine all the while, then yesterday I was chatting in WhatsApp & when switching apps to Facebook, screen froze and not responding. When clicking turn off screen button, the screen can never be turned on again.

      Tried holding power button, or any combination of holding ip or down volume with power button also not working. Charging cable also not working not working in my old Huawei Mate 10. Plugging in charging cable for 10min, phone doesn't get warm (not charging).

      Still under local warranty, sent for repair, but all my photos taken or documents downloaded all gone... First time using Poco has given me bad impression...

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        • Anonymous
        • CVB
        • 11 Jul 2022

        Trip, 10 Jul 2022Dead after a year, never again Poco xiaomiCheap PMIC problem.

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          • Trip
          • I@H
          • 10 Jul 2022

          Dead after a year, never again Poco xiaomi

            • S
            • Scarredabb
            • CHa
            • 09 Jul 2022

            It's a great phone if it wasn't for the fact that it dies for "no apparent reason".

            It all started after the latest MIUI update (13.0. 4.0). The phone randomly reboots, sometimes shuts down and becomes irresponsive. Has happened to me several times. I strongly recommend you buy the device insured through your carrier, otherwise, you would be wasting your money.

            If you want to take a chance, so be it...

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              • Anonymous
              • sjI
              • 08 Jul 2022

              I hate the new game space

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                • Anonymous
                • Kg@
                • 06 Jul 2022

                Bought this phone over a year ago and it's still going strong. Can still last a day on a single charge, storage has never been an issue since i got this phone. One issue i have with it is that the back panel is very prone to scratches. Of all things, my case is the one that caused the scratches just from using it. But other than that, solid phone for the price. I still love this thing, never been happier with a phone.

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                  • soh4L
                  • f}n
                  • 06 Jul 2022

                  BMHater12, 19 Jun 2022The only SD860 device in the worldthere is a tablet called mi pad 5 from xiaomi also running sd860

                    I switched to this phone from an iPhone and have never been happier, its fast and I have not experienced any bugs with this phone. You get tons of features for a lot less money, definitely a good buy

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                      • stoon
                      • fw8
                      • 04 Jul 2022

                      Waxxus66 , 04 Jul 2022Is a crap phone ,freeze constantleybuy an iphone

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                        • Waxxus66
                        • pku
                        • 04 Jul 2022

                        Is a crap phone ,freeze constantley

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                          • Tech favorite
                          • Kik
                          • 04 Jul 2022

                          James, 27 Jun 2022Just imagine how samsung is ripping their customers,256GB p... moreHmm i understand your thoughts, however for this $200 u have a phone that can randomly be bricked, with ghost touch issues, charging issues, ads. While some of the units would be perfect for now, they are ticking time bombs and if u think u want a phone like that, i won't judge u but with samsung at least things are reliable.

                            • M
                            • M
                            • pTf
                            • 02 Jul 2022

                            hrry, 01 Jul 2022bug from mui update So you think it's software issue??some people say it's display problem

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • Kx7
                              • 02 Jul 2022

                              best phone besides poco f3...compared to latest crap from xiaomi

                                • h
                                • hrry
                                • 7X1
                                • 01 Jul 2022

                                M, 30 Jun 2022Hi guys.i have screen flickering issue would you plz tell m... morebug from mui update

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                                  • M
                                  • pTf
                                  • 30 Jun 2022

                                  Hi guys.i have screen flickering issue would you plz tell me how to solve this??

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                                    • Super Shybeh
                                    • IVF
                                    • 29 Jun 2022

                                    Best phone I've ever had. Previously owned LG G8X, quality was bad. This Poco X3 Pro is much superior than that. All the good things packed in an affordable and reasonable price. Glad to have Xiaomi making this phone. Forget about the other huge brandnames, they sell overpriced stuffs, more profits going to their pockets while consumers still think it's reasonable market price...

                                      • P
                                      • Potato
                                      • JMr
                                      • 28 Jun 2022

                                      NubMaster69, 23 Jun 2022Yes i might stay in this version 12.0.4. for lagging/freezi... moreWeird, mine doesn't do that.
                                      Never tried max. brightness though, scared something bad could happen.
                                      Brightness at lowest is almost extremely low, good for a dark room.

                                      What i did experience is a bug where it shows the brightness bar a bit higher when holding it.

                                        • J
                                        • James
                                        • d%G
                                        • 27 Jun 2022

                                        Just imagine how samsung is ripping their customers,256GB poco x3 pro for 200bucks!yes i bought it for 200$!,meanwhile samsung charges you 100$ more for s22 ultra from 128 to 256gb!removed sd card and priced the phone at 1100$!.wake up people. Poco x3 pro has very good battery life and soc performance. This phone is on the top 3 list because its good. S22u is my last mobile from samsung if they will not bring sd card slot,256GB is not enough for sure.