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For such major update its always better to do clean update. Its not like you need to get miui13... so update it when you have free time to do clean install or do factory reset.

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    • SadHill
    • pFe
    • 16 Mar 2022

    MIUI 13 is a disaster for my device. Google Discover & Gallery are two of the most performance-hit areas. Try opening a camera photo and it comes with so much stutter it feels like your phone is from 10 years ago or is running a neural network in the background. The filter horizontal scroll is very laggy too. It's obvious the phone is struggling. Idk if anyone has tried a clean install (reset factory); if so, please share your findings here if you've notices better performance.

    It's mostly unusable like this. I'd suggest not upgrading to MIUI 13.

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      • rRadD
      • v}R
      • 16 Mar 2022

      Received the update yesterday (5GB+). Running on Android 12 now with MIUI 13. The wallpaper zoom issue is gone now (crossing fingers). I should say performance is superb compared when it's running on Android 11 with MIUI 12. Try it guys!

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        • Amir
        • 83{
        • 15 Mar 2022

        Poco x3 pro finally received the android 12 miui 13 update and it is quite better in performance and smoothness
        Xiaomi is really trying to make its UI better and till now not a single bug was found in my phone DK what others might find but mine is clean for now

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          • hi
          • f{s
          • 15 Mar 2022

          AshTheGlory, 13 Mar 2022Hello i have a problem with my poco x3 pro's brightnes... morethis is a bug also present in redme 5 when i bought,, i think they don't have corrected till date

            Rob, 12 Mar 2022My Poco x3 pro phone is dead.. what is the solutionIc issue, common with indian poco x3 pro. Go to a mobile shop and as them to change the ic

              Any global version poco user updated to miui 13 ? How is the experience so far?

                • A
                • AshTheGlory
                • a30
                • 13 Mar 2022

                Hello i have a problem with my poco x3 pro's brightness like I can't change the brightness of screen i mean the light of screen doesn't change even if the light of screen were maximum
                i appreciate if someone help.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • y6V
                  • 12 Mar 2022

                  Guys can you answer my questions? Does the Poco X3 (India) battery BN61 will fit in Poco X3 Pro? Thank you

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                    • Anonymous
                    • mi@
                    • 12 Mar 2022

                    radukam, 30 Jan 2022Incredible phone, for this price, and I am not ... joking! ... moreyou sure? pretty sure its somewhere between 550k to 450k or something

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                      • Eric
                      • gqp
                      • 12 Mar 2022

                      Anonymous, 12 Mar 2022Ive used poco x3 pro 8/256 gb for almost one year... the is... moreI have had the x3 pro (8,256) since mid 2021, and never had any charging issues. The included 33 watt charger zips along, and crappy Samsung chargers do just fine (albeit significantly more slowly).

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                        • Ekus
                        • wib
                        • 12 Mar 2022

                        Rob, 12 Mar 2022My Poco x3 pro phone is dead.. what is the solutionReboot

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                          • Rob
                          • fCC
                          • 12 Mar 2022

                          My Poco x3 pro phone is dead.. what is the solution

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                            • Anonymous
                            • tDS
                            • 12 Mar 2022

                            Ive used poco x3 pro 8/256 gb for almost one year... the issue that i bump into that the battery's charging is always slow when the phone is on... it seems that the fast charging isnt working , i always check the ampere is always 950 ma in maximal... anyone found the same issue like me?

                              • N
                              • Nick
                              • fJC
                              • 11 Mar 2022

                              Poco x3 pro ,i hv a global version since march 2021 Great fone for the price, fast long lasting battery backup, beast for gaming.. i hv found that indian varient of poco x3 pro got some unknown built-in issues, Global and other varients have no such issues... that is why almost all indian users r complaining of brick reboots after update . mine is global varient but i still not upgraded still on 12.0.4 m waiting for full scale miui 13, not beta version.. dont worry folks its a beast device in cheap price . no other company can give flagship level snapdragon 860, ufs 3.1 in this price segment, if u want more perfection go for PoCo F3 with sd870 5g, another beast with amoled panel..

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                                • Pas
                                • IPv
                                • 11 Mar 2022

                                Hi ppl
                                After updating to miui13 I cant seem to get apps to run in dark mode
                                Any suggestions?

                                Some of the menu delections on the dark mode menu have gone

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 3xM
                                  • 10 Mar 2022

                                  Great phone. I have mine since one year, always on, almost always connected to the web, even after one year of use, battery lasts for two days. The only thing that I never loved in this phone is the fault of privacy in usage of the phone in a regular call, due the laud sound of the speacker.

                                    • D
                                    • Danijel
                                    • S7y
                                    • 09 Mar 2022

                                    tabibito.chan, 20 Feb 2022hello there...quick question...will poco x3 pro get miui 13... moreYes it will get miui 13

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                                      • yaba
                                      • phr
                                      • 09 Mar 2022

                                      Love mine, great batery, fast.

                                      And you can record 4k video at 60fps with gcam.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • tDQ
                                        • 08 Mar 2022

                                        Anonymous, 07 Mar 2022why it's worst to buy?because cheap...lmaooo