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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2021X3 pro battery performance is weaker than x3 nfc is this true?Yes, because of flagship grade chipset...

  • Anonymous

X3 pro battery performance is weaker than x3 nfc is this true?

  • AnoM

Kizo, 04 Sep 2021Yes,it is a feature not well supported now. However it has... moreI think you miss his point.
The important point is many game not support 60fps, or higher fps up to 120fps.
Then, even for a game to support, game need to be redesign in some way to have more frame.
The pros is always the better gaming experience due to smooth graphic, but the cons of course is the more power consumption, more overheat, might cause more frame drop, taxing more on processor.
Having a 120hz screen smartphone doesn't automatically made all apps can run in 60fps or up to 120fps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2021Does xiaomi software problem solved? This device get my ... moreSecondary buy feature phone if u r not a gamer

  • AnoM

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2021120Hz is not availible on Youtube? Why? I need it for Dig... moreIt won't happen now, it will happen in future, but bear in mind this is only workable if all games supported HRR. Sadly, you only expect hardware technology is going for 120hz and 240hz but not the games or software itself. You should already notice that the limitation is not on the screen, but on the apps and games.
I can say that if an apps and games is fully optimized on fps, all run at true 60fps, it will be pretty smooth and fast, and you might start to appreciate that actually 60fps is not bad, and actually is already pretty smooth and fast. The reason now you saw 60hz screen sucks is because all apps and games are running at 30fps or below, that's is why it look juddering/stutter, this is the truth where all smartphone doesn't want you to know.
So, let's wait for all game to be redesign to have 60fps is much more important than having 120hz screen and 240hz screen. (Of course, running at 30fps or below is to reduce energy consumption and processor consumption, much energy efficient, reduce overheat, reduce hang, bear in mind those are hand held electronic product running on a rechargeable battery, not something like your TV that wall plug to electricity, shamelessly your TV won't power on if no wall plug to electricity, which smartphone won't)
The other thing you complain on Youtube is because video's fps is not really follow game's fps. Most video content available are 30fps or 25fps, film movie is at 24fps, then highest is 60fps, that is based on video recording technology, and broadcast standard. 30fps video run on 120hz television won't add much smoothing to the viewing (due to the LCD technology nature). It might reduce flickering on AMOLED screen but won't be as obvious to the eye as 60hz of refresh rate is already very fast until not easy to notice. For years, those 120hz/240hz/480hz television are actually adding artificial fake smoothing to the video, which got it's pros and cons.
The rest is up to you, nobody is forcing you to buy this smartphone, and this might be among the cheapest smartphone you can buy to have 120hz refresh rate screen with powerful processor to match. I know you got money to buy more expensive smartphone, then buy that expensive smartphone that suite your need then.

  • EmulatorGuy

Does this phone become very hot while playing racing games (NFS Carbon, mario kart) on dolphin ? I have x3 nfc and it is hot while playing those games (it has no similar issue on other game) but of course no fps drop. I am planning to sell it and change to x3 pro for a better emulation performance

  • klesk85

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2021How was the performance now? Gaming and multi tasking espec... moreSo far I've used it for 2 weeks, there was 1 time when charging the phone, the screen became unresponsive to touch & it was randomly touching on screen itself, believe it is the ghost touch issue. After unplugging power, it went back to normal (3 fingers screenshot turned off). There has been 1 or 2 system updates after this, so far issue not recurring, finger crossed that same issue will not happen.

  • Anonymous

Does xiaomi software problem solved?

This device get my attention i think it will be worth by it with my iPhone xs max what do you guys think?
Carrying two phones is better deal in 2021 i think

  • ligmaman

Bishal, 05 Sep 2021Does it heat more??It doesnt really heat up at all,just when i play games like Genshin Impact while charging the phone(which i do not recommend).When playing it normally,it pretty much doesnt heat at all.As for COD Mobile,i am playing at 90fps without a single frame drop,and my phone stays cool.I have not really tried it with many other games,but whichever game you wanna play it should work just fine.

Win, 05 Sep 2021X3 pro is for gaming and note 10 pro is for photography.Humm. Poco x3 pro can also take good decent picture. Not only gaming. Anyway it's much better than note 10 pro. X3 pro is more durable

  • Bishal

ligmaman, 05 Sep 2021I have Poco X3 Pro(8/256).Poco is better for gaming and sim... moreDoes it heat more??

  • ligmaman

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021Hello.which one is better? poco x3 pro or redmi note10 proI have Poco X3 Pro(8/256).Poco is better for gaming and similiar stuff because it has better GPU and CPU.Note 10 Pro has amoled screen which is better in my opinion but I dont mind regular screen.Note 10 also has a much better camera,poco's one isnt anything special.If you want a good phone for gaming buy Poco X3 Pro(if you have abt 100€ more buy Xiaomi Poco F3 or F3 Pro because it is much better and has amoled screen),if you want a casual phone buy Note 10.

  • Win

S..well, 30 Aug 2021Confuse between x3 pro n mi note 10 pro.....helpX3 pro is for gaming and note 10 pro is for photography.

  • Zaw

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021Hello.which one is better? poco x3 pro or redmi note10 proRedmi note 10 pro is good for photography and poco x3 pro is good for gaming.

  • Anonymous

Hello.which one is better?
poco x3 pro or redmi note10 pro

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Sep 2021Why my wifi no internet how to fixHave you purchased it at your mobile phone operator?
Call Customer service in that case.
Even if not,call them anyways,they might be able to help regardless.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021I bought my xiaomi poco x3 pro 2 weeks ago. I love the came... moreThere is warranty for a reason you know.
Your unit must have been an exception to the rule.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2021Are you crazy? Even the fastest phone in this world only ha... moreCrazy?
I have 60hz TV.
120Hz TVs are several thousand € .
By the time I am able to buy 1,a good 1 for say...500€ ,some phones will be have those specs.
So in 5 years or so

  • Kizo

No one, 04 Sep 2021Those Videos are 60fps, all videos on youtube are 30/60fps.... moreYes,it is a feature not well supported now.
However it has very future proofing hardware for the price that is not overkill.
I will purchase it in a few days.
I intend to have it minimum 3 years,but very likely 5.
UNLESS it brakes or something.

I would purchase it regardless of how many Hz screen is,so I see it as a cool or potentially cool little freeby 😃

  • X3 pro user

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2021120Hz is not availible on Youtube? Why? I need it for Dig... moreThis wrong on so many ways...playing video itself only 60hz on different platform to..ONLY for scrolling app or menu 120hz kick in