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Does case increase temperature?
Does every case for X3 NFC also fit for X3 Pro? Are all dimensions exactly same?

  • Anonymous

Video movie, game see phon is hote.but why

  • Anonymous

Who would buy poco X3 when we have X3 pro.
You know a fun fact the both have exactly similar price!
If you are considering this, go for this.

Can someone check and confirm if Poco X3 Pro supports 60fps on Asphalt 9 game?
I plan to buy this phone.

  • Kevin

Does Poco X3 Pro support 60 FPS on Asphalt 9 ?
Can someone please check and confirm.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021I'm looking for a phone to upgrade from my Mi5 Pro in ... more1) power (860 is miles ahead of the 820... 820 can't compete even with modern midrange SoCs, like the snapdragon 720G for example, let alone a 860).
2) memory, ufs 3.X are noticeably faster than ufs 2.X, heavy apps like games will load sooner than the mi5.
3) screen size and screen ratio... different concepts, different generations... mi5 still had phisical buttons and top bezel (lateral bezels might have been on par or even better than poco x3 pro, so mind that i am not talking about optimization, mi5 was actually more optimized)... it also had a much smaller screen, a tad more than 5inches, compared to the poco x3 which is just shy of 7 inches. the newer screen is also 120hz capable, although i have seen better ones at that (sluggish pixel response is more noticeable at 120 compared to 60), to the point that i disabled 120Hz on mine (sad but true, to me it feels worse at 120).

there are some aspects were ur mi5 trades back some blows or actually wins hands down...
1) size, mi 5 is a lot more pocketable, and easier to use with one hand (the x3 is a nightmare at that)
2) camera, for one mi 5 had ois, and if we take the algorhytm for night mode away, the 4k capabilities away (again i see no use for 4k recording, it uses lots of space, it eats up at ur battery faster), in the majority of cases I would say that probably the mi 5 takes more detailed photos.

i would check the mi 11 lite 5g, it's a little pricer, but feels more of a direct upgrade (no tradeoffs) over the mi5... u seem to hold on ur phones for a long time (assuming u bought the mi 5 within 1 year since its release), so the extra money is spread on many years/months.

  • Mr. Pocobeast

Remember kids this phone is the beast for gaming mounted of Snapdragon 860 and some of you complaining about the God damn camera, i will agree if this phone has snapdragon 860, super amoled display, liquid cool 2.0 like poco f2 pro, it has 108 main cam with motherf*cking penta camera from the price of 600USD

tyna, 10 Apr 2021it warms up very quickly even without extensive use. someti... moreMine doesn't heat up. If I play games, yes to a maximum of 45 °. No heating during normal use.

  • tyna

Gsx, 06 Apr 2021What does overheating mean to you? How many degrees? The ph... moreit warms up very quickly even without extensive use. sometimes I just browse on my phone and it starts to feel warm to the touch. I just want to know if this is just for me or are other people experiencing it.

Best phone for the price hands down. If you want slightly better phone try out the F3.

Duke Arioch, 09 Apr 2021I have the mobile for a few days, today I received in Syste... moreHuh??

I have the mobile for a few days, today I received in System app updater , a security update v4.9.0-.....
Dated on 11 March. Is this ok ? Or is this malware that everyone talk about ?

nsk8700, 08 Apr 2021the battery rate of discharge of X3 Pro worsens as the batt... morethe battery does not discharge quickly

  • nsk8700

Anonymous, 05 Apr 2021By overheating, do you mean FPS drop/lag or just phone gett... morethe battery rate of discharge of X3 Pro worsens as the battery warms normally, but thermal issue is well managed, mainly high discharge is attributed to IPS display (in contrast to AMOLED)

  • Anonymous

NEED to see



50Mp GN1

TYPE C 3.1

BLUTOOTH 5.1........5.2

  • b

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Should I get galaxy s10 or Poco X3 pro? S10 will be refurb... moreif you are rich why not lol. mid range device at some point can beat flagship camera all depends on the photographer. when it comes to poco ui it is true that is was very heavy but not to the point that it will become a burden to the user

  • Anonymous

I'm looking for a phone to upgrade from my Mi5 Pro in the same range of price (at the time it was the flagship for 300€... i don't want to pay 1000€ now). Somehow it is difficult to compare the specifications. In what is this Poco X3 Pro better than my Mi5 ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021You forgot major point of used devices, which is battery...... moreStill confused gonna use both of them and then get whichever seems better. Used galaxy S8 before, small and comfy phone with great cameras battery was good I used to get 5-7 hrs sot so I'm expecting same from S10.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Apr 2021Should I get galaxy s10 or Poco X3 pro? S10 will be refurb... moreGo with Samsung Galaxy S10. It's not even a comparison.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Was reaaaaally hoping for a compelling reason to upgrade fr... moreI just upgraded from Redmi Note 9s to Poco X3 Pro compared both side by side... In terms of camera, front camera is better in Redmi Note 9s and rear/back camera is better in Poco X3 Pro...