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  • Anonymous

Ivan3213, 26 Dec 2021Can anyone help me with this problem I have with the Poco X... moreLock your WhatsApp to the ram


Should I install miui v12.5.5.0 rjuinxm update ?

GamerV, 05 Jan 2022Have you not played any gamesOf course I didn't play. 12h SoT is crazy time for social networks, but for games it is impossible.

  • GamerV

Storm18, 05 Jan 2022https://imgur.com/a/1h5sM8i ..... Crazy battery life since ... moreHave you not played any games

https://imgur.com/a/1h5sM8i ..... Crazy battery life since last update on MIUI EU this is on 120hz, Instagram, Telegram, Chrome, Gmail, YouTube and etc.

Evil crash bandicoot, 04 Jan 2022So sd 855 is close to sd 865Not SD 855 I mean 855+ bro the SD 860 is just ahead by name in my opinion.
U can check difference between them.

  • Anonymous

is the latest miui version still has major bugs?. got the phone last week im thingking of updating the version.

  • Jacob

Idk why people are complaining, they're probably re-re or something but this phone is amazing for it's price. Good for gaming, decent camera, large battery for every-day use and many more. I'd probably buy this for $ 260 this February 2022

  • Nizam 13

Telco network issue again & again.
But my note 9, note 10 has no problem
Will not buying poco series again.

  • Nizam 13

All poco series has Telco signal issue.

  • Type Administrative

JustMe123, 02 Jan 2022Does this problem only occur in the latest miui update? A... moreAs per the details I got online some says due to MIUI and some due to the hardware as it does not support some 4G bands.

This phone is a beast for the price and really nice however the network issue really drag it down. As of the moment still figuring out how to safely safe fix the issue. I mean replacement is not an option since almost X3 Pro user experience it.

As of the moment forcing it to connect only to 4G+ works however down side is when you are moving to areas that do not have 4G+ no signal at all so need to get it back to wcdma/GSM on.

  • Evil crash bandicoot

Aziz soft tech, 03 Jan 2022Still better than all Mid ranges just for SD855+ chip I mea... moreSo sd 855 is close to sd 865

  • SEI

Kani, 28 Dec 2021The main issue is security, It's pointless to have lo... moreTell your country before you say some issue....

Still better than all Mid ranges just for SD855+ chip I mean there is no difference between SD860 or SD855+ = 1x2.96=7nm in my opinion they are same.

  • Androidlover

Using this phone for almost 4 months.
Have used 60% of storage and is still fast as it was in the day that i boight it.
The only thing bad about this phone is that 60 fps camera is a bit slow and not really 60 . Other that that is amazing phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2022ATTENTION,THIS 8S NOT A GOOD PHONE FOR GAMING! i tried COD ... moreWhat kind of drugs are you on this is the Poco x3 pro, not an 8s

Anonymous, 03 Jan 2022True why is the processor so old? It's 2 yrs oldOld but faster than all of snapdragon 700 chipsets

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2021That processor thoTrue why is the processor so old? It's 2 yrs old

Equek, 31 Dec 2021Same problem with my wife phone.. claim warranty for changg... moreGlobal or India ?

Type Administrative, 02 Jan 2022I also experience non stop switching from 4G to 4G+ and con... moreDoes this problem only occur in the latest miui update?
And if i downgrade to an older miui version will it solve the problem?
Because it's so annoying.