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  • aezzt

actually i got my poco x3 pro and updated my device to miui 12.5..after update...bugs every where even after factory reset , screen recording is scary ,all people may know that iam recording the call...also battery life is not so good with me...so ..started to download mi flash with indian rom miui 12.0...the device is completely changed .... automatic call recording exist with no issue or announcement , also becomes fast , everything is stable more than enough battery life becomes very strong one , miui 12.5 is acrapy software ever

  • ZeinPLAYZ

I think this phone is amazing for such a good price, but the only problem is dimensions and weight.

  • Sharad

Maruf, 28 Sep 2021It is a good phone at the price i have never seen any phone... moreSd860

  • Maruf

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2021I am on 8/256 on huaxing and nvt-ts touchscreen(device info... moreIt is a good phone at the price i have never seen any phone like poco x3 pro that gives snapdragon 660 at too low price. The phone is verry good at all.

  • Anonymous

User987654321, 27 Sep 2021Bought the 6/128 variant. Sold it with in just a week of us... moreI am on 8/256 on huaxing and nvt-ts touchscreen(device info hw) I think that 6/126 has more issues. Most issue i faced are from software usual miui bugs, I never faced ghost touch neither bootloop though the phone heats up alot but it has a heatpipe that diverts the heat away from the soc to the battery and screen, It does cool down after not using for 10 to 45 minutes.

Bought the 6/128 variant. Sold it with in just a week of use. Too many issues l faced with the phone. It over heats so much. Battery drains too fast. Wallpaper zooms in.
The ghost issue scared me even if I haven't experienced it cause a lot have complained about it. Checked my display type and it was tianma so from then I decided to sell it.

  • Anonymous

After a month of usage, my x3 pro started to warm up 42c infrared themometer when in an online class or any call. Its much warmer than playing cod mobile. My solution is be in front of a electric fan but that doesnt fix the issue, should i buy a phone cooler(gaming phone cooler where you attach a fan at the back of your phone)

Seemingly a nice device but anything beyond 200g is a little on the heavier side for me 😕

  • Robs

Back camera is not up to the standard rest all are good and high performance.However it is is good budget phone.

  • Anonymous

Khanyez, 24 Sep 2021You need a gfx tool for that. It's not that hard to do... moreYeah just download gfx on play store. Pick the highest review gfx, set the fps to 90 then boom.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Dude pubg only support smooth extreme no 90fps lolHello Mr.Lol, do some search about config file and come again, Mr.Lol with lack of knowledge...

  • Khanyez

Anonymous, 23 Sep 2021Dude pubg only support smooth extreme no 90fps lolYou need a gfx tool for that. It's not that hard to do though

Bought it few days ago, here are few thoughts about it:
-its chunky boy, with weird weight balance that go to top a bit. Feel weird when unlocking it. its nothing major but if you jump from previous device you need to get used to its weight.

-screen is nice, 120hz look good, that ghosting people mention, is really not big deal and you need to actually swipe up/down fast to see it. Brightness is ok, and just ok, on direct sunlight you need to move it a bit to see screen.

-Performance are really good, but honestly in everyday usage memory and ram speed is more important as I used for some time medicore snapdragons 7xx and 6xx and beside heavy games they just work fine as this 860.

-Battery is ok, standby time is good as it doesnt loose much when it just sit there, when using media/games it get ok times, it should last even 2 days with medium usage. Also when charging it get tad hot.

-Camera is decent, lots of options to play with, nothing to complain really, maybe beside lowlight performances on auto.

-As most of xiaomi devices its FILLED with useless stuff and apps/games, and sadly you cant even turn some of it off, not to mention removing it, you need to play with ADB commands to remove it.

-Finding good screen protector for it is pain, just like with most of punch hole screens 95% of what you find even from better companies doesnt actually cover it properly.

-Included case is really nice, beside that flap for USB, that prevent you from inserting cable... annoying.

-Beside that its... just a phone like all others...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Sep 2021I have played pubg on 90fps but it's only stable on sm... moreDude pubg only support smooth extreme no 90fps lol

  • Carousel71

Just buy the 256/8 version, i had 128/6 not enough storage for video unless u have 1TB microSD and memory always less than 3gb.

Phone overheat while playing Farlight84 and Genshin Impact.

Battery drop fast while gaming (proly due to overheat).

Brightness over broad daylight does not work, so stay in the shade anytime you need to see the phone when outside.

The display HDR10 is nowhere to be useful somehow, better stick with 60hz amoled.

And last, these freak awful lot of BLOATWARE just dayum!!
Nobody asked for!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Sep 2021If gaming is the only priority, then this phone is much bet... moreI have played pubg on 90fps but it's only stable on small matches like in Arena otherwise in Classic matches it will vary from 70 to 90 fps, Avg 75 fps stable which is really great... Forget about 120fps

  • Anonymous

Owner of Poco X3 Pro, 21 Sep 2021Sooo, i own this device from 4 days and have no issues for ... moreHow to know the display information?

  • Anonymous

How can i change the Google dialer to mi dialer. Google dialer sent alert when i press call record. I am in India

  • Jin

Velanova, 20 Sep 2021Someone please tell me, are they gonna fix the ghost touch ... moreIf you changed the "Touch Response/Touch Sampling Rate" and "Sensitivity to Continuous Taps" in the "Other" section on Game Turbo Settings then you have to "Reset to Default Settings" of each Games.

  • Yusuf

What is game turbo virsion