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Funny how people are complaining so much without considering its price .Just go ahead and buy flagships instead if you want everything .

    joe, 17 Feb 2024The phone overheats frequently even in light usage. The tem... moreWhich version is yours? mine only gets up to 36 C with light use at 25-30 room temperature. SOT is about 8 hours going from 100 to 20% with 12 hours sceen off.
    Charging takes 37 mins from 20% to 100% with max temperature at 42 C.
    I have the global version on Hyperos

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      • joe
      • X%q
      • 17 Feb 2024

      The phone overheats frequently even in light usage. The temperature can reach 39°c indoors and 43°c out doors with ambient temperatures 28 and 30 respectively. Battery life feels like 4hr screen on time and drains heavily when using GPS.

        • j
        • joe
        • X%q
        • 17 Feb 2024

        Venom.., 16 Feb 2024Do you face any heating issues, what's the maximum tem... moreSaw it reach 43°c outside when ambient temperature was 30°c.

          Spanky, 07 Jan 2024Sure, you can buy a bigger memory card for less money, but ... moreIf a phone is really powerful then why would it slow down by using a microSD card? And what will you do it with this much of speed? Did you run bullet train through your phone?

            bhikaru, 16 Feb 2024lol, please note that this phone only have price tags $300-... moreDo you face any heating issues, what's the maximum temperature it reaches? And did you test in an AC environment or not?

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              • XZK
              • 16 Feb 2024

              Any idea why this phone is not yet listed in Google Play Console (https://storage.googleapis.com/play_public/supported_devices.html) where it's sibling X6 is listed? Also it's predecessor (X5 or X5 Pro) not listed in Google Play Console yet. Any criteria that these phones are not meeting to get them listed in Google Play Console ? Or is it just company's laziness to submit their new phone to Google?

                Zain, 13 Feb 2024I regret buying this phone. 5 days using it. Playing HSR se... morelol, please note that this phone only have price tags $300-$315 and you expect to play Genshin on highest settings will all effect on high preset without heating at all?

                what Poco F3? Poco X6 Pro far more better and supperior than F3 even F5.

                I use this phone on high setting but only set 45 fps and medium environtment detail, bloom off and motion blur medium. pretty safe to play GI for around 1-2 hr non stop.

                  After use for more than 2 weeks, this phone really worth better than other brand with same
                  price range:

                  Audio 8.5/10 (Wondering this audio could present in budget phone)
                  Display 9/10 (Superb, far better that 11T)
                  Performance 9/10 (Blazing Fast, Pretty Hot but still normal)
                  Camera 7.5/10 (Pretty decent and much better compared with 11T)
                  Haptics Feedback 10/10 (Feels so premium)
                  Design 8/10 (Could be better, but still good btw mine Grey color)
                  Ram Storage 12 Gb / 512 Gb UFS 4.0. 10/10(will never miss microsd slot anymore)

                  You couldn't be wrong choosing this phone better than 11T, F5 or 13T, just buy it and regret later if there is anything you could complaint for only $300 - $315 (12 Gb / 512 Gb)

                    Is there any heating issue while gaming without AC in the room?

                      Strong Chipset
                      Good display
                      Good Speakers
                      Not flagship level camera but its pretty decent
                      Phone is very worth it for its price but i hope it gets optimized for emulators and most of games soon. i joined lots of video game groups and most of the time x6 pro is not optimized at all. pretty strong chipset but it lags in most new games because its not yet optimized at all.. or will it even get optimized in the future. i hope so

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                        • MeoWoe
                        • xPQ
                        • 15 Feb 2024

                        Phone is pretty good but i hope mediatek gets optimized in emulators and most of games..i joined some video game groups and x6 pro is always not optimized in some games because its using mediatek chipset..

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                          • saad
                          • B{P
                          • 15 Feb 2024

                          Thank you. In fact, the site is very special, and I have been following your site for years.
                          If you mention the type of RAM, X4 or X5
                          As well as the degree of PWM dimming in reviews of modern devices, by adding a field when mentioning the device specifications.

                            Sam, 14 Feb 2024Then y u consider this device if ur not a heavy gamer would... moreThey do what???

                            I've owned a Poco F3 for over 2 years and it still runs as good a the day I got it. Stop lying to yourself.

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                              • Mike4
                              • 6vA
                              • 15 Feb 2024

                              MarquinhosX, 15 Feb 2024This phone is the best of the best, first, it has Android 1... moreand 4. - Its Got UFS 4.0 at 400EU unlike some other companies(OP12r) who charge twice the price and give you UFS 3,1 from 2020 and 8mp and 2mp for 750Eu !
                              Long Live The POCO X6 PRO !

                                This phone is the best of the best, first, it has Android 14 and that's a very positive thing, second, it has the MediaTek Dimensity 8300 Ultra processor and third, it's worth $400.

                                  pourya, 13 Feb 2024china firmware has not Google Service !yes it DOES
                                  in additional settings, accounts , enable basic google features option

                                    After using the phone for a few more days I can say that the battery indicator seems bugged.
                                    It randomly drops 2-3% every 4 minutes and then it stays at some percentage for about 15-20 minutes and then it drops again. I hope this gets fixed because it gets very annoying.
                                    However the battery lasts pretty good.
                                    I managed to get 10 hours SoT doing web browsing, scrolling through Facebook and Discord, listening music with Bluetooth headphones and even playing games with Citra emu with screen brightness at around 70% and 120Hz and no battery saver.
                                    I've never had overheating issues even while playing 3DS games at 2x native resolution, at worst the phone gets very slightly warm but it stays cool.
                                    When I go to sleep the battery drains 1 or maybe 2% for 8 hours.

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                                      • Zeni
                                      • 3bh
                                      • 14 Feb 2024

                                      Spanky, 14 Feb 2024GSMArena has finally posted the 3D model of this phone, in ... moreWhat options can u advice considering budget like this

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                                        • 3rT
                                        • 14 Feb 2024

                                        Alirezab, 13 Feb 2024Does anybody have battery 🔋 issues?YES