Xiaomi Pocophone F1

Xiaomi Pocophone F1

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  • Shaun

Sanjay, 22 Aug 2018is it stock android?Nope. Running MIUI for Poco.

  • Fizzy

Ummm if the back was plastic, there should've been wireless charging incl. It is aluminium (or kevlar), and it should work really well with the liquid cooling used in the Black Shark

If you buy this phone you're getting SD845 at a discount ... thanks to the premium Xiaomi has been, and is still levying on phones with 3-year-old SD625 stock.

Mediatek sux, 22 Aug 2018Oh yeah whatever . I just saw the poco has an sd slot and a jack.See? Don't judge before you see facts ^_^

People who are complaining, It Has a 3.5mm port , Hybrid SD Card Slot ...

Man 4000 mAh battery with QC 3 , SD 845 , Type C , 3.5mm port , Stereo Speakers for 300$ ,You can not complain about it.. Only thing is plastic back.I prefer plastic or metal over glass anyday.glass is just marketing trick with shiny but shattering Sh*t. Only plus side of glass is Wireless charging and dont expect wireless charging at this price point .

Kiyasuriin, 22 Aug 2018I do have, S9 (845/5.8/128) and the exynos variant of Note ... moreOh yeah whatever . I just saw the poco has an sd slot and a jack.

Xiaomi pocophone F1 or Zenfone 5 ?

Mediatek sux, 22 Aug 2018Come on, just get a galaxy or whatever...I do have, S9 (845/5.8/128) and the exynos variant of Note Fe (I do seek to get Snapdragon Note 9)

  • Chinan

I love this specifications but I don’t like the design of that phone
, so urgely. Especially the notch too big and screen size not big enough for gamer, my recommendation this should not be botch , it’s better

Kiyasuriin, 14 Aug 2018No SD card, notch and no headphone jack=Meh.Come on, just get a galaxy or whatever...

AnonD-481463, 13 Aug 201864 GB without SD card slot in 2018 = GarbageJust get something else that has all of those then. The point of this device is just the sd 845 at this price. I hope those who got the honor play are still happy.

LoneSeeker, 21 Aug 2018The body and notch is the greatest flaw of Pocophone....Bet... moreAgree with you there. However, I must admit that the price is extremely competitive. No other phone in this price range can match the spec of this phone.

india, 18 Aug 2018ugly phone, no sd card slot, worst screen to body ratio af... morePlease stop spreading misinformation. This phone supports micro sd up to 256gb. It's true that this does not offer a perfect appearance, but I would trade performance for looks anyday.

  • Sanjay

is it stock android?

  • Anonymous

MI8 is cheaper than Pocophone F1. Go for MI8. Better build quality.

  • uj

TheUrbanIndian, 21 Aug 2018POCO F1 is a phone for all gamers who dont wany to spend a ... morereal competitorof one plus 6 u lol dks

  • Anonymous

Amazing specs. 21k for these specs in India is an absolute steal. Cant wait to get my hands on this.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Aug 2018Mi 8 28k Pocophone f1 21k exactly 21k :D

  • Alex

All are great
But the sadness is no 3.5mm jack , no card slot and no infrared port :(

POCO F1 is a phone for all gamers who dont wany to spend a lot of moneh on high end devices. According to this article, the phone seems high on performance and utils but pretty meh on build and camera. Definitely not a oneplus 6 competitor.