Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Redmi 7A

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  • 4x

if only support 5ghz ac wifi, would be perfect

  • Anonymous

The regular Redmi 7 should have had these dimensions but with FHD+ screen.

  • Tae ng Pilipinas

Tom, 28 May 2019Alcatel 1s is better option I think, 3/32gb from start, fin... moreUnfortunately, no one is buying alcatel anymore. Soon it will be like the dodo bird.

  • Tae ng Pilipinas

Atleast they improved the battery on this and the Redmi 7. The Redmi 6 and 6A had crappy batteries.

  • Anonymous

80$ Phone+ splash resistent is best for price :) oppo phones have no water resistance or splash resistence, a lot of brands dont :(

  • Anonymous

sanity, 27 May 2019If I were Xiaomi I'll just put my money to phones that you ... moreBe like apple? Check how last year went for them

  • Anonymous

kamuon, 28 May 2019It's not even better than Redmi 4X from 2017 so why should ... moreBecause redmi 4x is more expensive

  • yah

you write here that it's dualsim and in the news that it's hybrid dualsim.
so what is it? hybrid dualsim is a deal breaker for me.

  • Tom

Alcatel 1s is better option I think, 3/32gb from start, fingerprint scanner, double camera on the back, a bit bigger screen with almost the same body size, there is also notification led. Alcatel has smaller battery than Redmi BUT there is Cortex A55 soc.

  • yah

how to remove the logo from the front?

  • kamuon

It's not even better than Redmi 4X from 2017 so why should anyone buy a phone that's not better than a budget phone from 2 years ago

Anonymous, 28 May 2019Why are they so cheap ? For specsBigger Battery, 10w charging, 12nm SD439, 5.45 inch 18:9, Android Pie Out of the Box, Redmi Logo on the front.

  • Anonymous

ItsDave011, 28 May 2019Better than the redmi go.Why are they so cheap ? For specs

  • Anonymous

dedicated memory slot & helio p35 would have made it buyable.

Better than the redmi go.

Anonymous, 27 May 2019no fingerprint !!!!! no buywhy no fingerprint?!
spec and size all perfect.
hope they make another version
with finger print price under 100euro.

Anonymous, 27 May 2019no fingerprint !!!!! no buyThat is not my problem say that to Xiaomi

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 May 2019no fingerprint !!!!! no buyalso xiaomi phones they doesn't support KNOCK CODE in setting. thats actually returns to 6 or more years ago
to use it instead fingerprint
jus face unlock in this phone
thats not cool

  • zwil

no big size, great battery, jack, radio fm, xiaomi price, and (i hope) decent camera.
Perfect for me to use whatsapp, facebook, youtube, and googlemap.
I don't need fingerprint.

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know for how long Xiaomi support their non-Android One phones?