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  • RAM

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020I am using Xperia XZ and Redmi 9 now. Performance wise almo... moreYou said Redmi is "laggy", what version do you have, 3/32 or 4/64?

  • Anonymous

Elena, 18 Aug 2020Ohh okay, and two more question, will there be an app for l... moreWhat kind of user are you? 32GB will depend on the type of your usage.

  • Elena

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2020no led indicator and im sure u can disable the apps even if... moreOhh okay, and two more question, will there be an app for listening music , except Youtube or Play Music, is there any app pre -installed where can I listen music which I have stored on SD card?
And 2nd question is that will be 32GB enough for nomal use ? for nomal user?
Thanks forward

  • Sajid

Already using this phone for like 2 month. So far so good. Gaming performance good, sound quality best, camera under budget good, Hitting issue normal, Very fast charging with a massive battery. Overall this phone is Best of the best.

  • Anonymous

Elena, 17 Aug 2020Hello, I have few question about this phone: 1. This phone... moreno led indicator and im sure u can disable the apps even if cant uninstall nothing happens.. dontt see how this is a problem really...

I want to buy this phone via Sundarban courier service.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2020I had a Sony Xperia X. Its charging port got damaged and to... moreI am using Xperia XZ and Redmi 9 now. Performance wise almost the same. But Redmi offer a lot more themes and wallpaper options from stock themes store, and more personalized feel. Redmi more laggy and unstable in OS department. Xperia XZ is smoother, but then again, my Xperia XZ wouldn't get any OS update anymore.

I would go for Redmi 9.

And screen and speaker quality, Xperia XZ beats Redmi 9 anyday.
Xperia XZ has dual stereo speaker

Redmi 9 wins in bigger screen size.

  • Elena

Hello, I have few question about this phone:
1. This phone have or haven't LED indicator on the front ?
2.Can you delete pre-installed apps? And if you can , what apps, can I delete Instagram or Facebook?, because I don't have Instagram and I want to use Facebook Lite

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Aug 2020is this phone waterproof or water resistant??Phones in this price this low aren't completely water proof.

They are however "Splash Proof". Meaning they won't be easily damaged by water if you get some on it, or accidentally drop it in water for a bit.

If you drop it in water, you must let the phone dry off before using or charging it. It's advised to switch it off as well.

  • Anonymous

Sourav, 16 Aug 2020Some people are saying that for long-term use mediatek chip... moreAll such people just repeat each other & have done no research or follow YouTubers who only say things that get them views & likes.

Mediatek chipsets are literally the best right now in entry level to midrange phones. Snapdragon is only ahead in flagship phones.

Regarding your query for a phone that lasts long... The truth is, no one can tell you that for sure. Only way to be 80% sure is this:

1. You should throughly check all tests of the phone you want to buy (Durability test, Water test, Drop test, Scratch test, Bending test, Heat test, Battery test, Signal test etc).
Gupta Information System performs good tests.

2. If it fairs well in the tests, join that phone's community on Facebook, Telegram, XDA, Gsmarena & see what problems / experience that phone's users are sharing.

3. If it's nothing major (like software bugs that can be fixed in updates) & only few people have problems, then you can buy that phone.

Important: Do not trust a specific "brand" for good or bad quality. You've to check the phone itself!

  • Sourav

Some people are saying that for long-term use mediatek chips Are not good & hampers the battery life. Can i expect better from this? Is mediatek is too bad for long-term use? I am not a heavy gamer, i just use normal social apps & sometimes pubg or pes..... Camera is also not my priority. I just want a long lasting device. So, should i go for it?

  • Tamki

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2020expect bad visibility outside in sunlight.. but this is a b... moreReally great Phone ii buy one Week ago in Germany .great Chipsets for gaming better from my Huawei Nova 5t .i buy just 110 euro best Phone ever Display fantastic good Job redmi highly recommend Thiss phone greetings from Germany

  • Anonymous

Stevelorde, 16 Aug 2020I have been using Redmi 9 for 1 month now and i can give a ... moreNice review

  • Anonymous

is this phone waterproof or water resistant??

  • Fantom

Stevelorde, 16 Aug 2020I have been using Redmi 9 for 1 month now and i can give a ... moreyou didn't tell us about the screen quality, when compared to your previous phone's camera is redmi 9 better or just not good for it class?

  • Anonymous

Is the ambient light sensor accurate enough and auto brightness function work well when light conditions changing

  • Stevelorde

I have been using Redmi 9 for 1 month now and i can give a short review summary.

• Gaming: absolutely perfect phone for low-range gaming 1080p 60fps and medium-range gaming 1080p 30fps in most newer demanding games (9/10 for a low/mid gaming)

• Build Quality: it feels sleek and of ultra quality like S20 and will stand the test of times. in addition, it comes with a TPU case that is shock resistant and gives awesome rigid feeling to the phone. (10/10)

• Operating System (MIUI11 currently): the operating system is nice and simple, kinda like a IOS and gives you plethora of options for your phone. HOWEVER, the amount of ads on MIUI are becoming EXTREMELY ANNOYING and make sure to turn off ads in all Xiaomi apps.
Moreover, MIUI12 is soon to arrive at the end of August month for the Redmi 9.
(7/10. the OS is great but the ads are disgusting hence why the lower score)

•Audio (Speakers): nothing fancy. it's your typical every phone speaker you ever heard. (6/10)

•Battery: FUCKING BLAST!. An absolute battery unit for such a budget phone but don't make your expectations too when gaming, because all games run on 1080p so it will consume the battery greatly. (10/10)

•Performance (Overall): the Mediatek G80 processor is very good for being a cheap budget gaming processor. there are no noticeable system lag and browsing and youtube'ing is a breeze. But don't expect no lag when you start to use 10 apps at the same time like TikTok + Facebook + Youtube (it's going to lag even on high end phones) (10/10)

• Miscellaneous: USB-C (so you are prepared for future), a fast Fingerprint at the back

•Camera: oh boy, well this is the only like mediocre thing about the Redmi 9. the Camera unfortunately comes short BUT IT'S NOT BAD AT ALL however don't expect extremely high quality photos like the more expensive phones. Moreover, night shooting is kinda bad especially when you have a dedicated sensor camera and artifical intelligence that could aid in night shooting. (6/10)

Redmi 9 deserves 9/10 for having such specifics for a budget phone, it looks great and PERFORMS GREAT, however it falls short in the Camera department which could have been much better but looks like Xiaomi sacrificed it for other areas. If you want a budget gaming phone then go for the Redmi 9 without a doubt. :)

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2020is redmi 9 good for playing free fire. Yes, on very high graphics.
MediaTech says that this Helio G80 is detected to gaming so you should be fine with pubg and cod even.

  • Anonymous

Redmi 9 or nokia 5.3 for the same price?

Fantom, 15 Aug 2020pls i want to ask if this phone screen quality is good like... moreStop spending your time playing on a phone screen and live your life, for real.