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Xiaomi Redmi 9

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2020Does this phone has a notification led?Not sadly

The Fm radio is it RDS or not on redmi 9 and redmi note 9 ??

  • Tubol

The best phone for 100 usd nice

  • Anonymous

Does this phone has a notification led?

  • Anonymous

this is the true champ of summer entry level range. Helio is OK but Gcam is bugged

  • Fahad

Anyone facing proximity sensor problem in redmi 9 ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2020Hi, I want to ask something, which one is better between Re... moreDefinitely Realme 3 Pro.

Realme 3 Pro has Snapdragon 710, which is much more powerful than Helio G80 of Redmi 9. It can play PUBG on HD at 40FPS or higher, while Redmi 9 can only 40FPS at Smooth/Low Graphics.

Realme 3 Pro has real gyro sensor, so you can also play trending Virtual Reality games/apps.
Redmi 9 has "virtual gyro", which doesn't let you play most VR apps.

Realme 3 Pro has a much higher spec & very optimised camera, even without Gcam. Its apertures allows it to capture very high detail compared to Redmi 9.
- It records in 4K@30FPS, 720P@240FPS and 1080P@120FPS. Redmi 9 records in 1080p@30FPS only.
- It has Video Stabilisation as well, which Redmi 9 doesn't.

Realme 3 Pro heats less than Redmi 9 and is more battery efficient (10nm chipset vs 12nm chipset).

Realme 3 Pro charges at 20W, while Redmi 9 charges at 18W.

Redmi 9 only offers:
- IR Blaster, which allows you to use it as a remote control for TV, AC & other electronics.
- It can mirror its screen at 1080p resolution. Not sure if they've updated Realme 3 Pro Widevine or not, but it can also mirror its screen.
- It has Type C Port.
- 5000mAh battery.

  • Anonymous

mr bulbol tae, 12 Sep 2020Because they are sponsored, a lot of youtube reviewers are.... moreI agree. I always say Vivo pretends to be Apple. Their phones don't excel at anything, be it performance, camera, built quality, specs or features.
Oppo is also overpriced, but they often have decent selfie cameras.

Xiaomi was also overpriced in my country until Realme launched. They decreased prices of Redmi Note 7 & Pocofone F1 by $100-200.

I like Realme, Huawei and OnePlus the most. I only recommend Xiaomi/Redmi when they offer exceptional value for money, because their performance & battery timing are always lower than others brands with same specs. MIUI has the most bugs as well.

  • Anonymous

Asipnac, 12 Sep 2020I am not getting paid by other producers unfortunately, I&#... moreIf you really aren't lying and its maximum brightness is too low for you "inside house", then it's quite obvious your device is defective.

Claim warranty immediately.

  • Anonymous

Hi, I want to ask something, which one is better between Redmi 9 or Realme 3 Pro or is there another smartphone that is similar to the two smartphones (I need one with good performance and a good camera and if possible, the camera supports 4K recording)

Thank you

  • Fahad

Is someone facing proximity sensor problem ? Sometimes when you make calls it won't turn back screen on what is the reason? Is there any dust issue or something else?

  • Kavi

Good Phone Best Budget.. Only Problem is No Night Mode i Hope The Update Will Bring Night Mode.. Camera Quality is BAD.

But Good For the Price..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2020Can someone tell me what's is the maximum size of exte... more512 Gb

  • arai29

I've some problem with this phone. i can't use live wallpaper at my home screen. it will somehow kill that app after some time n back to stock wallpaper. I've set the no restriction for battery used n even lock the live wallpaper app. but still it crashed. have used different live wallpaper app too, result still the same. how to fix it.?

  • mr bulbol tae

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020Exactly lol. Some people write fake reviews for no reason... moreBecause they are sponsored, a lot of youtube reviewers are. You can tell when watching them do reviews, its as if they cannot find any fault on the product they are reviewing. You can tell by their body language, facial expressions too. If you ask me, products from Vivo, Oppo. Why? these brands spend so much on marketing, its not surpising. I am not saying all their products are bad and not worth buying. But one thing I will say, is their products are very overpriced. For example, the Vivo Y30 that just came out, this is from their budget Y line, here in the philippines, they sell it for P9,999 pesos, which is also the early bird price for the Poco X3 NFC! now don't tell me those two devices are equal toe to toe? they are soooo far apart its like comparing an Apple to a guava (not that I have anything against guavas) but you do get my point.

  • Asipnac

Anonymous, 11 Sep 2020Exactly lol. Some people write fake reviews for no reason... moreI am not getting paid by other producers unfortunately, I'd love to, I just bought the phone, which as i said I believe is a good phone, but I am just very disappointed by the low brightness. If you want to believe that this is a fake review, do as you wish. I'll sleep tonight anyways.
I have no other complaints regarding this phone, and I'd hate to return it to Amazon. Maybe someone else out there is experiencing the same problem with brightness.
I am happy for the other owners if it is just my phone being defective

  • Anonymous

Hass1017, 10 Sep 2020Guys Infinix Note 7, Realme 6i or Xiaomi Redmi 9 and why. Y... moreRealme 6i.

Redmi 9 has some extra features, like IR Blaster & FHD display.
But Realme 6i has better Performance, Battery timing, Selfie Camera, Video Stabilisation, very high Brightness and similar Colour accuracy of display.

Infinix Note 7 was a good phone when it came out, but there's no reason to buy it now.
It's not that far behind other than its display, but Infinix customer service & phones' quality is less reliable than Realme.

  • Anonymous

SHERB tv, 11 Sep 2020Go for the Redmi 9.. i just ordered it. Compared it to the... moreVery true!

  • Anonymous

check yo eyes, 11 Sep 2020if you have to keep it at max brightness at home, either so... moreExactly lol.
Some people write fake reviews for no reason. Or maybe they getting paid.

  • check yo eyes

asipnac, 11 Sep 2020Wish I never bought this. The specs are nice for this price... moreif you have to keep it at max brightness at home, either something is wrong with your eyes or you got a defective phone. I use my phone at low brightness at home and I can see just fine