Xiaomi Redmi 9C

Xiaomi Redmi 9C

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  • Anonymous

did redmi 9c support nfc?

  • aryani

Anonymous, 05 Sep 2020did 9c support compass No

  • Anonymous

did 9c support compass

  • Abet

Is redmi 9c support wireless charging??

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2020Are they selling it in Indonesia? because here in Nigeria,w... moreIndonesia is always the forefront on Global Variants of Xiaomi. They even have exclusive variants like India

  • TT chua

KZTC panther, 23 Aug 2020Should I buy this phone or not?Worst performance ever... Note 9 is way more worthy

  • Anonymous

Can anyone who owns this phone help me? I want to know if it supports Gcam.

To check, all you've to do is download "Camera2 API Probe".
If FULL or Level 3 is ticked in this app, then it supports Gcam.

Gcam will make its camera quality MUCH better!

  • KZTC panther

Should I buy this phone or not?

  • Anonymous

Buyers in this price are lightweight users & don't need huge batteries, fast charging or these "slightly more powerful" chipsets.

I'd like a phone with:
Gyro sensor
Fingerprint sensor
12MP selfie camera
Screen Mirror
Google Camera support
Android One OS instead of heavy MIUI

Compromise can be:
Snapdragon 439
3000-3500 mAh battery
8MP back camera with good optimisation or 12MP back camera with bad optimisation (Gcam will make up for it).

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020So redmi note 8A is better than 9c?Only in charging, but performancewise 8a doesn't stand a chance. It's really up to you if u want faster charging or a faster phone

  • Nada

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2020redmi 8a has type c cable with 18w fast charging support bu... moreRedmi 8a got snapdragon so it support qualcomm quick charge. This one is a mtk.

  • bibby

Pree, 02 Aug 2020Is the camera gooddont expect a really good camera in that price.
I think the Camera is just okay and not really good.
But in this pricepoint this chipset is run about 2.3 ghz and that is fast. so dont expect that the camera is good.

  • Anonymous

Solar, 12 Aug 2020When are we get it at port Harcourt?Just order from AliExpress

  • Solar

Anonymous, 14 Jul 2020No its even better than 9A ,CWhen are we get it at port Harcourt?

  • Ahsan

Launched in Pakistan

  • himmi

Launching in Pakistan at 06pm (PST) today

  • Anonymous

This one had Corning Gorilla Glass (Version 3) as screen protection

For the price its not that bad this one uses Mtk helio 35
while realme c3 3gb/32 while this one got 3gb/64rom didnt sure if its for gaming since the Rom is that big for 3gb ram but that doesnt change the fact it still use Mtk helio 35.

  • Anonymous

MorganTeo, 11 Aug 2020Selling in Indonesia. Wait a few more weeks. Are they selling it in Indonesia? because here in Nigeria,we dont have it.

Selling in Indonesia. Wait a few more weeks.