Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium

Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium

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joe nodden, 01 Oct 2019Could you say that again but in legible English. (If you do... moreI said most people hands are shaking and because people are clumsy they cant hold device like on a stand when taing a photo.
So instead of OIS a stand would do.

CptPower, 30 Sep 2019Man for that case every a bit better shop selling camera st... moreCould you say that again but in legible English. (If you don't know what I mean try saying it out loud)

  • gallant_1808

it is precious thing
it is dramatically high performance

joe nodden, 29 Sep 2019Bruh look up a comparison. Quit comparing it to things you ... moreMan for that case every a bit better shop selling camera stands.
Becausue people have clumsy shaking hands.

  • Seaus

LTE Band specs are here:


LTE FDD: B1/B3/B5/B7/B8
LTE TDD: B34/B38/B39/B40/B41
Note: LTE B41 (2535 – 2655 120MHz)

CptPower, 26 Sep 2019Then dont explian to me. OIS is a feature like throtling ... moreBruh look up a comparison. Quit comparing it to things you literally cannot compare it to. OIS isn't useless at all in the slightest. It dramatically improves stabilization, and has no downsides at all. I guarantee you, along with literally everyone else in the world, don't have perfectly stable, gimbal-like hands. There's a reason people who care about their footage don't just carry around their camera by itself.

  • Anonymous

Mnaib , 26 Sep 2019Does k2 premium have built-in system recorder. Hope it has.... moreYes it does

  • Mnaib

Do k20 premium 12g ram 512g come with built-in system recorder? Hope it do!!

  • Mnaib

Does k2 premium have built-in system recorder. Hope it has. It's the best thing that in pocophone F1.

  • Mnaib

Redmi k20 pro 12g premium version is available for purchase in November. Where do I buy the EU brand and what the difference between China band and European brand.

  • Minoo

i Hope for Eu LTE bands

joe nodden, 26 Sep 2019Ok I can't really explain this to you so you're just gonna ... moreThen dont explian to me.
OIS is a feature like throtling CPU by Apple is a feature.
A feature which is not needed but people cry hard for having it.
Its same crap like having a memory card on a 512GB or 1TB.
Its same crap like shoe umbrella a complette useless invention but they trully exist.
Or a snowball maker. Etc.

CptPower, 25 Sep 2019Well thanks. Having a jack and use earplugs is like havin... moreOk I can't really explain this to you so you're just gonna need to look up a comparison yourself. OIS is not a gimmick.

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019No actually it's it's the Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro Premium the ... moreWith the 5G technology YES, but for this one no. Thats why K20 Pro is kind of embarrassing

klyzejr, 23 Sep 2019My 64Gb + 128Gb phone says otherwise, its at 70% capacity. ... moreI like saving stuff offline (TV shows/Music/Manga/etc) so i can read it while traveling or just in places that dont have wifi.
Man its like you making excuses for storing adult industry haha.

And wifi???
4G is almost everyywere i pay 30 euros a month for having unlimited calls sms and data.
Dunno whats your problem.
I really believe in countries like for example India same plan could cost maybe like 2-3 euros.

joe nodden, 23 Sep 2019Ok dude I agree with a lot of what you're saying but no OIS... moreWell thanks.
Having a jack and use earplugs is like having a stereo.
Tons of people living 24/7 with speakers in ears. Bbad for brain but no pain no gain.
And the OIS i understand some úpeople have clumsy shaking hands and even with EIS and OIS they will make a half or complete useless photo.
Even for this people can use a phone stand and app which takes photos after desired time.
If i set up 30 seconds from nnow then the phone will take a photo 30 seconds from now which i have a time for prepare when standing for example in front of some castle or mansion or a country which i trying to capture on photo.
On google play there are tons use usefull apps which works very well on everything literrary thee OIS is a costly gimmick.

gaaron, 23 Sep 2019dude cloud my a ss... SD card is useful and fk pop up cam...Pointless when you can have cloud storage SD card is complete useless.
SD card can be broken cloud storage cannot and if you loose your sign up settings then its your own failure.

  • Orange97

Anonymous, 24 Sep 2019Is this premium super ultra pro even coming to Europe? When... moreLG G8s is 430 Euros?!!!!! It's around 700 Euros! :|
I think you've read the price wrongly or maybe it's a used or lcd-broken LG G8s. XD

Anyway, glad to see someone who focuses on emulators rather than PUBG. :)
Well, if you ask me... And if don't have any problem with waiting or if you can't buy another phone for years after... I'd say that wait for the SD875. It's going to be used in early 2021 flagships (Galaxy S12, Xiaomi Mi 11, etc...) and it's going to be an INSANE improvement over the 7nm SoCs.

And I will explain it as simple as possible:
The more transistors in the chipset, the more it will be powerful and efficient.
The current SD855 (which is 7nm) can include 96.27 million transistors per square inch.
BUT... the SD875 (which is 5nm) will bump it up to 171.3 million transistors per square inch! Read it again... 171.3 million transistors per square inch!
Nearly double the 7nm chipsets! THAT'S INSANE!

  • Anonymous

Is this premium super ultra pro even coming to Europe? When I wanted a pocophone, sd855 was better than sd845 so I decided to wait for pocophone 2 with a potential sd855 but the Poco brand might be dead so when I saw about the k20 pro having a sd855 and be called a flagship killer I got excited... until I saw that there's no SD card, only a mono speaker and no NFC for the global (mi 9t pro version)

Then I was looking for sd855 phones in a online store of my country and saw a LG g8s which has sd855 (didn't even knew about LG phones having a sd855 haha), stereo speakers, SD card up to 1TB (what the hell?) and UFC which sounds like the complete package for a gamer and all of that for the price of 430€??? And the price can fall even lower so that's a real flagship killer 🤣

K20 pro/mi 9t pro on the other hand has faster system updates, I love the design more and it doesn't have a notch like the LG g8s, can those two phones have a baby with all the specs I need? 🤣 (I think the LG g8s will get Android 10 and the notch isn't such a huge downside so after a second though cancel the baby idea haha)

Is sd855+ way waster than sd855 in Citra and damonps2 pro? Other emulators run games at max speed in sd855 so I'm only interested in sd855+ if it's way faster in Citra and damonps2.

If this k20 pro premium won't come to Europe as mi 9t pro premium or whatever then I will either buy that LG gs8 or wait 3-4 months for the upcoming sd865 phones which will 99% kick sd855+ butt.

  • Anonymous

Anon, 24 Sep 2019Maybe will release as Mi 9t Pro Premium We really don't know if it gonna release in Europe as the Mi 9t pro premium