Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

Xiaomi Redmi K30 5G

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  • Md

Nica device
New i want to buy

  • Anonymous

Lcd why

  • Sean

Punch hole?
120hz? Maybe 90hz but 120 seems a lot.
2x optical? I hope 3x
Charging speed? They should improve.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Nov 20195G?Yes

  • Anonymous

It's impossible to launch a phone with ips display cuz amoled lovers go crazy, even though the market is flooded with amoled phones

  • raaj shah

Anonymous, 27 Nov 20195G?yes

  • icefyre

Why lcd screen ?

  • RAF

If they keep making the screens bigger and bigger with every new release why don't they just release a 7.5 inches one and then we can stop focusing on increasing screen size with each new release?

  • Versatl

Anonymous, 27 Nov 20195G?K30 IPS LCD / 4G
K30 Pro SAmoled / 5G

  • M9hit

Anonymous, 27 Nov 20195G?Nope only it's k30 pro is 5g

  • RAF

All I wish for Christmas is a... compact phone with a screen smaller than 6 inches.

Seeing this specs, There will definitely be a K30 pro version.

  • pro

ok, it must be IP68

  • Wodan

Don't know about the side mounted fingerprint scanner.... What's wrong with face scanner or Underscreen fingerprint scanner?

  • Nick

Downgraded screen for 5G? Man...

  • Wodan

k, 27 Nov 2019going backwardsPaddling the wrong way!

  • Anonymous


  • what?

ips lcd?

  • Trooper

Lcd screen ? Really ??

  • M&K

k, 27 Nov 2019going backwardsExactly, especially display - notchless K20 was much better.