Xiaomi Redmi K30i 5G

Xiaomi Redmi K30i 5G

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  • Enzoizzy

we would love 512gb 12gb ram version on the K30 5G

  • Anonymous

This is not good phone for me because there is not dedicated micro memory Card slot in it. Company shoud give dual sim card plus dedicated micro sd card slot. If company do this then many people will buy this type of phone

  • Nick

What's this? is this redmi k30 5g Racing re branded? ahahahaha

  • Anonymous

K30I...Dimensity 800

Mi 10SE...Dimensity 1000 & compact size like p30 + p40 of huawei

  • Anonymous

i meant g57

  • Anonymous

what is that g52 mp4 nonsence?

  • Gulogulo

I hope that when it comes official, there should be a 128GB variant. The problem is, if available, then it would price on par with the xiaomi mi 10 youth.

  • andrew

hi GSMArena , The mtk Dimencity 800 series can support Full HD+ displays up to 90Hz refresh rate. Not 120Hz . can you rectify it ? on specification section, or their is a chance of SD 765 which is support 120Hz..

  • Anonymous

Great budget option for 5g, but I would go for k30 5g instead (better camera, processor, plus the rom support)

Yee, another Dimensity phone! We need more Dimensity benchmarks... Thank you Xiaomi

  • Jsjsj

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2020No card slot? Useless phone for many. Well, at least it's b... moreSo true. Phone manufacturers should have a default black unit.

  • Anonymous

Thank God! It has the headphone jack.

  • Anonymous

No card slot? Useless phone for many. Well, at least it's black, unlike K30 only available in vomit inducing bad-taste colors

  • Noob

Much better realme 6 but its just 5g it just 120hz rate it just 7nm chip realme 6 is better than this shit

Arka, 23 Apr 2020Lol you need a memory card with 128 GB internal. HahaYes, N 0 0 B, LOL . Maybe you don't need MSD slot but I do. You need to understand that people have different needs and opinions about.
You don't need MSD slot in a smartphone with 128GB internal storage right?
It's you, not me. No one cares if you don't like extra features.

  • Anonymous

120hz with coaltek chip? Do Xiaomi really wants the prize for the worst phone battery of the year?

  • GSX

i really like to have better ultra wide cam it should be over 13mp i m get tired of same results from 8 mp it needs to be improve

  • Zero

Expected to see the Redmi Note 9 5G with Dimensity 800
And this one with Dimensity 1000.

This will come with MIUI 12, not 11.

This is roughly the same price I paid for my 4G version. They dropped the useless macro camera and reduced the front to just one punch hole. I'd say this is overall better, but custom roms will suffer since it's an MTK chip.