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Xiaomi Redmi Note

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-271830, 14 Jul 2014I wanted to ask around from Malaysia. It's priced at RM509 but t... moreRM 509 only 1 specs which is the higher specs Octa Core 1.7 Ghz, such price surely can't beat Ip5S & S5 lah ! U pay RM 509 & expect RM 2000 quality meh...lol

  • DEEP

need to know calling facility

  • Abhi_Delhi

gh0st0fdattic, 10 Jul 2014I am using the Redmi Note WCDMA, kickass phone but when I put it... moreHow come you have this phone in India?
this is still not launched!

  • Abhi_Delhi

I can comment on How Xiaomi creates the Hype and seels in Seconds.

e.g. They will
1. Officially Announce the Phone on 01-July
2. Then Officially Launch the Phone on 15-July
3. Then they ask people to Register online on eCommerce portal from 15-July to 21-July
4. They will start selling these phones on 22-July

Now see the HYPE that is created and some loyalists being developed using the above strategy

They are really playing it smart and using the Digital Marketing route!!
cheers, open for further comments

  • MegaWolfen

Just wanna know, how is the sound quality of this phone, coz it doesn't mentioned much in the spec or feature. thks

  • AnonD-283963

AnonD-155263, 16 Jul 2014Just launched in India. Price tag INR 9,999/-. Roughly 110·not yet launched,it will launch soon

  • AnonD-155263

Just launched in India. Price tag INR 9,999/-. Roughly 110·

  • AnonD-283963

AnonD-274958, 18 Jun 2014Redmi note cant store photo/video and screenshot to the sd card.... moreIt's not a phone problem ,it's android problem
search in xda for answer

  • CJ

AnonD-283813, 15 Jul 2014Definitely not faster than S5 or iPhone 5S. GPU and CPU are both... moreconsidering, unlocked, it costs like what £400 - £500 less than an iphone it's pretty damn amazing.

  • AnonD-283813

Definitely not faster than S5 or iPhone 5S. GPU and CPU are both weaker in the Redmi.

  • Anonymous

i decide to buy this phone too.anybody had sound too weak about this phone.the ear speaker & incoming call sound

  • zuky

how is the signal in england with giffgaff

  • AnonD-271830

I wanted to ask around from Malaysia. It's priced at RM509 but there are two variables? The price is great and very strong phablet to me. Do you think it outshines iPhone 5S and Samsung S5 slightly? Would this fare well in lots of awesome 3D games?

  • AnonD-73755

Eric Choong, 23 Jun 2014Hi, bought this Redmi Note yesterday. I cannot update my Faceboo... moreuse the web browsner....if facebook app does not work

  • AnonD-73755

AnonD-277063, 25 Jun 2014Bought this phone and been using it for more than a week now. Ba... morei also buy from directd......regret buying their screen cover....cost RM50....thought i misheard is only RM10.....n also dont buy their NOTE phone cover....over price ...is RM50.....go to lowyat n search ...many types to choice from RM10 to RM35

  • ipohcow

kimiey123, 29 Jun 2014where do u see the rm450 price?? i have check directd, the price... moreI bought from direct......was rm599.....now price gone up another more.....becarefull.....they charge rm50 for good quality screen cover.....just buy phone n nothing else.....phone cover buy outside.....also rm50 from them.....not worth it!

  • ipohcow

maieyra, 02 Jul 2014I'm using galaxy grand quattro and definitely dissatisfy with it... moreNo problem.... can upload....camera front n back very good

  • Babu Sundar

habib, 07 Jul 2014I buy xiaomi redmi note 3g ,1.7ghz,2gb ram.but problem I can't d... moreIn MIUI OS, go to "SYSTEM " Icon go to "downloads" there you can "resume " the file downloads and you can also set the filsize limit for WLAN.Hope this helps.

  • AnonD-280722

gh0st0fdattic, 10 Jul 2014I am using the Redmi Note WCDMA, kickass phone but when I put it... moreyou gotta make sure that your cellular network has a really strong connection. this is actually one of the downside of redmi note WCDMA. it detected less 3G network as you can see from the specification. it only convers HSDPA 1900 / 2100 which means only the strong and medium one will be detected. for weak 3G connection, it probably can't detect or switch to roaming if your network support it.
i'm from malaysia and some of us have been experiencing the same too. but not me though since i'm using a strong cellular network which has strong 3G network everywhere. there's no way to solve this for the moment so you might want to change to other strong cellular network to use 3G. hope this helps :)

  • Anonymous

Xiaomi Redmi Note is now becoming a Craze.Nobody is in ease without this Redmi . It spells on minds of everyone.But the problem is a Big issue you can not buy it in market because availability is zero.this is very troublesome annoying.fans depressed greatly becoming sick.rubbish copy of Redmi will introduce in markets when the original Redmi will come in market.