Xiaomi Redmi Note

Xiaomi Redmi Note

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  • Chen Laoye

Does any one in US own a Xiaomi3/Hongmi/Hongmi-Note? If o, how does it work? Thanks.

  • Chen Laoye

Any one in US Washington State own the Xiaomi Hongmi Note? if so, how does it works? Thanks

  • girlie

A friend bought a month ago redmi phone...but her phone having problem..when she type password...shows emergency call display...any idea what to do?

  • Redstar

When will this phone buy in Việt Nam. I seem like ...I will wait to buy ...Thanks!

  • anthonycss

With xiaomi current stock availability, it would be better to look for other alternative than stuck there waiting for it forever, as there always other option available in the market. Coolpad halo F1 wcdma version is already available at around 190usd from ali express, which has similar spec.

  • AnonD-217853

Ravjot Singh , 28 Mar 2014I live in India. When I pre order it, then whenever I will ... moreNO

  • AnonD-217853

JUSTINE, 26 Mar 2014How can i get it in Uganda?No. you could buy online and paid approx $100 more w/shipping

  • AnonD-217853

JUSTINE, 26 Mar 2014Does it support NFC?NO

  • AnonD-217853

John , 30 Mar 2014Can we use this phone in the USA with T-Mobile?NO 3g, only voice (2g), and very weak/poor voice.

  • AnonD-217853

NO WCDMA band, and GSM missing the 850 band, Heads up. If you use this phone anywhere other than in China, DO DO UR RESEARCH.

  • alireza

what do u think guys? do think it's good or not?

  • YAHWEHsonren

Anonymous, 31 Mar 2014I'm guessing this device comes with the same OS as the hong... moreIn china only.but in may in singapore xiaomi redmi note will have wcdma and google.my brother live in singapore.can not wait to buy and bring to indonesia

  • Anonymous

I'm guessing this device comes with the same OS as the hongmi and will still have loads of chinese characters throughout making it difficult for non chinese speaking folk? Also I assume no google play services or google play out of the box?

  • John

Can we use this phone in the USA with T-Mobile?

  • Ravjot Singh

I live in India. When I pre order it, then whenever I will get the phone, will I get wcdma model?

  • Turuu

Right now in China Xiaomi is selling TD-SDMA version so its not gonna work on 3G elsewhere. Look for the WCDMA release shouldnt take long.

  • AnonD-239883

this phone could have been better with RADIO, Gorilla glass protection and Active Noise Cancellation


Does it support NFC?


How can i get it in Uganda?

  • Nixon

Can i order directly from their store ???? I just want ONE Redmi Note .... could you guys help me ????