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Xiaomi Redmi Note

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  • AnonD-217853

Nixon, 22 Mar 2014Where can i buy it - im from Vietnam..... I just have a cha... moreThere is no way you can buy one if you are not in China. Even if you are in China, your chance of getting one is less than 1/10000%. Preorder over a million, supply around 30-50 thousand. You could get one at aliexpress for $200 over its original price after batches are shipped.

  • Nixon

Where can i buy it - im from Vietnam..... I just have a chance to try Xiaomi phone from my Chinese friend and i really love that by the way. How much is Redmi Note???? Thank you guys

  • ranjit

AnonD-176317, 20 Mar 2014is dual sim card phone!Ya doul sim and otg supported

  • AnonD-246364

Xiaomi usually will sell China only 3G (similar to Hong Mi 1S situation now) for the first batch of new launch phones. Gotta show some home land love right?

Next they will insert WCDMA into the next batch of 'international' launch countries which currently consists of Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Malaysia is next on the list.

What I love about the Redmi phones price is that they still the same for increasingly better specs! From Hongmi (China) to Redmi (International) to Redmi 1S to Redmi Note!

I pity the telcos as customers of countries touched by Xiaomi are now having a paradigm shift about going for the subsidized contract model when thinking about buying new phones...

  • ikill

3g wont work in most countries i guess? 2100 frequency band missing.

  • Anonymous

Will it work in europe (estonia)?

  • wayang

how about MHL or OTG support ?
does this phablet have it?

  • lol

120 euro?

  • john

im the first one to comment
redminote hasnt been shipped till march 26
i'll definitely buy one to experience the new xiaomi product
guess its one of the few advantages when you live in china

  • AnonD-176317

is dual sim card phone!

  • jcko81

This is a masterpiece!!!!