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I've been using this phone for about good six months, the camera is good, the battery is good and so far I haven't have any major issues with this. Apart from only disappointment when I found out that it has emulated proximity sensor.

  • czarls

I don't understand all of the hype about this phone. AOD which works only for 10secods is a NONSENSE on amoled screen, period. They force us and we cannot change this.

  • Veepak

Xiaomi makes 33w charging to 10w charging with miui updates.Shame on you xiaomi.

  • Anonymous

Comment only, 17 Oct 2021They have a lot of complains but why they still buy? The p... moreImagine people complaining about a phone that is almost non profitable for xiaomi and half the price of a mediatek processor of samsung. Thats so sad.

  • Anonymous

Tang, 17 Oct 2021iPhone and Samsung? Free also don't want~Xiaomi

  • Comment only

They have a lot of complains but why they still buy?
The problem was so easy if u dont like the phone sell it and buy other phone that suits to ur satisfaction

  • Comment only

If anyone have a problem in any phone they bought,
Just think now, they should be make their own phone so they satisfy theirself.

Muhammad Karzan, 16 Oct 2021Terrible,Trash,Worthless,Waste of Money,Horrible,Every Bad ... more10000% true. Xiaomix top HW is a mismatch for MIUI and is like driving a Ferrari is shi**t load of quick sand...

Muhammad Karzan, 16 Oct 2021Terrible,Trash,Worthless,Waste of Money,Horrible,Every Bad ... moreiPhone and Samsung? Free also don't want~

  • Anonymous

Gaben, 16 Oct 2021It's not technical support forum. It's not even X... moreYou nail it.
Seems that comments here are mostly made by kids

  • Dennis

CSINGH, 06 Oct 2021i just purchased this phone and found something wrong in it... moreYes, i also experienced the same

  • Real User

AFTER 5 month of sucks MIUI updates 12.5.1 until 12.5.6.. now my phone RN10P BACK to the greatest state ever.. AFTER I had flash back the ROM to MIUI 12.0.1 RKFMIXM

After waiting so long in frustration with stup*d Xiaomi engineers which had turn my phone worse and worse day by day after their update by update.. I decided took the risk to SAVE back my phone hardware by FLASHING their STUP*D 12.5.X ROM using Mi-Flash and Mi-Unlock Tools.

BEFORE FLASH THE ROM (12.5.1 - 12.5.6)
- The battery drains so fast (less than 38 hours per single charge with usual daily usage)
- The battery drains so fast even in static/rest mode (very high 'parasitic' lost) with unknown reason.
- The cellular networks (HSDPA+, 4G & VoLTE) was very unstable and not reliable. Disconnected with unknown reason, the worst happen, when the phone fully lost cellular networks connectivity after a voice call session.. so weird and bad things! I have no such issues before those updates or other backup phone.
- The WiFi connectivity lost or dropped intermittently or unstable state. WASTED device!
- The charging process took longer than 1.8 hours and associated with excessive HEAT! A good practical user will know how intense the heat of a normal HEALTHY & OPTIMIZED charging management vs unoptimized hardware & software integration of a phone. Thus, these JUNK MIUI updates will EAT faster of our phone's battery life.. degraded the charging cycles and peak current holds massively. Then less then 2 years the phone will become a junk!
- Proximity sensing problems over the screen during and after phone calls. These version updates had put my phone worst. Sluggish and unresponsive screen + power buttons.. end up need to turn off the phone and restart it again!
- Screen function become sluggish and less sensitive, scrolling, tapping etc. More time taken for screen usage, more obvious the battery being eaten!
- Multiple on-screen apps running will become slower/ less responsive.
- Heat issues at the back cover during phone normal operation.
- HARD to pair Bluetooth devices or error connection occured
- Sluggish camera operation (stocked apps)
- Other minor mixed issues that were forgotten.
* I had


- I AM TELLING the TRUTH.. the phone really back to it's greatest condition of battery life! AMAZINGLY & UNBELIEVABLE...! I can see my phone very strong now with the same battery! For example, after 8 hours charged, I had 1 session of non-stop cellular voice call more than 50 minutes + fully running daily apps, socmed, browsing, it just drown 9% off.. meaning from 100% I had let it sitting in rest mode for 4 hours, I checked it out, It still at 100% and just after a minute of using the browser, it drop by 1 % ->99%. After 8 hours it remain at 91% after above events. Now it can stands more than 49-51 hours per single charge until it shut down at 1%.

See HOW obvious those STUP*D MIUI 12.5 version had fooled some of the RN10P owners and our phones SUFFERS from these well-planned 'updates' for what reason? WHAT is the 'trade-off' benefits after all these sufferes? Anyone from XIAOMI staff or DIE-HARD Mi-fan can explain it to me?
* setting almost as the same in MIUI 12.5.X, using customized MIUI themes (some other 3rd parties developers also indicates certain extra drain of battery capacity)

- NO MORE cellular bands lost/ dropped calls/ weird issues!
- NO MORE WiFi intermittent lost/ connectivity issues!
- NO MORE Bluetooth error paring or sent files with certain devices
- Camera running smoothly, normal shutter operation faster than before.
- The screen running so SMOOTH.. I CAN FELL IT like it was taken out from the box during the time of purchase!

Hope these helps! Thanks

  • Gaben

Vishal, 16 Oct 2021During hami there is lots of heating esue and it takes too ... moreIt's not technical support forum. It's not even Xiaomi or Redmi forum. Why do people keep posting here messages like this? "Please fix it". Like who? Me?

  • Vishal

During hami there is lots of heating esue and it takes too much time to charge, please fix it, and sum times we can feel the laging issue

Muhammad Karzan, 16 Oct 2021Terrible,Trash,Worthless,Waste of Money,Horrible,Every Bad ... moreI'm using it with no issue at all...just love the phone very much plus I have note 10 too as my spare phone. can't say anymore since it's really value for money with decent spec.

  • Gaben

Muhammad Karzan, 16 Oct 2021Terrible,Trash,Worthless,Waste of Money,Horrible,Every Bad ... moreIf it's too hard for you to disable ads then yes, iphone is perfect for you.

Terrible,Trash,Worthless,Waste of Money,Horrible,Every Bad Thing in this F**king chinese Phones,Hundreds of Failures Crashes Bugs Mistakes ,Someone tell me wich kind of smartphones there built in app contains Ads?
The Answer is Chinese Smartphones
Anyone Who Wants To Buy Smartphones Here's an advise
only buy IPhone or Samsung.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021Thanks for the information. Is there a way to delete this s... moreDelete unused app. And manually go to apps and click clear data. Will.solve the issue. Note that in apps that youve logged in, you may have to re login after that.

  • Gaben

No update for EU rom for more than 2 months. This is annoying.

Exhert, 20 Sep 2021I got mine today. I'll come back here to post whatever... more2 days ago i got updated to MIUI 12.5.8 nothing out of the ordinary so far.