Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

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  • osama

most satisfactory thing for me after sunny leone

  • Anonymous

can any buyer plz tell me about his xperience.. about this phone , about
hanging or not
heatimg prblem
and other things
some re tlking that their piece are diffective , us there are defctvce ones.

  • Ali

Gta?nova 3? gameing support are note plz help me

  • madula

tuti, 12 Mar 2016Its 2nd sim slot is also its sd card slot or memory slotno the secondsim slot does not support the memorycard slot :(

  • Ritik

Which best phone for buy Galaxy j7 or sony c4 dual need help

  • sagar

Which is best :-moto g turbo or redmi note 3 plss reply guyss

  • mohammad tariq

I realise that I play games in GB it is posible Internel memory fill up
But I like this phone

  • Bahubali

Hey! frnds i need a phone but m confuse between Galaxy j7 or Sony c4 dual can u give mee some advice which phone is best for buy? Thank you!

  • Anonymous

how about the perfomance...
does it heats

  • Sameer

REMO, 13 Mar 2016guys plz help me. What should i buy ? Lenovo k4 or redmi no... moreGo for redmi note 3 32 gb

  • Anonymous

AnonD-502277, 12 Mar 2016Moto g turbo is good in all aspects but if you can wait for... moreLol go compare c5 ultra selfie and zenphone selfie.u will see the different between Sony sensor and crap sensor that Asus use.even Nexus 5x have better selfie camera in daylight.if it has flash at front trust me easily that 5mp can beat Asus zenfone selfie front camera

  • Yogi

AnonD-402029, 13 Mar 2016just bought 32gb/3gb note 3 gold (mediatek) yesterday, very... morePlease tell about camera and sound quality

  • Agustiar Falahi

veeeery satisfied with the price and the performance. gigantic 4000 mAh battery, octa-core processor, 5.5 inch screen with 1920x1080 resolution. but one thing, one thing only disappoint me. it is said that the battery is lithium polymer, but when i see on CPU-Z, it said li-ion, why? can anyone explain it to me?

  • AnonD-402029

just bought 32gb/3gb note 3 gold (mediatek) yesterday, very satisfied as i dont play heavy game and i need clearmotion (i cant live without it). maybe 32gb internal is not enough for media but for me its still quite big and i have otg cable so so. if you guys need more gaming power/sd card then snapdragon variant is better choice.

  • AnonD-402029

sekhar , 11 Mar 2016Plzzz tel me that the touch buttons have backlighting yes it has white light on nav button

  • Anonymous

Guys should i by mi4 or redmi note 3 UTS to confusing pls help and suggest

  • praveen

maddy, 12 Mar 2016Please read on the slot of sim crd how to insert mem crd ,.... morecard slot not available in the phone

  • manisha

Rajesh, 12 Mar 2016Asus best phnI m r8 now using le 1 s it has got good look sensible touch but cam quality is very poor functionaly u can get just 1 to 1.2 gb ram from 3 gb nd there is very less space for app storace it has got 2 home screen nd u can't store all this things here plus other small pbs nd my one frnd using moto g specs are old but it is nice phone no battery heating and plus good cam quality ! Its nicer than le 1 s

  • REMO

guys plz help me. What should i buy ? Lenovo k4 or redmi note 3. As both r china made nd has similar spec. Help me out.

  • AnonD-514074

Please, can someone tell me does this version of note 3(32gb 3gb ram), like the pro version, support 4k recording with 3rd party apps(google camera etc) because mediatek proccesor can support recording up to 4k?
Thank you