Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 (MediaTek)

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  • Ghauri
  • 6Pg
  • 17 Sep 2018

I bought it two year old. Best phone in budget price .all features good . Battery good performance.

    we bought it and microphone didn´t work. We returned it back and bought motog5s+

      Very well explained the features of Redmi Note 4

        It is a device that is attending me very well here in Brazil. I use it at TIM Brasil. Unfortunately it does not work on the 700MHz frequency in Band 28, so I can not use VoLTE technology in the TIM Brasil operator. When it comes to Xiaomi support for this specific model with Mediatek processor, Xiaomi is leaving much to be desired, it seems that Xiaomi abandoned the updates for this model with Mediatek processor

          gringo, 26 Jun 2018you will be in marshmallow for ever !))) not i)) i havent. I want to know if go android 7 or high, mqy i buy for selling. But snapdragon redmi note 4 also didnt buy..

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            • mir3x
            • svt
            • 07 Aug 2018

            Compared to variant with snapdragon it has no advantages.
            It heats up very much, even after 10 mins youtube videos its getting quite warm.
            Xiaomi doesnt care about it -newest beta roms is joke - battery life is less 50% on it. 2 hours of youtube on beta rom and battery will drop to 10% from 90%.
            Even with each "stable" rom battery is weakier after each update.
            I reverted to 8.5 frm 0.7.2017 stable Rom, bc battery life looks to be very good there.
            It never got official android update to Nougat.
            Unofficial ROMS with Nougat are very buggy, there is no ROMS with Oreo.

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              • mir3x
              • svt
              • 07 Aug 2018

              Anonymous, 04 Jun 2018No fyi it's not mediatek's fault… Actually mediatek does r... moreIf mediatek was releasing source there would be many unoficial ROMS, but all nougat roms all buggy, and there is no single oreo rom for Note4 MTK.

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                • riyosha
                • XsG
                • 29 Jul 2018

                this phone is not garbage, but it isnt good either. for the price, id say its completely worth it. the camera leaves a lot to be desired and the build quality is meh.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • sxr
                  • 29 Jul 2018

                  the worst phone in 2016! you will go throught a lot of hell with this phone

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                    • Anonymous
                    • U{1
                    • 19 Jul 2018

                    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 powered by Mediatek MT6797 Helio X20 chipset, is one of the best performing gadgets I've ever used.... never did it ever heat up nor did it hang while too many tabs were open!

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                      • Rlzd23
                      • tEZ
                      • 16 Jul 2018

                      Just found out today through Benchmark test that my Note 4 is using this MTK CPU after 7month usage .. damn took me long to realize it. Well my friend just gave me this phone as present though. So far never face any problem, just camera is bad and gaming experience is just good but not that great, multitask is running ok

                      Well it shocked me fyi. lol

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                        • Mediatek hater
                        • sxr
                        • 14 Jul 2018

                        This phone sucks. I regret buying this phone instead of a snapdragon variant. Playing games on this device will stress the heck out of you and the camera quality is bad considering that this was just released in 2017

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                          • exbattalionpolpol
                          • t7x
                          • 03 Jul 2018

                          this phone charge so fast but it drains fast while the sd charge normall and drains normal

                            ellusionist, 30 Jun 2018Only MARSHMALLOW, but the Snapdragon version is get the Nou... moreThanks.. I know that snapdragon android 7.. About that ask if mediatek also go or stay android 6..

                              Gug555, 23 Jun 2018Hi. Please say me this MEDIATEK model stay in ANDROID 6 or ... moreOnly MARSHMALLOW, but the Snapdragon version is get the Nougat updates..thats why i'm selling mine Reno 4 MTK

                                gringo, 26 Jun 2018you will be in marshmallow for ever !I havent. Fot selling want.. But if even android 7 wont.. Not prefer.. Redmi 5plus more good.

                                For my use may i take redmi note 5, few.. That may i cant use 2sim.. 64gb for me low space.. Only 64gb my microsd and 32gb phone already few years

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                                  • gringo
                                  • rXM
                                  • 26 Jun 2018

                                  Gug555, 23 Jun 2018Hi. Please say me this MEDIATEK model stay in ANDROID 6 or ... moreyou will be in marshmallow for ever !

                                    Hi. Please say me this MEDIATEK model stay in ANDROID 6 or there is update and go Android 7

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                                      • Exof
                                      • 61x
                                      • 08 Jun 2018

                                      I own it and use it in almost 1.5 years
                                      this is a simple experience
                                      and subjectif, so it could be different with another people experience

                                      i like this design so much, and one of my reason don't change until now is the design
                                      looks cool, elegant, and sturdy
                                      imo, the newest xiaomi phone such as redmi 5 plus or redmi note 5 were failed the design,
                                      i don't like how they mix the metal and plastic in top and bottom, the phone doesn't looks weel and lost it's unibody feeling.
                                      and redmi note 4 mtk, the design was the best one, full metal body

                                      and performance,
                                      i don't really think it was fast, for game is just standard,
                                      I play RR3 daily and after i played about 30 minutes, the graphic performance were decreased,
                                      that was not pleasant experience.
                                      i tried to play PUBG, but this one could not handle it, even in lowest graphic, it still laggy,
                                      i don't know it's hardware or software
                                      for most game is actually okay

                                      Battery Capability
                                      This one is the worst weakness from this one
                                      i play RR3 30 minutes and it takes the battery almost 30%
                                      and start from 100% it easily dropping out to 80-90% just in idle position,
                                      i think there was a bug
                                      hope xiaomi release the update soon
                                      if i use for normal daily routine (no games)
                                      it could last to 10 Hours
                                      but it is depend on different network and setting.
                                      i would say that the battery durability is not really good

                                      but after i use it for long time i know some tricks
                                      and i can playing games 1 hour without decreasing the performance
                                      the tips is playing with a fan nearby the phones, or in a cool condition,
                                      it's helping but still need an effort

                                      my conclusion is, this phone is not that really bad,
                                      but if i could recommend someone to bought it or not,
                                      if you are a gamer, look for another phone.

                                      but if only for daily routine, i think this phone is good enough
                                      and the design was awesome.
                                      really good looking and looks expensive, the metal on the back was the best on Xiaomi Redmi Note Series.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • fIS
                                        • 04 Jun 2018

                                        AnonD-721723, 10 Dec 2017guyz no nougat on end of this phone dont dream about new an... moreNo fyi it's not mediatek's fault…
                                        Actually mediatek does release it's source code
                                        There are phones that's upgradeable to latest Android version… like the cheap xperia(s) and china phone brand meizu…
                                        So it's become obvious that xiaomi doesn't want to release Android update of mediatek variant which piss their customers off…