Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

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  • waterport

it Has Headphone Jac, But Why Micro Usb, Why No Usb Type C, No Upgrade From Note 5 Pro.. Boring Design

Why everyone say no headphone jack?
It has a headphone jack :|

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018All newer Redmi phones are coming with plastic bodies and M... moreExactly. They are spending too much on marketing and cutting corners in every way possible. Probably a single coloured LED notification light again, lack of headphone jack, and no IR blaster again. And coming to design, they probably don't know that they don't need to fix what's not broken. Nobody likes notch. The RN5 pro design was good.Instead they should just focus on online consumers because it's the future now.

  • Anonymous

oh god why???, 18 Sep 2018xiaomi please open your eyes this is not an upgrade from x... moreLol... The pictures show a headphone jack. Are you blind?

Compared to new J line from Scamsung this one is beast :-)
For sure,

  • Anonymous

Snapdragon 636 again this is more like note 6 with a ugly notch and an extra 0.26 inche screen. this is hw they slowly becoming apple in repeating phones and call it an upgrade

  • oh god why???

xiaomi please open your eyes
this is not an upgrade from xiaomi redmi note 5 this is a downgrade:
1º no headphone jack
2º notch
3º no type-c
... if u keep going this way u will become worst

  • hmm

notch? nope i dont like it

Is there any upgrade? From Note 5Pro?? And still micro USB?

  • Anonymous

All newer Redmi phones are coming with plastic bodies and MTK processors. Most of them. I hope this one has a metal build. Its good to see a SD636 processor.

Xiaomi please close down retail outlets, cut overheads and give users better features. That is what made you grow.

no upgrade from previous version aka Note 5, is Xiaomi finished? no longer superior

WORST PHONE if there's no type c !

  • fener

usb 2.0 ? +++ 3.5 jack no ? wtf ?

Notch + LCD panel = Bad Combination

Bigger screen + notch? What kind of upgrade is this?

  • Ravindranath

This mobile 📱 is a very good for India, its get world number one ratting.

  • Ravindranath

It's best. in India.

  • Anonymous

Seriously? Ruining even the redmi series? I asume the Mi Max 3 is the last decent phone from them, then. Everything else from now on will be jackless and notched.

  • exec

Daniel7iao, 18 Sep 2018Still Micro USB but already has no audio jack? Is the audio... moreIt have 3.5mm audio jack, like in Note 5

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Sep 2018IP68?! :(Given its price tag, I'd doubt it having IP68.