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  • Sin

Owned both models of the yotaphone
I have yotaphone 2 y201 & y206 (my first & second smartphones)

The yotaphone 2 was a amazing when I first bought it many years ago

My very long team review

Performance was good and am a gamer so I played many games on the yotaphone a though the yotaphone performance was good

the yotaphone can get hot when playing heavy games this was a problem as the e-ink screen is sensitive too burn is possible heat is responsible for this problem with yotaphone

So you gaming better in winter than summer
Light games run fine

Age has not been kind too the yotaphone 2 the Snapdragon 800/801 good however is 32bit as not all apps are 32bit compatible

Ram & storage didn't age well either 2gb ram & 32gb storage is just small by todays standards and some apps need at least 3gb of ram

The yotaphone 2 did very well with updates 2 Android version is very good from Android 4 to Android 6 is stock Android too

Sadly custom ROM don't exist :(

Oled screen is really nice and the pictures quality is impressive the screen pictures quality still holds up to today's standards & the handly e-ink screen is just a bonus

Battery life for me was good when I needed it too be using the e-ink screen and yota energy the yotaphone battery can last very long

When using oled screen battery life is average
The yotaphone changes fine but be careful wireless charging I tryed but had problems with I don't trust wireless charging

I did have a battery change on one of my yotaphones the yotaphone is easier than most smartphone to change the battery in for a none removable battery phone

Camera is good having 2 screens also is handly you can even use main camera as selfie camera

The yotaphone definitely was one the best smartphones of it's year when it come out was a very good choose of flagship smartphone to buy a good all rounder still holds up rather now even today

By today standards the old flagship yotaphone is a good budget smartphone with decent performance

Though for me i 32bit the main problem I have and need of more ram for emulators even performance is starting to show its age
It's still a good smartphone it can still run most the games play however it can't do everything I want to do
Anymore :(

yotaphone will still be useful to me for few more years it's has better performance than my new budget smartphone kinda using both my old smartphone and new smartphone (Nokia 3.1)

  • Samsung

Super high wow. other phones fart.

  • Svenliebtkartoffel.4

wicked phone! so swag bout to get lit with it

  • Anonymous

RIP Yota, 18 Nov 2019I bought it for 189aud back when it was still owned by its ... moreI want' to buy this phone. How I can get this..??

  • Mina Loves Dogs

JoshuaReen, 24 Nov 2020Wow. This phone is a beast by 2014 standardsSure in this case, but the battery has more than the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Wow. This phone is a beast by 2014 standards

  • RIP Yota

I bought it for 189aud back when it was still owned by its original creator. I have 201 model and had it for 3 years. Super happy with it. Outstanding display for watching and pleasant sound. However camera is not good. Every single photo need editing, although photo editing tools are outstanding. Even better that any samsung devices have. Back screen rarely used back super handy when I actually needed it. Back cracked first haha. I thought I ll never fall in love in anything else after this phone because of the in race and convenience of settings. I am even more impressed with xiaomi mi a3 now. So no more Yota grieving for me.

  • Dongju

RIP yotaphone on 2019

  • ender

vodny, 06 Dec 2018They didn't stop, YotaPhone 3 is on it's way. Sadly only En... morenot true, the Yota3 does not have mirror of the front screen to the back, but only some chinese apps on it.

Kenli, 18 Nov 2018This phone is spectacular. High chipset at the time of rele... moreThey didn't stop, YotaPhone 3 is on it's way. Sadly only English and Chinese version and it's way too expensive. You can buy it now on Gearbest.

  • Kenli

This phone is spectacular. High chipset at the time of release. Cool layout. Sad that YotaPhone stopped releasing phones.

  • Anonymous

birelarweh, 19 Jul 2018I've had this phone for a couple of years and I've been so ... moreTry doing a factory reset on it. My phone battery was diminishing as well and after a factory reset, It went back to 2 days under normal use.

  • Anonymous

Yota phone is an expectional Phone, I really like the phone but the front and black glass is broken, how do I get it fixed?

  • birelarweh

I've had this phone for a couple of years and I've been so happy with it, but now the battery is running out very quickly. I really want to get it fixed, it's so hard to go back to a regular phone now!

  • Preet

This pho is awesome love this device.

  • AnonD-754554

chenu, 31 Mar 2018Hi, Even i am having Yotaphone 2, but it's running on Andr... moreYou can flash it easily. It can be updated up to Marshmallow.

  • chenu

Adam, 28 May 2017This phone is brilliant for the specs! Just like an S5, Amo... moreHi,
Even i am having Yotaphone 2, but it's running on Android 5.0 version. It's Getting very hot when i am using any application or while charging. Finance Apps like exchanges, currencies are Not Working, i mean it's not getting updated.
Please advise i suppose to do with this Model: YD201, HK1.1.124d.

  • tobi

I need a yotaphone2

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2017Don't do upgrade Why? I did and new Android is awesome!

  • Raghu

Ben, 19 May 2017hi. I love this phone Soo much. kindly how can I find it in KenyaU just order from ebay.in
Its only available in ebay.in only