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  • Anonymous

Jass dubai, 02 Jun 2017Hi everyone, i have YOTAPHONE 2 YD206, but there's no optio... moreDon't do upgrade

  • Jass dubai

Hi everyone, i have YOTAPHONE 2 YD206, but there's no option to upgrade to marshmallow 6.0, please if anyone help.

  • Adam

This phone is brilliant for the specs! Just like an S5, Amoled display, Quad core CPU, 2GB RAM. Doesn't have an SD card though and the rear camera is only good for generic photos to show people what you're looking at rather than clear, sharp and quality photos. It's just a basic 8MP HD camera, nonetheless, still a lovely phone for the price, especially now since you can pick one up for about £90 brand new on a Chinese website(Gearbeast,Aliexpress etc...) the original models that went on sale. Only thing I can say is that if you own one of these, do not use Android Lollipop. Google didn't do a good job with Android 5.0 and it makes this phone have some issues too such as battery drain and poor signal as well as overheating. Lucky now we have Marshmallow for this device.

  • Ben

hi. I love this phone Soo much. kindly how can I find it in Kenya

  • McKraze

AnonD-617390, 05 Dec 2016Does it support VOLTE and HD voice calls ?So sorry its a 2014 base model so no Volte

  • Boy

AnonD-665446, 28 Apr 2017is this phone available in india, can any one let me know. Yes..is available in India..amazon.in

  • kv

AnonD-665446, 28 Apr 2017is this phone available in india, can any one let me know. yes ..!

  • Robsonmb

Does anyone else have problems with speaker? My speaker doesn t work, I can make cals, but no ringer, no music via speaker

  • AnonD-665446

is this phone available in india, can any one let me know.

  • Anonymous

Informed, 02 Apr 2017Attention to the chinese YotaPhone 2 . It has problems with... moreIt's Russian made.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-658665, 03 Apr 2017need to if there will be an update plz can someone tell my ... moreIt does not matter. Refer to corresponding XDA forum: https://forum.xda-developers.com/yotaphone-one/general/upgrade-yotaphone-2yd206-running-4-4-4-t3506293

  • Anonymous

Informed can't be entirely correct, because I bought Hong Kong variant and is works like charm.

  • AnonD-658665

need to if there will be an update plz can someone tell my device is the yD206

  • Informed

Attention to the chinese YotaPhone 2 . It has problems with Google Store and updates . I bought a model but it isn't from China or HongKong. The Asian model has problems with updating Android Kit Kat . So this is the alerts I write here. Good Luck, My YotaPhone 2 was already with Android Lollipop so I don't have problems with updating or Google Store.

  • Adam

This phone is just like your average Nexus phone apart from the fact that the screen is that of a Samsung's and the rear is also usable just in case the front breaks.

The number of things you can do with the ink display is outstanding, when your phone runs out of juice, it prints your most recent screenshot on the back of the phone. More than a gimmick? Depends how you use it, I use my phone for all sorts of things and having this just saves battery life and some hassle with running apps that turn off when the screen goes off.

  • Amnesiac

AnonD-617648, 06 Dec 2016hi guys incase you want to get the yotaphone don't I got it... moreI disagree, I've had two of these phones (one I broke the e-ink display when I dropped it down a flight of concrete stairs).

I've not had issues with either.

I've recently repaired my broken e-ink screen from a replacement found on Ali Express and it's back working like a champ.

  • Anuj

Luke, 28 Oct 2016I have had this phone for 6 months+. Still love it. I bas... moreHey,
Any update on OTA update?

  • Drake

This phone is great I paid it for $ 122 but sadly the front screen was cracked when it fall down while I was taking some pictures but it can still be used and I have upgrade it to the latest version. I have bought a new one with a bumper and glass protector on each screen + a wireless charge. Waiting for the yota 3 now

  • AnonD-631461

UmeshS, 05 Dec 2016follow Steps from below link. I was able to upgrade it to 5... moreGreat news!
Thanks for your info, UmeshS!

  • la83lynx

Android 6.0 beta-testing opened for this phone, so we can expect it to be launched soon. So far guys report it's considerably faster than Android 5, however beta has bugs.
I want to note, however, that chinese/hongkong versions of this phone on "ali" (known as YD-206) still have only Android 4.4 without OTA enabled. However people flash chinese phones themselves to non-chinese firmwares without flashing radio-module, and it works. More on this on xda-developers site.
(To those, who wonder - YD-206s only difference from "original YD-201" version is radio-module. "Original" version supports LTE Bands B3, B7,B20, and YD-206 only supports LTE B1 and B3. Detailed differences available on "frequencycheck" site).