Yota YotaPhone 2

Yota YotaPhone 2

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  • b E b O y

StayinObsolete, 26 Jan 2015wel..i dont know if you can use both the front and the back... moreYeah right.. good thinking

  • andrewy

Why use a SOC from 2013? It's way overpriced. No expandable sd-card, no IPXX rating and poor battery life. Great design and innovation.

  • Yippy

Is there a back panel behind the phone?

  • StayinObsolete

wel..i dont know if you can use both the front and the back!! hahahaha...MULTITASKING!!


Great phone , but too expensive :(

  • prince

it will be helpfull if it is available on dual sim
is there is any possible to come like that?

  • Anonymous

Russian roullette, casino royale . . .

  • AnonD-30846

I like the design and the innovation in this phone...
But at this price ??
who's will buy without an expandable storage and for just a 8MP Camera ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jan 2015Very very very expensive phone, secondary screen makes diff... moreI'm correcting my comment:
Its not 500 euros, but 700 euro...


They really think this phone that much worth...
Really crazy...
Mind blowing price!

  • AnonD-276592

Now that's a premium design, not Apple. But the performance is questionable.

  • Anonymous

Very very very expensive phone, secondary screen makes difference but not much as 500 euros.

  • sk

Russians are coming

  • :|

just because it have 2 touch panel make the phone over priced.. the spec rated just low - med... if the spec is med - high mayb i would buy..

  • AnonD-222770

Expensive, but great phone.

  • Anonymous

so expensive and the camera are noob