You can now pre-book a Galaxy S9 or S9+ in India

Vlad, 26 February 2018

While Samsung has already started taking pre-orders for the newly introduced Galaxy S9 and S9+ in the UK and Canada, the same unfortunately can't be said for India.

In the subcontinent, the Korean company has instead chosen to start a pre-booking phase for its latest flagship smartphones. This is open at its online shop for India, and will guarantee that you are among the first people to receive the S9 or S9+.

All you have to do is shell out INR 2,000 as an advance payment for the model you want, and enter your contact details and the color you fancy (the options being Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, and Coral Blue). On launch day you will get an email and SMS with the official prices - these are still a mystery for India. Then you can choose to continue with the purchase and apply your pre-book coupon - that will subtract INR 2,000 from the final price you need to pay.

The official prices are due to be unveiled at the special launch event for India, which is going to take place at some point during the first week of March.



Reader comments

  • ali moula


  • AnonD-212093

Hey Samsung, if you are gonna price it close to the Iphone X, then sorry I am out of it. Have been a proud owner of Samsung Note 3 for last 05 years, wanting to change now to the S9 despite loosing the IR Blaster and the Stylus, please do not make pe...

  • Carol

They loose no time, that for sure. Probably are affraid. Nokia perhaps? After all, they did everything to put nokias presentation from yesterday out of the radar.