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YU Yuphoria

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  • Binay`

Hello guys how are you?

  • paul

How's the camera

  • manish

Vicky, 23 May 2015What is the SAR value???It must be bellow 1.6

  • ME

what it do???????

  • Anonymous

osm mobile..

  • Rahul

Can I buy this phone?

  • Sumit

Yuphoria also has bugs like the yureka. According to ndtv's review the phone screen sometime gets freezed, doesn't respond.

  • naseer

micromax phones have durability issues.
bit worried about yu yuphoria durability... buying with risk on

  • Venkat Reddy

Service in centres

  • AnonD-158412

lumia 640 with better camera,display and battey than any phone.

  • AnonD-352759

David , 23 May 2015Guys plz help me out .......ppl r now tellin me not to go wid Y... moreGo for yu yuphoria..its best phone under 15k...don't listen to too many people...u will remain confused...they haven't uses the yuphoria..if you wanna know..check the review on youtube...INfact i am also purchasing this one..

  • Ajit Kumar

Can I Buy This

  • harsh

David , 23 May 2015Guys plz help me out .......ppl r now tellin me not to go wid Y... morego for yu yureka i have been using it for a while...
for more info check out my last night's comment..

  • AnonD-398838

Dont say anything about this phone after watching just youtube videos. For accurate comments on phone, visit here after 31 may.

  • yashacharya

I am using YU YUREKA since 2 months. I am not facing any problems except heating. The games work like a charm and camera is very good in this range. And they have the best CUSTOMER CARE among all companies. The telephone operators are so much qualified in YU Care. They have all info about the software and hardware of the device. YU care is very helpful and there are no issues with service.

  • sam

where's the yuphoria service center ?

  • David

Guys plz help me out .......ppl r now tellin me not to go wid Yuphoria as it has many issues .......should I buy it or not ??If not then which smartphone is appropriate under d price tag. Of 10k ??

  • basil bazz

is the batteryperformance goood??? please

  • Anonymous

Not a good phone.battery consumption is very high and gets low very soon...also not capable of high multitasking despite of 2gb ram...hangs when switching b/w apps...

  • salim

In future it support otg or no reply me.