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  • Anonymous

YU is a fake company, they do not provide any after sales service. Cross your fingers while you are buying a YU product, because if it got a fault for any reason, YU is not going to provide you any service. You will die regrating the day you bough it, but YU will not listen to you.

I plead before you to not buy any product of YU.

  • Anonymous

nice mobile

  • suraj

Viks, 12 Jul 2015Hey plz tell yuphoria or dazen 1 wiz is greatHe guys I can't set ringtone in yuphoria
please guide me

  • Anonymous

Uwaish choksi, 29 Jun 2015Best phone in 7k, Os good, camera good, playing asphalt8, 2gb r... moreIt is silent while receiving incoming calls..what to do guys..pls tell...

  • Rohit

it does not support whatsapp!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ak

jain , 23 Jul 2015July 9 i got Yuphoria cell due to fault i return Yuphoria on Jul... moreMr Jain, you should file a consumer complaint against the fraud online retailer

  • viki

I am facing a prblm while using whatsapp...while trying to select pics from the icon right at the top, it says "whatsapp not responding, would u like to stop it?" I can not select pic from the icon....what to do....any1 fcng same issue????

  • riya

gaurav bigg, 26 Jul 2015It's a genuine message to all of you - Lenovo A 6000 & A 600... morehave you tried all the diveces dude?????? get.

  • amar

Fully agreed with gaurav bigg

It's a genuine message to all of you - Lenovo A 6000 & A 6000 Plus,A 7000 ,Yureka and Yuphoria all are very worst phone plz don't buy it.They having lots of problem battery drains very fast,Cheap materials were used while manufacturing this crap.Looks very cheap Chinese mobile and many other discrepancies were found while using all these mobile.

  • shab

can any1 plz let me knw hw 2 make d proxy settings 4 wifi??

  • laki

kajal, 25 Jul 2015poor phone dony buy this its hanging all round heating problem i... morephone good or bad

  • Sumit

Tejas, 21 Jul 2015Tell Me the drawbacks of this phone i wna purchase it... do rpl... moreI have yuphoria in my amazon cart, if u need let me know.. Just 300 Rs extra and it's urs

  • AnonD-114645

How to add odia language in this phone? Anybody may kindly guide. ଏହି ଫୋନ ରେ ଓଡ଼ି&­;#2822; ଭାଷା କେମି&­;#2852;ି ଇନ୍ସ&­;#2847;ାଲ କରିବ&­;#2878;?

  • AnonD-114645

Yuphoria runs very fast. But while 3 minutes video recording it became too hot. While receing a phone call at this moment, my ear seems burning. It does not have Oriya (Odia) language fonts and usp. It is based on Android 5.0, which has lot of bugs lot of problems. So Micromax canvas A1 and Smart was provided update to Android 5.1.2. This Phone also needs such updation immediately.

  • kajal

poor phone dony buy this its hanging all round heating problem is also there when charging it

  • AnonD-421113

i also ordered my new yuphoria but i disappointing due to negative reviews..... really it is not a good phone

  • ravi

what kind of problems have in yu yuphoria

  • shivaji

I brought this phone before 20 days i using it. this product is value 4 money Good camera 2gb ram its a great phone . BUT heating problem during charging and its 12 gb internal memory not 16 gb
I will give 4 star for this product..

  • Vivekanand

the best phone in best price. everything is simply awesome