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  • arsh

I wanna buy yuphoria campagne gold in amazon but amazon show only the buffed steel how to buy in amazon in campagne gold pls suggest me

  • AnonD-414753

Guys Yu Yuphoria is a good low budget smart phone. i received the phone on 6th june...used it for more then a month ...so far the pros n cons are...
*very good touch sensitivity
*good camera quality, rear 8Mp n front 5mp
*Good OS cyanogen 12 OS.
*heating up during charging
*battery power is moderate, depends on the user in which power mode is using
*calls in between distract the apps.
overall the phone is worth for 7000.
go for it...

  • Anonymous

Ashu, 07 Jul 2015Nic phn...under 7k.. I use both yureka n redmi 2.. ..its bettr t... moreIs this is a good phone?

  • Anonymous

it is good I want to buy it

  • Techno

Can Anyone tell proper specifications

  • raj

Awsm phn.....jst go for it avoid fke cmnt guys.. Realy awsm phn love it..

  • rik

here is my true review on yuphoria.... I got it on 6 July...after using two days I found the following pros and cons of this device.... pros- very good UI ,touch is preety responsive, fast internet....no heating prblm experienced till now...it gets heated only if its used while charging...no lag so far... Cons- very bad battery back up...it drains very fast...its a big prblm fr the users who spend much time in browsing...sound system is worse...not fr you if you r a lvr of music..display is not that vibrant .. I would give it 6/10..

  • Vinay

Niraj, 08 Jul 2015Same problem brother Send mobile back to Amazon, and bul coolpad dazen 1 in snao deal. Its really nice and have amazing features. this mobile will atleast try to reach our imagination.

  • Vinu

AnonD-414463, 08 Jul 2015i really, really disappointed by this phone. please do not buy ... moreGuys go for Coolpad dazen 1, its has really amazing features. Its cool.

  • ram

my phon yu yuphorio 5010 was problam it was only rebooting iam not satisfied this phon pls salve my problam pls

  • Nandu

guy, 08 Jul 2015How wii i participate yu yuphoria's flash sale on amazon.does it... moreYes you need to register first and then log in into your account before 10 of the sale start and then buy it. its very good phone

  • Lacky

Don't buy this phone, just don't buy it. I bought its previous version YU Yureka and it is full of defects and problems and the worse thing is they don't even care.

  • nitin sharma

My phone is 2 days old but up commingled problem is sense and power button is not woring properly that im not setfication please sold out my problems

  • guy

How wii i participate yu yuphoria's flash sale on amazon.does it require primary registration.? Plz rply as soin as possible.

  • AnonD-414463

i really, really disappointed by this phone. please do not buy this phone. I waited for 5 years to buy a phone at last i bought this useless phone

  • vicky

AnonD-413853, 06 Jul 2015Yaaa,this phone is heating so much if you talk more than 5 minut... moreOnce u switch off ur mobile n restart it Will be proper

  • Anmol

I want to buy this phone . Bt amazon nt find me. Why i purchag it . Plz help me gyz....

  • mack

there is a problem with unlock it hangs when you want to wake-up it takes 10 to 12 seconds to wake up by double tap and unlocking button..and also battery life is also not good. This handset is not good because its hanging sometimes even its have 2GB of ram and good processor..

  • Niraj

Rinoy, 18 Jun 2015I have a isssue about my yu yuphoria phone.some of the keyboard ... moreSame problem brother

  • manish

Hi guys,listen first of all you decide what to buy.i always decide to purchase that product whom i like.If you checks reviews you can't purchase nothing.u check apple of samsung edge reviews some people given bad rewiews for these handset also they confuses u and leave on only god yuphoria is a good mobile in 7000.But i don't know some people how to gives bad reviews and compare with high budget phone at last i also booked yuphoria it is good and nice looking handset.Purchase it and enjoy.....