ZTE Axon 10 Pro

ZTE Axon 10 Pro

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  • Dennis

Are you guys sure it ip68 waterproof . It is not listed in The specs on the official website ..this is a very important feature for me. Can anyone refer me to the official presentation video where they mention it or any other sources ?

where can i buy this? I'm from Philippines.

  • Anonymous

Dometalican, 07 May 2019When you compare specs to price, this sucker is DIRT cheap.... moreoh man
red magic 3 doesn't have NFC
even black shark 2
none of them, no wireless charging

zte support
sd card
OIS in 2 Cam, 3x optical zoom
a model with 5G
wireless charging
important thing (IP68), even oneplus 7 pro doesn't support it, they said it's expensive.
soon will release in germany finland austria
with all of that if you wanna play go for red magic3

  • Dometalican

When you compare specs to price, this sucker is DIRT cheap. I'm torn between this and the Red Magic 3. While the Red Magic 3 has a headphone jack, front-facing stereo speakers, 90hz refresh rate, and better battery,

This phone has the microSD card, better camera, IP68, and wireless charging...geez what a tough decision...

  • Anonymous

really with this price & specs its better than oneplus 7 pro , red magic 3 , black shark 2 , oppo reno 10x zoom , asus zenfone 6 , lenovo z6 pro
super nice

  • El Tuerto

Please review this phone! I have the Axon 7 mini and I'm thinking about upgrading to this one :)

  • Anonymous

very good specs relative to the price
before release this, i thought lenovo z6 pro its best
but now this model of zte its best for now