ZTE Axon 10s Pro 5G

ZTE Axon 10s Pro 5G

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Universe, 29 Dec 2019You have my word. Yep everything is just... except for SD865 pro... moreWrong, it does have a Snapdragon 865 SoC.

Universe, 29 Dec 2019You have my word. Yep everything is just... except for SD865 pro... moreWell... It is the thinnest 5G smartphone so far. It's a great phone for those who want an 865 for a good price. Mi favor10 is good stock android experience too. It's a good affordable flagship phone from ZTE... Mind you the ZTE Nubia Red Magic 5G is soon to be launched. That will turn some heads. Eye-catching.

AHMADREZA77, 16 Dec 2019Unfortunately the unknown interface does anyone know about the u... moreFrom what I have seen. The Mi Favour OS/Skin. Is very beautiful. Stock android experience. Fluid. Literally zero animation speed.

Definately worth the attention. Personally I wouldn't mind using the OS. It looks so intuitive and easy to use. Quite simplistic. But capable.

A good phone for those who need power. Good cameras. But also a flagship performing phone at a good price. Obviously there are some slight details with a few compromises but non the less. A price friendly pocket monster. Great for those the balanced type of user who needs a price friendly all rounder. With power and performance. Although to keep the price good. They have compromised on USB C type 2.0 and not quite the WiFi 6. But an epic first phone with the 865 to bring us forward once again at a nice pace.

Although this phone is obviously not aimed at the heavy gamer. But actually can deliver heavy gaming with such a processor.

  • Universe

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2019sd865 and still the same cameras as 2018You have my word. Yep everything is just... except for SD865 processor.

  • Jdm90s

Lmao I bet it will be expensive for that price you can get upcomi

  • Anonymous

No Wifi 6, no 3.5mm jack. Sorry, pass.

  • Anonymous

rip, was really going to buy this one but no headphone jack is a major deal breaker

  • Anonymous

Perfect phone if not for the lack of headphone jack. Worst trend ever. Any possibility they change the idea on that?

  • Anonymous

Name is hard

  • Anonymous

the thing is great! just lack of USB 3.0!

  • Anonymous

If we had an upgrade to the cameras, battery and display it'd be amazing

  • akw

in past , i suggested times to add ratio and Area of screen size (and how to obtain it) thanks to GSMArena add it , i want please to add kind of notch of phones , like U-Shape Notch , Sines/V-Shaped Notch , Punch hole or Infinity-O , iPhone like Notch , P20 Type Notch and none notch like Xperia 1 ... btw we can found out with see the picture of phones but sometimes it's a bit hard ... i want a article from GSMArena too to show a phone with V-Shaped Notch (infinity-v) but upper or reverse notch , which never mentioned in articles about reverse notch from Samsung and Xiaomi in 2-3 or 4 articles i saw in gsmarena , thank you so much

  • Anonymous

sd865 and still the same cameras as 2018

Price might be the dealbreaker

Unfortunately the unknown interface does anyone know about the user interface ?? MI FAVOR 10......😕

  • Yukss

Why there's huawei P8 lite default wallpaper?😅😅