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ZTE Blade

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  • mike

the best phone i have ever had.i love its size and its 3G is relatively fast.the quality of the camera is high not to mention its video.guys if u wanna buy a phone,go for this one!

  • karl

ravi, 25 Apr 2012hey friends i wanna buy a phone in the range of 6000 i dont... moreEi. What's your 6000, is it Pesos or RM or Rupee...?

Anyway I have one of these ZTE Blades. I got it as a Smart NetPhone package here in the Philippines. Good enough phone, I managed 2 days without charging, just playing a NES emulator and listening to music and of course texting and wifi surfing. Cam pics and vids are quite grainy but I don't care about the camera.

Acer neotouch s200 is quite a good powerful phone too if you can have it upgraded to a custom android rom or something. It runs on WM6.5

  • ravi

hey friends i wanna buy a phone in the range of 6000 i dont wanna waste my money can anybody suggest me which one should i buy

  • smith

I wanna go for this phone.Kindly advise....was comparing it to Galaxy mini...which way to go?

  • AnonD-51618

Ashu, 19 Apr 2012My question is how to download the android games from pc an... moreHi, first u need to find application,games with apk format, u can google it, there r so many website which provide you apk files, just copy apk files in to ur phone sd card and make sure that in ur phone setting>application>check box for unknown sources. Then only u can install apk files, now go to where u saved apk file, click on that, it wl ask u 2 install file. That's it enjoy.........:)

  • cherry

hi, i bought this phone a week ago and it satisfied me a lot. only problem is when i download anything from android market its installing in phone memory and after i move it from phone to sd card also it still using phone memory. how can i get rid of this and how to download apps directly to sd card. guys plz help.

  • Freeky

ZTE is very nice mobile. i was purchaised same mobile in dell and now avilable on idea smartphone. some fungtions are very bad like music systom and camera. if u have any problem on zte no servise station available. so my openion u can purchaise same mobile in dell or idea with best servise.

  • Ashu

My question is how to download the android games from pc and where i have to save please let me know friend"s

  • Anonymous

My opinion is that phone is very good for his price,except the camera.We must not need more!

  • elias

bunx, 10 Apr 2012the screen on my phone is dark and only able to see the ico... moreNo problems here.. try to turn up the brightness..

  • rahul

zte blade is a good smart phone but customer care service is so bad phone lene se pehle soch lain

  • bunx

the screen on my phone is dark and only able to see the icons when it is hot.worse when it is cold,i cannot see anything on my screen.

  • AnonD-49882

all android phones easily drained batteries .. that is its weakness . i use "easy battery saver" as suggested and i dont have to charge mine everyday.. you can customize on how you save your battery life . you can turn off your wifi and bluetooth if not needed or not in use .. if your internet connection in your place is low then better turn off your your 3g connection .. it saves a lot in your battery .

  • AnonD-49807

Raju Nawalkar, 02 Apr 2012My camera in the phone does not work. There are No service ... moreThat may be due to the version of android u've installed on your phone. Some Versions like MIUI may have some bug which may cause the camera not to work. It may work pretty good if put up with a legit android OS.

  • User

The ZTE Blade has many mistakes like not the best camera,3G problems etc.But the same time it is good in many things that other phones aren't.

  • Anonymous

can v dowlord viber whatup


nice phone. fresh all the way. the ideos cant touch this blade

  • Anonymous

zte is a good phone but am having problem my with own it can't boost it hang on android help pls me

  • Raju Nawalkar

My camera in the phone does not work. There are No service stations available. 3G connectivity is almost Never there.
Please do not buy this phone. I repeat do not buy this phone.

  • Abhi

Anonymous, 30 Mar 2012i have drawn wrong pattern more than 10times and now it ask... morechange your rom buddy......