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ZTE nubia M2

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I just notice that the power supply came from the retail box have a huge 5.0V on 5.2A output! Not 2.0A but 5.2A!

    Anonymous, 28 Sep 2018Same tho you make me laughing.. haha
    20% you must set up how do the system doing at this happen,like normal or less performance.
    can not set volume up? you re kidding me.haha..

    this phone just awesome.. battery life ,speakerphone loud enough.etc good
    camera its not bad at take a picture, but... so bad bad bad... at recording video at lowest light. oh god...
    and the fingerprint so bad bad bad.... cannot recognize when your finger dirty.. yeah dirty a little oil..
    everything is ok.. just TWO ,,recording video lowest light and fingerprint. theres my review.

      • S
      • Steve
      • pL{
      • 19 Dec 2018

      Anonymous, 12 Dec 2018it was build on extreme tuning on MM hence the lack of supp... moreThat's no excuse for lack of security updates though.

        • ?
        • Anonymous
        • IWV
        • 12 Dec 2018

        Davey, 08 Nov 2018Been using this phone for a while now and it's a good phone... moreit was build on extreme tuning on MM hence the lack of support to update

        thats why even 625 on this one can play PUBG without flaw aside of lower graphics

          • D
          • Davey
          • pLH
          • 16 Nov 2018

          BTW the battery is 3000mAh not 3630mAh as stated above, have confirmed by testing with phone test app and AliExpress now selling phone with correct 3000mAh description, battery life is still good though.

          Pluses: Screen, build quality, battery life.
          Minuses: Camera, stuck on Android 6.0

            • D
            • Davey
            • pLH
            • 08 Nov 2018

            Been using this phone for a while now and it's a good phone with excellent battery life.

            Yes it's stuck on Android 6 but that doesn't really affect you day to day.

            The only real downside is how poor the camera is, the front camera is actually better as the phone was designed for selfies.

            And that the M1 A1 has the same processor, a better camera and is an Android One device with Oreo.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • wHR
              • 28 Sep 2018

              Alex, 10 Sep 2018I like the hardware but the software sucks. Many bugs. When... moreSame tho

                • ?
                • Anonymous
                • iCr
                • 21 Sep 2018

                Brilliant phone, but even better with Lineage OS ROM. Highly recommended for the price.

                  • k
                  • kit
                  • 3pN
                  • 12 Sep 2018

                  You know, the M2 and the M2 lite are really great phones for the price. Actually, theyre great anyway, because the spec is a lot of bang for the buck...... 3,4,Gb, 64 Gb HD screen, really, the phone people should be not buying are made by Apple. Now theres a system that puts you in Apple prison. Would I queue in a street to spend 1400 bucks on a phone? Am I mad or what! Phones from ZTE, Huawei, Redmi.... value man, and lets be honest, all these freaking things are small miracles. Weve been using 2 since they came out, no sweat, theyre on the case.

                    • A
                    • Alex
                    • Jb}
                    • 10 Sep 2018

                    I like the hardware but the software sucks. Many bugs. When the battery is reaching 20%, the phone freezes for several minutes. Only when connecting the charger the freeze is gone. Very annoying bug. There is almost no customization at all. Very basic and poor software.
                    Many times while using the phone it locks the screen by itself.
                    When playing music with headphones, the volume can't reach the max level. The phone locks itself after trying to put the volume higher than the safe limit.

                      • D
                      • DON
                      • IV8
                      • 04 Sep 2018

                      only few week using the phone black out, can't even use anymore, they use cheap material and that cause the phone easy to break.

                        Arsfan19, 21 Jul 2018Between Nubia M2 and Mi Max 2 which one is better? Between Nubia M2 & Xiaomi Mi Max 2...
                        Off course Mi Max 2 more more better

                          • M
                          • Milos
                          • mD3
                          • 24 Aug 2018

                          Very good phone. I'm using it for 8 months. Superior quality and design, hardware enough for all users, the software is interesting and stable. Last year was the best buy. Now Xiaomi phones have run over him. The only complaint is that the manufacturer does not release new versions of the software. That's why I raised Lineage 14.1(android 7.1.1)

                            • s
                            • smart
                            • uCp
                            • 16 Aug 2018

                            always restarted back when charging, its make this phone not worth at all to buy, i cant even used when its really in emergency situation..

                              • i
                              • ir
                              • IV8
                              • 29 Jul 2018

                              i bought this phone few months ago, it always hang all the time, yeah its cheap, but still not worth to buy, better looking for another phone, lots of smartphone cheaper than this but working better.

                                • L
                                • Leopold
                                • JHI
                                • 25 Jul 2018

                                Arsfan19, 21 Jul 2018Between Nubia M2 and Mi Max 2 which one is better? Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is about one million times better than ZTE Nubia M2, you wont get updates with this bad Company, they do not care about nothing. You can do hardware but without proper software you will go like the dinosaur "instinct".

                                  • A
                                  • Arsfan19
                                  • fFA
                                  • 21 Jul 2018

                                  Between Nubia M2 and Mi Max 2 which one is better?

                                    • T
                                    • Thinboy
                                    • fD7
                                    • 20 Jul 2018

                                    Hello everyone!
                                    Do you know how to add lyric on this device?
                                    If everyone knows, could you help me to share this?

                                    Thank for advanced!!!!

                                      • p
                                      • pzk
                                      • i55
                                      • 19 Jul 2018

                                      Mimama, 16 Apr 2018Mi A1 better in everything. Nubia has only slightly more... moreyou forget nubia has AMOLED display ..which to me is a huuuuuuge deciding factor

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • PWa
                                        • 18 Jul 2018

                                        I have been using it around a month, I think that good and I don't egret o buy.
                                        It is fit with the price.
                                        In cambodia around 190$.