ZTE nubia Red Magic 3

ZTE nubia Red Magic 3

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2019My Experience with Red magic. I ordered the phone from UK, recei... moreWhats the highest graphics for PUBG you could get?

  • hydargos

idk, feels a bit under powered to me

  • Anonymous

My Experience with Red magic. I ordered the phone from UK, received within 2days. Could not find any fault as a pubg fan other than having loading man icon in the middle of the game occasionally. Phone heats up according to the room temperature. Its not like everyone thinks that the phone is very cool while playing pubg, but its manageable with that price tag. But the CPU temp is always under 42C. I have played like 3hours non-stop but still the cpu temp is under control. Pubg was very laggy while i was playing in asia server even though I have internet speed of 1GB(i believe its the problem with pubg). Did not see any UI issues on the phone as so many people mentioned earlier on and I have received 2 updates already from Nubia, they might have fixed those issues. Please ask if anyone wants to know something in particular. I am happy to give you a genuine feedback.

  • Sean

Lilpij , 24 Aug 2019But it dose have sd855Yes

  • Lilpij

YUKI93, 15 Aug 2019This might not have newer, overclocked SD855+ or UFS 3.0 like RO... moreBut it dose have sd855

  • KMB877

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2019Yes, I have gotten LTE to work on this phone. But no carrier agg... moreMaybe because Verizon's main LTE band 13 it's missing?

  • Arun

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2019Yes, I have gotten LTE to work on this phone. But no carrier agg... moreWhat is carrier aggergation?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2019Will red magic 3 work on Verizon 4g lte? Yes, I have gotten LTE to work on this phone. But no carrier aggregation so far.

  • bb

Gamemaniac, 15 Jul 2019No nfc & no 5g. But it has 4g+ with 7 Carrier Aggregation (7... moreSadly, I have not been able to get carrier aggregation working at all. I believe Nubia has intentionally disabled it in the firmware.

  • bb

Can anyone confirm if carrier aggregation works on this device? I just got it and can't seem to get it to work. I know it's not my carrier as two other phones did have LTE-CA.

I'm hoping that Nubia hasn't disabled it in software like some other Chinese makers have (eg. Xiaomi, Lenovo).

  • Tiaz

Just bought the red majic 3 on 22/08/2019 great phone,but having problems in UK. if someone calls me it comes up as unknown numbers.trying to get in touch with nubio but they don't have a phone number to contact, been on XDA most people in the UK having the same problem, I've emailed them Via there support link I hope it's just a software update.ps if anyone out there could help please do
Kind regards tiaz

Great phone for gaming. I got the 256Gb version. Love the great sound and smooth graphics.
Very good wifi reception compared to other phones ive used as it has extra aerials.
Love the customisation you can do on the back led strip.
The shoulder buttons are handy if the game is compatible.
The fan makes a little noise but is not noticeable when playing games.

  • Anonymous

john, 20 Aug 2019how about. the wifi connectivity? they say sometimes its not connectedThe Wifi has no problem at all, I don't seem to have it

  • Anonymous

Why you should get this phone? This phone is the best value for money, i got it for RM2199 (around 500euro) market price, but it is only 8GB 128 storage (it is good enough for me! Finding a phone with 8GB 128 storage under RM2.5k is difficult, but i was lucky to find this one, saves me quite a few hundred), with built-in cooling fan (effectively drops 1°C if on max speed, highest temperature i got is 40°C with bluetooth transfer on and mobile legend game on, 40°C above is consider overheat, but this one actually survives) , latest snapdragon 855 (a winning point vs all the rest of the SD845 phones) , 2.84Ghz cpu speed (the top speed right now is 2.96Ghz and this phone got second place, not too shabby! Plus, the cores are newer than the kryo 385, this phone has kryo 485!), 5000mah Li-Po! (from 100% can last 7 hours of mobile legend and still has 40% left to last through the night, now that is power my friend, of course i expect the li-Po battery might degrade after 1 year but still, a lot better than 4000mah phones with Li-Ion), 48MP camera (gaming phone should'nt expected to have an awesome camera but this one does! Single camera? No problem because it is for the sake of the overall weight for design wise), no NfC (i dont care about this lol i'm a gamer), 3.5mm jack (that is why i choose this phone over black shark and one plus cause they ditch this feature! I love my wire headphones and earpods! ), 6.65"! (i had a 5.99" phone and i though it was about the less weight, but boy am i so wrong, as a gamer, you would want to have a screen huge enough for your vastly huge fingers, and the RM3 gives one of the largest screen there is, the screen is even bigger than the game resolution itself in some games may be, but this phone will promise to give you the max game screen you can throw at it), it has dual speakers (one on the bottom and one on the top, the sound is kinda loud and a little bit muddy, try not to put it at max vol, it's a normal stereo speaker i can assure you nothing more nothing less), 8k video(now that is something we dont see everyday, this phone has some features not even the top phone has it, how cool is that?), Quick charge 4.0+ (it is actually 27w and not 18w, they got it wrong), the phone charges to full for 1hr41mins from 0%, fool proof from youtube, but normally i would charge it when it gets below 60%/50% and takes about an hour or less), 90 Hz refresh rate (at this price? It might seem impossible to get, RM3 nailed it)

  • Ray

I bought this phone right away when i look at the specs and price of the RM3 suggested by the seller, that time when i was looking for a phone that can give me 8GB at least for a budget around RM2k (500euro), before i agree to snatch this phone, I did a lot comparison study with the black sha

  • john

roy, 19 Aug 2019I'm a proud owner of the global version of it and I must say I'm... morehow about. the wifi connectivity? they say sometimes its not connected

  • roy

I'm a proud owner of the global version of it and I must say I'm so pleased with this phone, the only downside for me is the "Gamer" look this phone have, I really would've preferred regular phone look. The battery is amazing (even if you managed to drain it all, in 1 hour you'll get to full battery), the gaming mode is amazing, sadly I don't have any accessories for it yet but I really looking to get the magic adapter for it.
If you consider buying an amazing value for money phone - take this one

  • Bulabog

MDFarooq14, 08 Aug 2019Planning to buy this in AliExpress. Can anyone tell me the main ... moreTo be honest, there is not much difference, only the fact that the China ROM has more pre-installed app and it does not have the play store and the google apps out of the box. I bought mine only today and the only good thing is that, the store where I bought mine have a global ROM and they flashed my phone with a Global ROM before leaving the store, which left me with the GApps without having to install them myself. Otherwise, this is a very good investment. Data connectivity wise, I always get 4G+ with speeds around 10-25mb/s on the weakest signal reception. WiFi Connectivity is good to.

robdevil XI, 21 Jul 2019no nfc=failI don't think NFC is even necessary for this type of phone.

This might not have newer, overclocked SD855+ or UFS 3.0 like ROG Phone 2 or Black Shark 2 Pro. But for a phone that has a built-in cooling fan and half the price of ROG Phone 2, it is very hard to ignore this phone. Couple to the fact that it has 3.5mm headphone jack unlike Black Shark 2 Pro, this is definitely my favourite gaming Android smartphone right now.