ZTE nubia Red Magic 3

ZTE nubia Red Magic 3

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  • Anonymous

The camera quality is closer to a high end mid range phone so don't buy this expecting good camera quality. Buy this phone for the battery life, SD855, 90hz amoled display, Dual front facing stereo speakers, headphone jack and low price (I only paid 470 USD) If there are other things about a phone that matter to you like NFC, Software updates, Top of the line camera quality, tiny bezels, expandable storage, IP67/68 rating, QHD display I would recommend just looking at more expensive phones. For sub 500 dollars, you have to keep your expectations in check. When they advertise this phone as a "gamer" phone, it truly is a "gamer" phone. This is a phone for gaming and it excels at giving you the best gaming performance for sub 500 dollars. I think it might even give the best gaming experience sub 1000 dollars tbh...

  • Wayne.

Hi guys. I'm interested if people could tell me about the camera data rate and performance? I'm interested in putting together a camera rig.

What's is the maximum data rate you can use at 4k/uhd at 25/30/50/60fps, and at 8k 25/30fps? (File size divided by seconds of length). Advanced camera software like open camera can sometimes unlock more advanced modes lime this (but you have to check the actual data rate, resolution and frames per second in viewing software file information feature, as open camera will still tell you you are doing it when it can't).

Does it support 25/50 fps 4k/uhd/8k?

The existing footage looks a lot worse in low light and latitude (how well it handles bright scenes) than I expected. Maybe it's the beta software not activating the video HDR etc features. How is it in very low light and dynamic range with the latest software?

Thanks for anybody who can help.

goatoncrack., 03 Jun 2019sure the price is kinda amazing for this kindof specs. but nowhe... moreThis one is way better than the OnePlus 6t for 350...
It has a more powerful sd855, 12gb of ram and a larger battery...
Also, it has internal, and way better cooling and a 90hz refresh rate screen so

  • Ron

Anonymous, 28 May 2019I have just spent nearly two weeks getting blown off by their su... moreI also tried to get a question answered from their CS and had a similar bad experience. They
say they have a 15 day return period, but where does the phone need to be returned to? China? (Overseas shipping is VERY expensive). I tried several times to get an answer and finally gave up. I was ready to order the phone, but not after that experience.

  • goatoncrack.

Blasp, 03 Jun 2019The specs of this phone is absolutely amazing. Maybe one of the ... moresure the price is kinda amazing for this kindof specs. but nowhere close to op6/7 tho compared to the price... i paid 350€ for the 128gb OP6T so,,,

  • Blasp

The specs of this phone is absolutely amazing. Maybe one of the best price to performance ratio.

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 02 Jun 2019Is this phone has NFC?I actually don't think so. Especially considering the other 2 phones don't have it.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone has NFC?

  • Dometalican

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2019Does it have physical OIS on the camera?Nope. Only EIS but after watching videos on it, the EIS is very stable. Would've been better with OIS but they seem to do a good job with the Electronic Stabilization.

  • Dometalican

Tarototh, 29 May 2019The first thing most people say to me when I like a waterproof p... moreTrust me, YOUR message is an acceptable reason to want IP67/68 like how I want flagships to have the MIL-STD-G rating since I can be a klutz sometimes. But this guy wanted the phone for his son to swim in the water with it and that's a stupid reason to want the IP rating.

This phone does have IP55 so not too shabby for the small spills and accidents.

  • Anonymous

Does it have physical OIS on the camera?

  • Anonymous

What version of gorilla glass? 6 would be amazing.
This is almost the perfect phone for those living in hot weather. Although waterproofing really seals the deal for beach-goers.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2019very nice but, no UFS 3.0 storage.. Source? This would be a big big disappointment for a performance phone...
The SoC is UFS 3 compatible

4320p video recording?! OMG!!! :O

  • Anonymous

Are you sure it's usb-c 3.0? It has hdmi output?

  • Anonymous

very nice but, no UFS 3.0 storage..

looks like a really good value for money phone and i'm seriously thinking of getting one :)

  • J

Denis Thomas, 29 May 2019Because its recording at 15fps. The chipset isn't powerful enoug... moreBecause it has the same internal hardware as the current flagships for half the cost or less.

I can't find a definitive answer online if this phone has NFC capability! One website says it doesn't, while another article written before the phone's release said it will have it. The gsm arena oddly doesn't have a "NFC: yes/no" bullet point in the specs... Does anyone know? It's a deal breaker if it doesn't, and I'll have to go with Oneplus 7 pro...

Dometalican, 27 May 2019Tell your son to focus on swimming while I'm a pool or don't swi... moreThe first thing most people say to me when I like a waterproof phone is "who needs to swim with a phone".
Do you know how many friends I have who had to replace their phone due to spilling a drink on it, dropping it in the toilet, or during a boating or bath tub mishap? So yeah, agree that the kid at the pool should just swim, but saying "phones shouldn't touch water" is not a reason to deny the usefulness of water proofing. Sometimes I use onscreen videos or recipes during cooking and swiping on the screen with messy cooks fingers or getting sauce on the phone, it's nice to just rinse it off under the faucet.