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  • Luffy Sama

Luffy Sama, 01 Sep 2020Just discovered a game inside the device ! If you are like ... moreForgot to say :
Its nubia UI v4.0, Model NX531J and Build number NX531J_CNCommon_V1.43 with Baseband version NX531j_z0_CN_RSZ0T1JF12L143

  • Luffy Sama

Just discovered a game inside the device ! If you are like me and have a Z11 with android version 6.0.1 then go to the setting and then about phone and press Android version three times, a mark appears . click it then try keep pressing it several times in different ways The game will lunch! A hard nerve playing good game!

  • Richard

Nice phone and I like NFC

  • Really

AnonD-720272, 04 Dec 2017Update available official nubia website. But not gud. No nu... moreDude? Did you think android is an app? An apk? Really?

  • aayush04

I bought Nubia Z11 in February 2017. From the last couple of weeks, I am facing a strange issue, Front camera switch button got disappeared from the default camera app on my phone and it is disabled in other apps like Whatsapp, Facebook etc. I have tried a factory reset option and all the options available on the internet but nothing helped. Can anyone please help me out?

  • AnonD-757275

Hi, I have been using this phone from almost a year. No doubt it's crafted as a perfect beauty with right hardware specs, but it's the weakest in software. Their updated are crap and o won't recommend any one to update. It's full of bugs and language is so amateurish u would laugh many a times. Support also sucks. Better buy from brand which also has better service and software updates on regular basis.

I am discarding it now as recd no support for issues and it's everyday software bugs are making my experience a horror. It's perfect example of beauty without brains, rather I'm today's world opposite is required

  • Raawan

AnonD-738014, 17 Feb 2018Hi Does this phone have Gapps? Does it have any considera... moreYes in indian version it does. No such issues like bluetooth wifi. Go with ebay refurbished, u'll get it in 1900 with 6 month brand warrenty.

  • AnonD-738014

Does this phone have Gapps?
Does it have any considerable problems such as wifi, Bluetooth or ...?

  • AnonD-720272

AnonD-704936, 02 Oct 2017when the Z11 release the android 7 nougat?Update available official nubia website. But not gud. No nubia apk available

  • Sun

Dear All,
I found some of you comparing Z11 with One Plus 3T, Please understand oneplus is indeed a competitor i agree, but it cannot lead z11 in all the aspects. z11 has a dolby atmos feature which u can find in the music player go to settings in the music player click sound effects under u will find dolby atmos click again on the top u will find the "Demonstrate" just click and wait. a video with theatring effect will play. Z11 has an infrared port, expandable storage which One Plus 3T doesnot have. 64 gb alone won't be sufficient for recording 4k videos. See the bezel less beauty it is uncomparable. Z11 has dual antenna options which also transmits data uninterruptedly even in the weird network place. A pro mode option in the camera options does a decent job. It has a screen mirror options which connect and transfers very quick to the TV. I love watching the game i play in the bigger screen. Totally astonishing. front facing camera also has face detection option which performs well than leading smartphones.

  • AnonD-52400

AnonD-669325, 27 May 2017Same problem here. True caller not working and i am fed up ... moreActivate DND (Do not disturb) I'm your sims via customer care they have no damn right to disturb if one don't intend to

  • AnonD-52400

Anonymous, 18 Jul 2017>>>We will release android 7.0 for Z11 in the earl... moreIt's november. Has the update been finally released

  • Sun

RishiGuru, 10 Dec 2016I washave wondering how is the audio quality over headphone... moreTry hearing with the pair of headphone that comes with the set. It is rocking!

  • Sun

AnonD-669325, 20 May 2017I noticed today that my phone clicks 2 pic at same time whi... moreTurn off the HDR Mode and try. It produce two images in all models. I don't know Y?

  • Dave

Not interested in any Non-removable battery smartphone

  • AnonD-704936

when the Z11 release the android 7 nougat?

  • Anonymous

Will Nubia Z11 be updated to Nougat in India?

  • ganesh

lokendra, 28 Jun 2016Lollipop plz give atleast marshmallow 6.0 its having marshmillow out of the box and i think nogaut also updted for some users may be chinese

  • Anonymous

Mobilemaster, 17 Jul 2017Hi guys! Are there software updates for this smart phone? I... more>>>We will release android 7.0 for Z11 in the early September (europe). -from Nubia support

Hi guys! Are there software updates for this smart phone? I do not know much about ZTE yet. Android 6.0 is old now.