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  • Peter

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020I replied earlier but it wasn't approved probably because o... moreYes, I bought it from Ali. Before I purchased it I confirmed a couple of times with the seller that it comes with global ROM.

Yes, I understand what you say regarding the Nubia X, but this one was launched globally and it's funny that they reached out to so many influencers and YouTubers but their customer service is very poor.

The phone broke on the original rom it came v103. I change it to v203 as it says on the website you mentioned, everything seems kinda the same for now, hopefully, it won't break again because I really don't want to wipe it and lose all my stuff. (just to mention, I live in Europe)

Yeah, they told me not to change it, and they also said that the phone will probably not work in the USA for example, just in Europe with v203.

If the phone was modified by the seller as you say.. and now I wiped it and installed v203, it should be fine in theory, right?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 05 Jan 2020I imported it from China to Europe, it came with global ROM... moreI replied earlier but it wasn't approved probably because of a link. Nubia website posts in their website the instructions and that there are 2 global roms (1 for USA and 1 for europe/asia) so the version number being higher doesn't mean it's an updated rom. So I can partially understand why they told you not to change the rom. They probably assumd you weren't tech savvy and might brick your phone by trying to foash rom again and again.

Anyway, are the bugs you mentioned still happening in your latest rom?

Maybe the phone was modified by seller? I assume you bought from aliexpress or similar online stores?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 05 Jan 2020I imported it from China to Europe, it came with global ROM... moreDid you buy from aliexpress? Could it be possible that the seller modified the software? For example i think nubia x was china-only release and installing google play store thru apk will never work but you can find nubia x online with functioing google apps which they call as nubia x global rom but there never was an official global rom for nubia x as far as i know.

According to their article and instructions, 2.03 isn't really an update from 1.03
There are 2 global roms (1 for europe/asia and another for US)

What version did the bugs happen? Still happening now?

  • Peter

I imported it from China to Europe, it came with global ROM v103. Now I installed the European ROM v203, so far everything seems the same but I hope I won't have any errors with it.

PS: I emailed Nubia support to ask about updating the ROM and errors, and they literally told me to not update to v203 because the phone will "break". (I still updated because I don't have any other option and I don't want to reset and wipe to phone again to lose all my stuff)

There are many translation errors in the software (sometimes it's even hard to figure out what they are talking about). Other bugs: apps exiting randomly, animations lag sometimes, options in the camera menu or settings disappear and then reappear after a reboot, sometimes you can resize the widgets, but most of the time not and many others, these were the first that came in my mind.

And regarding the error when I had to wipe the phone. I was using the phone, the two screens started flickering randomly, no button or touch input seemed to be working. And when I restarted the phone it got stuck on the welcome screen, did this a couple of times but I couldn't make it turn on, so I had to wipe everything.

  • Anonymous

Peter, 02 Jan 2020Guys, don't buy this phone (at least not until they update ... moreGlobal or chinese rom? What are the specific bugs aside from the situation that you had to reset/wipe the phone?

  • Peter

Guys, don't buy this phone (at least not until they update the software). It has so many bugs that you can't even imagine and also the software is very badly translated into English. Yeah, the secondary screen is a cool conversation starter but you will be bored in 2 days.

The camera misses a lot of options, the night mode seems to be cool but the other modes like portrait and all that stuff are the same quality as my OnePlus 5, on a lot of scenarios my old OP5 makes better pictures. Also, on my old OP5, the operating system is sooo much better and smoother and more optimized.

Battery life seems to be good, the phone is fast, running whatever game on high and after about 15 min is getting slightly warm.

After a couple of days of use, it didn't start anymore and got stuck on the bootup screen, I had to reset it and wipe all the data... so I've lost all my pictures, data and apps... I was really disappointed... I still don't know what happened... I contacted customer service but that is another issue with Nubia, they're customer service seems to be very bad outside of China or Asia. I will try to change or update the ROM to see what happens and keep you updated if you're interested.

I also got the wireless headset Nubia Pods and they came with the Chinese language and cannot change it. So far I didn't have a great experience with this Brand. I kinda regret not getting the OnePlus 7 instead of this phone.

And one more thing, the phone didn't come with the silicone transparent case as they advertise it, so I had to purchase it separately.

They're still so many things to say, the concept is cool and all that stuff but for now it's just not worth it, they are really far from a brand like OnePlus for example.

  • Fritzelbaby231

When will we see the other variants like 256GB or 512GB storage

  • Anonymous

No NFC nor memory card slot is unacceptable

  • Starsplash

RAAJ, 19 Nov 2019I want to purchase soon in India, Global version / Indian v... moreIn response to buying the global version.


But if you can't purchase the global version, you can purchase the china's version and install the latest version of the global rom from nubia directly.

  • Anonymous

Add NFC and it's just perfect

  • Anonymous

this phone or oppo reno 2 ? cuz i heard this phone still has quit some bugs?

  • Gabi

This 48 Mp 0.8um sensor can be turned on 12Mp 1.6um, is this option in camera resolution settings ? I'm interested if in 12MPx mode the dimension of pixels is rising from 0.8 to 1.6 , Quad technology , whatever each producer named it diferent .

  • RAAJ

I want to purchase soon in India, Global version / Indian version how to possible which site available pls guide me how to purchase.

  • Anonymous

Is the screen to body ratio here correct? 84.7%???

  • Rays

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2019it is gorrilla glass 3 for what ever reason probably to att... moreIt is GG5 on both sides NOT 3

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2019DO IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR: Add 3.5mm, use real sapphire on cam... moreThey will not add 3.5mm jack because their red magic line has it. The sad truth is 3.5mm jack is an option only now instead of basic requirement for phones like before. Same for dual speakers, it's reserved for red magic line. It's a sensible business decision but we consumers are the losers here. Though I agree they need to improve camera since they marketed this phone as photography centered phone.

  • Anonymous

Narith, 28 Oct 2019My phone camera can not zoom in 48MP why? And can both scre... moreThe telephoto is only 8mp i think that's why. There is setting for rear screen it can mirror the front screen or multitask (act separately from front screen). Find it in settings.

  • Narith

My phone camera can not zoom in 48MP why? And can both screen work the same time?

  • Anonymous

Add 3.5mm, use real sapphire on camera, keep sidemounted fingerprint, give us REAL dual front facing speakers, give us UFS 3.0 memory, try to add an SD card for recording big videos, give us OIS on the ultrawide and night-time video.

  • RAAJ

User pls comment all specification of phone as per actual pls.