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Not sure if I should go for a Nubia Z20 for 410$ or Oneplus 7T that currently costs 490$. Can anyone who has used the Nubia model (or both) give me a suggestion?

  • Anonymous

jazvlad, 11 Mar 2020i have nubia z20 china rom...my problem is theres no playst... moreFlash global rom.


  • jazvlad

i have nubia z20 china rom...my problem is theres no playstore on my phone is there any one here how to solve my problem?thank you

  • Peter

goldcrow, 07 Mar 2020Have there been any major updates since the release of this... moreAbsolutely no updates since the product was launched, I have it since last year and there wasn't a single update. As I saw on many groups and forums Nubia is not well known for updates. But still, they promised many bug fixes and also Android 10. I start to think that until the updates will come out I will get myself another phone haha.

  • goldcrow

Have there been any major updates since the release of this phone? Specificay improvements to the camera when engaging selfie mode? Been seeing a lot of initial reviews saying the selfie mode is nerfed, and to just engage dual viewfinder mode when taking selfie photos or videos.

  • Peter

For those of you owning this phone. Try to take a picture or video with the flash on and also with the silicone case on. Haha damn, I keep finding an issue with this phone everyday lol.

  • Anonymous

Some of the biggest issues so far (maybe more)
1. Selfie mode camera can't record 4k (up to 1080 only) despite using same camera hardware
2. Wide angle camera can't be used to take videos
3. Global rom Camera app has less modes in camera than chinese rom counterpart
4. No navigation gestures in global rom (can't fully enjoy the Fullscreen display)
5. Not much settings to change about display (colors/contrast/etc.)
6. No android 10 yet, no updates yet at all for global rom

Close to perfect phone hardware in my opinion but lots of software issues

Global rom is something like based on lineage rom.they did the same for global rom of red magic phones. Hope they develop global roms themselves

  • Starsplash

Since I own a Nubia z20 and was purchased directly from the Nubia's official online store UK. Nubia z20 official global ROM NX627J_ENCommon_V2.03
Myself I haven't encountered any bugs, no software issues. Also in the box, phone comes with a 2 Pin Europe Plug Charging Adapter and usb type c cable, I had to buy a 2 Pin to 3 Pin UK Plug to charge the phone. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 is fast. I also own a Nubia X with a custom global rom. I have no problems with Nubia X and in Google Play Store the device shows as a Google Certified device. Sometimes I don't understand why z20 user's have problems or bugs with there z20. My experience with z20 is fab!...

  • Anonymous

DavidRegalJnr, 16 Jan 2020And how about if a component gets damaged..there's probably... moreUhhh. I can guess it's the same situation if you buy other Chinese brands in the US. Just buy samsung or apple if repairs are your priority. Although it is good that you are thinking of possible after sales service you will need, on the other hand, it's negative thinking also of you to already expect to wreck your would-be-phone (regardless of brand) to the point of needing repair and spare parts.

Peter, 16 Jan 2020Buy from AliExpress.ask seller if he can give you Chinese r... moreAnd how about if a component gets damaged..there's probably no store you could just work in to get it fixed so it's pretty much doomed and unrepairable. I live in the us

  • Peter

DavidRegalJnr, 16 Jan 2020I want to get the phone on the original Chinese rom.. maybe... moreBuy from AliExpress.ask seller if he can give you Chinese rom phone

Peter, 07 Jan 2020Everything seems kinda the same for now. The translation er... moreI want to get the phone on the original Chinese rom.. maybe the flashing of rom caused the bugs..what you think?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 07 Jan 2020Everything seems kinda the same for now. The translation er... moreIf there's no more resetting, hanging qnd other bugs going on, then it's really just the flashing process messed up by the seller. I'm not sure on what difference is between 2 global roms, but it's probably about LTE bands? Mistranslations and lack of updates are signs a small company (compared to google, samsung, huawei, etc.) needs to hire some more people. But they did give android pie update to nubia x, so I can probably expect Android 10 update for z20. They did reply to my emails and said in our back and forth conversations that expect an update (they said they told their peers, which i assume means the customer service already conveyed my complainte to their software department). Things i mentioned are 4k front video taking, and screen gestures (actually existing in chinese rom skin) and android 10 (i think they will give it but don't expect it this soon yet)

  • Peter

Anonymous, 07 Jan 2020I think if seller is from china, their stocks are most like... moreEverything seems kinda the same for now. The translation errors in the settings are the same. But nothing got stuck so far and I didn't have to reboot it. I'm still not sure if it's just a placebo effect after I installed the v203 rom but it seems to be a little bit smoother for now.

Hopefully, it will be good and hopefully, they will release a new update soon to fix all the issues you already heard YouTubers complaining about like selfie recording and wide angles camera, screen gestures, etc. Since they actually launched the phone they didn't make any updates (just for china maybe).

PS: I checked one more time the box it came in and the paperwork, it's all Chinese of course, but I translated it with google camera but it's not saying anything about the version and the rom, interesting.

  • Anonymous

Peter, 06 Jan 2020Yes, I bought it from Ali. Before I purchased it I confirme... moreI think if seller is from china, their stocks are most likely chinese rom phones. They probably messed up somehow in flashing rom process.

So you're saying no more bugs happening so far in current rom?

  • Peter

Anonymous, 05 Jan 2020I replied earlier but it wasn't approved probably because o... moreYes, I bought it from Ali. Before I purchased it I confirmed a couple of times with the seller that it comes with global ROM.

Yes, I understand what you say regarding the Nubia X, but this one was launched globally and it's funny that they reached out to so many influencers and YouTubers but their customer service is very poor.

The phone broke on the original rom it came v103. I change it to v203 as it says on the website you mentioned, everything seems kinda the same for now, hopefully, it won't break again because I really don't want to wipe it and lose all my stuff. (just to mention, I live in Europe)

Yeah, they told me not to change it, and they also said that the phone will probably not work in the USA for example, just in Europe with v203.

If the phone was modified by the seller as you say.. and now I wiped it and installed v203, it should be fine in theory, right?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 05 Jan 2020I imported it from China to Europe, it came with global ROM... moreI replied earlier but it wasn't approved probably because of a link. Nubia website posts in their website the instructions and that there are 2 global roms (1 for USA and 1 for europe/asia) so the version number being higher doesn't mean it's an updated rom. So I can partially understand why they told you not to change the rom. They probably assumd you weren't tech savvy and might brick your phone by trying to foash rom again and again.

Anyway, are the bugs you mentioned still happening in your latest rom?

Maybe the phone was modified by seller? I assume you bought from aliexpress or similar online stores?

  • Anonymous

Peter, 05 Jan 2020I imported it from China to Europe, it came with global ROM... moreDid you buy from aliexpress? Could it be possible that the seller modified the software? For example i think nubia x was china-only release and installing google play store thru apk will never work but you can find nubia x online with functioing google apps which they call as nubia x global rom but there never was an official global rom for nubia x as far as i know.

According to their article and instructions, 2.03 isn't really an update from 1.03
There are 2 global roms (1 for europe/asia and another for US)

What version did the bugs happen? Still happening now?

  • Peter

I imported it from China to Europe, it came with global ROM v103. Now I installed the European ROM v203, so far everything seems the same but I hope I won't have any errors with it.

PS: I emailed Nubia support to ask about updating the ROM and errors, and they literally told me to not update to v203 because the phone will "break". (I still updated because I don't have any other option and I don't want to reset and wipe to phone again to lose all my stuff)

There are many translation errors in the software (sometimes it's even hard to figure out what they are talking about). Other bugs: apps exiting randomly, animations lag sometimes, options in the camera menu or settings disappear and then reappear after a reboot, sometimes you can resize the widgets, but most of the time not and many others, these were the first that came in my mind.

And regarding the error when I had to wipe the phone. I was using the phone, the two screens started flickering randomly, no button or touch input seemed to be working. And when I restarted the phone it got stuck on the welcome screen, did this a couple of times but I couldn't make it turn on, so I had to wipe everything.

  • Anonymous

Peter, 02 Jan 2020Guys, don't buy this phone (at least not until they update ... moreGlobal or chinese rom? What are the specific bugs aside from the situation that you had to reset/wipe the phone?