Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • LadyWritter

RAM memory sucks, Battery sucks, apple sucks...

  • zade

really good handset...but its cost is toooo high

  • Kevin

Hi all,
I want to buy the Iphone 4s. Is it worth it???

  • Anonymous

Good phone. but i doubt it!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2011That Motorola cellphones division was sold to avoid bankrupcy w... moreWe are talking about the phone's durability,functionality and overall quality and not its manufacturer's profile. Your reply is irrelevant and you don't seem to comprehend enough.

  • nokiaman

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2011You obviously do not know the details of the patents, their age ... moreWithout nokia no iphone today

  • Demno

Hi Everybody i just want commet on this phone. this phone is good but when we compare it with samsung galaxy s 2 the durability is not good for this iphone 4s i want you people to and watch on the youtube The dropout of this two phone above and check it for yourself how iphone 4s breaks and i want even you people to and check the latest phones including:Motorola Droid Razr XT912,LG nitro HD and Sony Ericsson Arc s and the best is Samsung galaxy s 2 is the best phone compared to those i have written Even the internet,power,camera,battery,processor,RAM is the best of all phone in the whole world.Samsung galaxy s 2 is the best i love it.....

  • Kelvin

Hi, Anyone can tell me about Iphone 4S signal quality ? I'm using Iphone 4 now and signal VERY bad. May I know Iphone 4S signal now is better then Iphone 4 ?

  • Anonymous

iPhone 4S is way better than samsung galaxy s2. Android phones sucks!!!

  • Major

How can save email attachment on cell phone memory can anybody guide me thru this?

  • Anonymous

abusan, 15 Dec 2011just have it just now. my old phone samsung s2 much better.Why? How can a copy without great Apple IOS be better ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2011What could you say about Motorola Razr's Kevlar housing, gorill... moreThat Motorola cellphones division was sold to avoid bankrupcy while Apple became the world most valuable corporation after the introduction of IPhone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2011Plastic copyWhat could you say about Motorola Razr's Kevlar housing, gorilla glass display (all premium materials) compared to your IPhone's cheap breakable glass display?

  • farin

hey.iphone 4s costs 1200 $ in you think is it worth buying??

  • abusan

just have it just now. my old phone samsung s2 much better.

  • Anonymous

yolk2-0, 15 Dec 2011This phone is superb! This is arguably the BEST smartphone in th... moreYou should also check the cons in this review. Just wayyyy too much. Yes,it's a piece of crap!!!

  • Anonymous

All those android phones like Samsung galaxy s2 and Htc phones sucks. Can't and will never be better than the iOS phones.

  • Anonymous

Syed Azam, 15 Dec 2011Samsung galaxy s2 is better than iphone 4sPlastic copy

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Stay in your ignorance, you could say they all copy Alexander Bell

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2011For all the haters, check the benchmarks. That is all.Why do many people hate iPhone when in fact it's the best, both quality and feature-wise?