Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • yass18

ANJI.CH, 25 Dec 2011Which one is best? Samsung Galaxy S2 Or iPhone 4S?i phone the best mobile and nokia n9

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Dec 2011ofcourse samsung galaxy s2 is better with its such a huge screen... moreYou obviously are not an Apple user, there are tens of thousands of free apps on Apple App store.
Enjoy your big screen in your pocket, if it fits, I prefer the Iphone retina display.

  • Anonymous

ofcourse samsung galaxy s2 is better with its such a huge screen and lots of free apps then who will stick to that 3.5 inch screen iphone 4s and the apps which are always paid

  • Tkok

Screen is too yellow, just got it.

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2011Better products cost moreDo you actually know how will it cost a company to manufacture a high end smart phone? I mass production it cost them not even a 10th of actual price what consumers like you and me pay. For example The famous smart phones Like Samsung galaxy s2 or Iphone4s cost to a consumer is between Rs 30k to 45k. These gadgets actually cost the company not even 1k. Look at the raw materials used they arent any expensive metals like gold, platinum or titanium to cost more. we just pay for their invention. A smart buyer will bay that product which gives him more for every rupee spent and plz dont just go for brand go for the facts.

  • Valtheri

With the release of iOS 5.0.1 is fix the problem of battery life?


Which one is best?
Samsung Galaxy S2 Or iPhone 4S?

  • Anonymous

best phone ever

  • Valtheri

With the release of ios 5.0.1 is adjusted the problem of battery life?

  • Anonymous

usmanhafeez, 24 Dec 2011Apple should come up with a iMessaging application same like BBM... moreAlready available for all of the IOS users, free worldwide messaging.
iMessage on IOS5

Apple should come up with a iMessaging application same like BBM or WhatsApp kind of interface.

  • Anonymous

Happy Holidays to all of the Apple haters

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2011Apple also copied the following from Android: Dual Core process... moreHardware upgrade is not copying.


  • gina


  • ankita

it s too expensive..........

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]You sound as credible as your English

  • Beggar

there is no card slot that will make your stuck with the default internal capacity... eliminating java is worst because there is alot of apps done with java and also if i have may own apps programmed in java i can't use in this fone... also there is no wordprocessor and spreadsheet and email client making this a worst choice for business man and working individual.... if i dont have this feature maybe i'll go with nokia 5110 instead

  • nasos

if u judge a phone compare the specifications with the price than u should then iphone not only is above others but less than average... what more this phone has compare to galaxy 2 while costs 50% more?

  • James

awesome features

  • Anonymous