Galaxy S II display reportedly has yellow spots, we test

01 June, 2011
The Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II is having a magnificent debut on the smartphone scene, winning plenty of users for the Android and Samsung cause. Well it appears that not all is rosy with the...

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  • Mihai

I have my SGS2 for approx. 1 month. I used your test page to see if my cell has the above problem(with different brightness setting, from the lowest to the brightest)...well there are 2 conclusions:
1.Either I have sight problems because I don't see anything. Even with very, very, very close inspection I don't see it
2.My phone has no problems.

  • jorge

Please Samsung give us some feedback!! Issue or feature?

  • SGS2 loverboy

Got my hands on the SGS2 last week. Yellow tint was common, i thought. But my phone had other display defect, a dark ring like shadow on the bottom of the screen. Got that replaced and now a white spot.....What the toot? I expect them to bring awesome devices and they just bring it no matter what they have to sacrifice(quality). I guess inorder to meet the huge demand they have been doing this. BTW my friend who bought this phone upon my advice doesnt have such problems..I checked his..I am gonna take my 2nd S2 tomorrow for a claim, GOD knows whats gonna happen next...A word of advice for the people at SAMSUNG, please add a "QUALITY CONTROL DEPT." at your manufacturing plants :P

  • Kevin

If you have to go to those lengths to observe the defect then its hardly a defect now is it?

  • vividroid

I bought my beast y'day, its awwwesome!! All nokia fanboys here, pls wake up to the fact that nokia is headed to the drains- there is absolutely no coming back, unless they go for android.

  • Valencio

Um I wouldn't laugh at any issues with Samsung phones because they sell parts to Apple - to the tune of 5.7 billion (2010).

  • tej

No spots detected.....................:-)

  • dilip

jessjess, 09 Jun 2011there is no such defect in the fone. its jus rumors. people sa... morethank u very much jess becose i am confuzeind peapel says display difect in phone so now i am relax and i will buy it thanks

Trying to see if I have the yellow tint, but photos taken can't see any

  • does it matter?

why worry about the screen having or not having a slight tinge on the screen when displaying a 'neutral grey' background anyway? everything else on it looks fantastic! if you need to view neutral grey backgrounds, you may as well stare at a wall

  • athav...

iEverything, 02 Jun 2011haha coping apple display flaws aswellha ha....funny.... super amoled+ is apple'sscreen technology ah?
first gainknowledge and then spesk...

  • Yani

Rug, 07 Jun 2011I have the same effect, but it seems to be a burn-in effect of y... moreYeah, I would also like to see how Super AMOLED preforms on the long run.
On XDA and other formus some users posted that they have a burn-out effect on their SGS. I also own a SGS and didn't notice any burn-out effect, but it doesn't mean it's out there.
I really don't want to have a 2 year old phone with a noticable burn-out effect!
Happily there are custom ROMs with custom dark themes that can postpone or even prevent the burn-out effect (I hope!).

  • Draak22

jessjess, 09 Jun 2011there is no such defect in the fone. its jus rumors. people sa... moreJust because you don't have the problem doesn't mean other people don't have it.

  • Hani

We want to hear from SAMSUNG

  • metcard

I know what the problem is, quite simple really.
It's a Samsung.
Why do people keep expecting Samsung to release anything that is faultless? LoL. See you all in 6 months when your phones start to malfunction completely. LoL

there is no such defect in the fone.
its jus rumors.
people say that they see yellow tint and see pink colour in video recording, trust me all that is bullshit.
i have it and its just rockin fone up til date.
if any 1 thnikin to buy it , i ll say dnt thnik more go ahead n buy it..
(sry for english)

  • Anonymous

chaitu, 07 Jun 2011this is great, when somebody says galaxy s2 has display issue, g... morebecause the Nokia N8 is a piece of cr@p and GSM arena knows this lol :P

(just my opinion, but when Nokia tells me that there is a KNOWN and COMMON fault with their N8 but refuses to recall them, I get a little unhappy with them)

  • Rug

I have the same effect, but it seems to be a burn-in effect of yellow areas (comparable to white on plasma TV's). I can see the same pattern there, as i have on my start screen.

Is this is the reason, we need to see how super AMOLED behaves on a long term basis.

  • chaitu

this is great, when somebody says galaxy s2 has display issue, gsmarena jumps in and posts it, people with purple tint on N8 are(were) crying from one year - there was no post from gsmarena, what could be the reason friends?

Ididnt have any problem in my s2
I m loving it