Apple's court filings reveal early iPhone designs

27 July, 2012
One of the designs show influence of early Sony designs and the other looks like an iPod Mini.

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  • ashamed androidfan

wow!!! you iphone haters really have no logical thoughts nor above par opinions about apple, i'm an android fan but its disgusts me that i share the same space with u. ihaters are like cavemen...see apple, hate apple, hate apple users...pathetic.

  • Gavin_Is_A_Man

Dang, 27 Jul 2012As to the degree of participati0n this is how the story is: Pri... moreCan you type properly, please? While your posts are good, they are annoying to read.

  • Gavin_Is_A_Man

Look at GSMArena, defending Apple (their favourites) with a whole paragpraph in bold text making clear that Apple never went ahead with their Sony rip-offs. pure hypocrisy that Apple now sue Samsung for doing what Apple nearly did.

  • Dang

As to the degree of participati0n this is how the story is:
Principal: Apple why? because they were the first in c0ntact with the design
Accomplice: Samsung why? because they act as precursor of Apple's design
Accessory: Google why? because y they remained in silence yet they warned samsung already.
Victim: SONY why? Its already CLEAR n0 nid to xplain. AM I RIGHT? So to c0nclude Google, Apple and Samsung all this 3 giants were accused 0n this crime.,.

  • Dang!

Why gsmarena seems very late with this issue, ph0nearena has had near 200 c0mments already. Anyway, so that's the real st0ry way back 2006 when first iph0ne was unveiled year 2007..,., neither 0f the two made the idea for that c0ncept design but rather inspired by an0ther tech giant SONY..,, Perhaps b0th 0f them must be sued and f0und guilty for stealing Sony's idea.,.....,.

  • Anonymous

How is that a weak argument?
Thats design.

  • Anonymous

he was not a fan!

sony show designs to steve jobs and he asked his designer to copy them!!!

  • Anonymous

Proves that apple has copied a lof of designs .... and now for them to act all sacrosant ... makes one ask everyone to not buy anything from apple

  • Harsha

Like toy in the hell hand

  • iHATER

i wonder why earth z a bended spherical shape n finally i got a reason which had some sense...
actually earth was of the shape of an apple but then apple sue it thus it had reformed its shape to a sphere...
next survey- why the girl's chests r spherical??

Whatchasay, 27 Jul 2012Since when are unproduced prototype designs copies. The point i... moreyour so right google see this but samsung and samsung fans dont if they wasnt coping apple google wouldnt of said this to samsung open your eyes ppl, just a example siri came out then samsung brought svoice just saying

  • The worst approach!

This is probably the worst approach Samsung could ever do to this case.

They have plenty of merits to make their case and, up until now, I never thought anyone could actually deliver an argument which could make Samsung loose the case. Boy was I wrong... Samsung just did that!

They aren't actively denying any "inspiration" from an already existing Apple product, they are trying to counter that by saying the Apple product was designed imagining how another company (who had never done that product before) would design it.

That is an huge fail!
Only things that actually exits can be patented/copyrighted. Imagining how something that does not exist would look like is not illegal by any boundary!
On the other hand, making something based on an already existing product is!

Foolish defense and kill blow to Samsung!
Worst part of it is that the case wouldn't have any merits if they hadn't attempted the way of "so what, they have copied first" -- which by their argument they actually didn't.

  • Anonymous

i want Jony phone

  • IMHO

Jony? Ridiculous. hahaha

actually the jony prototype looks like an iphone 4/4s. only thing is, it's like a fake chinese phone

  • iSJ5

israel, 27 Jul 2012becouse eating a apple and give it to snow white and become a evil! oh! I see u again and again plastic copy user!

  • Anonymous

Our world is in utter chaos (wars, hunger, crimes, poverty, injustice). Meanwhile Apple and Samsung continue to fight. Good job.

  • iSJ5

israel, 27 Jul 2012becouse eating a apple and give it to snow white and become a evil! oh! I see u again and again plastic boy!

Whoever copy who design first, because of arrogant acts of Apple, who's last CEO also "re-invent" the new "Hater world", I'll never buying into any American products anymore.

Don't get me wrong, to me most of American are good people. Only the last Apple CEO Steve Jobs and his Co. are bad.

  • thefearfulsilence

Wilson, 27 Jul 2012Each day this boring melodrama takes a new twist.Each day a whoo... moreHa ha. Love the Moses tablets line.
Seriously though, all but the most moronic of fanboys has come to realise that it's all this litigation is about stifling competition rather than protecting intellectual property.
Apparently Microsoft used to have a habit of bringing lawsuits for fun and Google have done it with regards to the search engine industry. Everyone is at it so could you just get back to making great phones for us please, then all the fanboys can sod off back to World Of Warcraft where they belong.

  • Muscatv1n

There is nothing truely original in this world anymore. Not sure why Apple and Sumsang are pretending there is!!!