Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia N95 8GB

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  • Anonymous

IS this N95 have the same problem like the rest of the N series Phone?!?!?!? like auto off.. or keep giving the NOKIA default ring tones even watever ringtone u set??

  • re

i dont trust slider phone..

  • ian

this is the right hand of the far...the daddy of all phone is still on the N98....

  • Anonymous

K850i is better than N95 only in terms camera SONY has good experience in camera also it has xenon flash for night pic for rest of all features are good enough to crush k850i also don't forget N95 has Toshiba CMOS sensor with is equally good as SONY CMOS censor

  • Abdel

does the n95 (black or white) support n-gage in landscape like the n81? or is it in portrait?

  • Anonymous

Great phone! but battery should be replaced by more efficient and long stand-by time.
is N95 8gb edition compatible with SE HBH-980, bluetooth headset i think they will be a perfect combination!

  • Pubba

Whatever happens , I really do not think N95 GB is better than SE K850i...Coz, K850i mis sittl being developed. When it sees the first light N95 may has expired....

  • Mizan

Superb. No doubt that this phone gonna craze the Market. I definately buy this phone. Release it within this year.

  • gadgetguru

Mates this is the last word in media phones atleast as of now....About the slider "tut-tut" that we are all so irritated about should just be accepted as a safety issue its just like the "play" dialled into brake levers and pedals in automobiles..its there to make the phone structure less brittle and impact absorbing....Somebody was comparing this to the samsung slider whose slider is more firm but will deteriorate quite easily on impact.

  • Yvo

Is it going to have gps navigation like the old n95, or REAL gps like the 6110?

GPS is very very important to me.

  • Anonymous

before that old n95 weak in software, now n95 8gb weak in stop joking, we all counting on you to defeat SE

  • andrew

nice phone 2 bad the memory card slot is removed....Nokia should of done more....

  • Johnny

Aaaaaahhhhhhh Nokia you disappointed us.

The phones review in states that the slider was not that good enough. If it states that the software is not good enough, we may think, that itz fine, we would probably update the firmware in the future & the problem would be taken care of, but come on the slider itself is bad. About Nokia N 81 the the slider is also very dissappointing, people were complaining that the springs were not working, lol.. Nokia please give an explaination, how the hell can you spoil your reputation this way. And the Nokia 5610 has only a 2.5mm headset jack, and not a standard 3.5mm headset jack. But luckily, It does have stereo Bluetooth just like the Nokia 5700.

I am sure Nokia, we all(die hard Nokia fans), we all are aware that you are trying your best to make good phones, but please work hard on it. Anyways, for whatever good work Nokia has done till today, please continue to keep up the good work.


  • lambros

hey this is the ultimate phone for me's absolutely awsomeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Roly

Very nice. Totally complete

  • Val

Agree about the Nokia slider. The other day I was choosing between my old pal SE W810i and N95, with a two yrs contract i was getting a discount. At first i was tempted by features of N95 but then i played with it and saw how bad the sliding mechanism was. It felt like a 10$$ toy, flimsy and cheap plastic-like. Also there is no flash light, it comes so handy with SE W819i, there are so many situations you need it, so i decided to get a Tomtom GPS device as opposed to all in N95. Will wait till they finally make one solid built and features packed phone one day...Until then i stick to SE.

  • Anonymous

it's the DADDY of all Phone's

the SE W960i is the Mother of all Phone's

you get the Point

  • Shawn

Hey Guys, agree to the fact guys that its a K**ASS phone.. Its a state of the art, hair raising , mind bogling phone that u guys have seen dude.
I know that u guys will have a million suggestions to improve n95. But till date N95 rocks and n95 8G is the DADDY PHONE..
Other phones are like small child before this KING KONG PHONE....

  • yamadron

hey guys sorry, but $ 699 is the priced said in to

  • Kayhan

haha actually the slider persons wrong. E65's slide is the most luxorious on the market. It has probably the best feel to ur thumb wen u slide it up. idk wat ur on, but its affects seem like there playing u good...