Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7510

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  • Anonymous

Can i use my samsung galaxy abroad

  • Anonymous

How to open web dynpro page in Samsung tablet...... i

  • Mel

I keep getting this msg when I try to open downloaded files
"No application can perform this function"
What do I need to correct this.
I have Galaxy P7510

  • Anonymous

my samsung has no sim port is only wi fi that i can use to connect?

  • Rathnasiri

Samsung is good. How do you download. Second problem is my camera does not work with skype

  • Yes

Flying with Jelly Bean

  • Anonymous

My mike don't work with Skype

  • annette

microphone is not workung in any case

  • annette

microphone is not working using skype
thanks fr help

can i use p5100 firmware for this tab

  • Anonymous

just upgraded to ics 4.04 via odin using a samfirmware rom for europe. Its like having a brand new tablet. Browser doesnt crash anymore and is lightening fast, the icons and the screen look amazing, this is how the tab should of being from the start. I new my country would not get the upgrade anytime soon so I just used odin. It is super easy to do and there are heaps of tutorials on the net. good luck.

  • Sumo

This is officially one of the worst devices I own.... mediocre at best. Not to mention the Kies software, which is a completely useless piece of bloatware....

The UI is laggy, applications crash for no reason and for the price it just can't compete.

Honestly if you are considering this device.... don't waste your time or money. I hate to say it, but I regret not buying an iPad.... its limited, but at least it works.

I'd like to say it's a good tablet but it locks up all the time and simply becomes unusable. I was also hoping that Android 4.0 etc would help and would be available as they had promised and here it is 6months later and no update. I am not a fan of apple yet this tablet was supposed to be a response to ipad.Unfortunately the lag and lockups continue...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 May 2012How can i download music for my tablet 10.1? Also, how can i ... moreI use the program "KIES". It's an official program for Samsung. I can't transfe files to the tablet as simply as connecting to a PC with the USB cable, the files doesn't appear in my tab if I do that, so, download Kies and you will be able to transfer files! I did it.

  • tom

why do people ask for help here, its an opinion. go tot he forums

  • Studat

When is this tab getting ics in Australia? Lift your game samsung

  • tommy

galaxy tab 10.1 wifi .......can or not connent with 3g modem?

  • Anonymous

I update my tab 3.1 - 3.2 and after that the battery life is draining to fast. Whats the problem with that?

  • mario


  • redleb

Where is ICS ????This is the last time that I buy Samsung.
Very very disappointed !
With my newton ring that is not willing to disappear ,also when my tablet turn off alone and won't be willing to power off without holding the power button for more thn 15 sec.But unfortunately no bug fixes done !
Apart from the mentioned problems it is far better than IPAD,but Sammy service is null